India Alert | New Episode 352 | Bebas Pujari ( बेबस पुजारी ) | Dangal TV Channel

India Alert | New Episode 352 | Bebas Pujari ( बेबस पुजारी ) | Dangal TV Channel

Dad, you didn’t tell
me why we’ve come here. Dad… Did you see Pintu anywhere? Veneration is going on.
Go and check inside. Dad, what’s this? Dad… no… Dad… Dad, I won’t do it. I won’t do it again. Dad… dad… -Say, Holy lord Sai Maharaj…
-Glory to him. -Sai Maharaj, the king of kings.
-Glory to him. -Did you see the priest?
-No. He doesn’t come to the temple these days. Pintu! Pintu! What has happened to Pintu? Pintu… Pintu… Pintu! Pintu! “Salutations to Sainath.” “We’re your devotees.” “Salutations to Sainath.” “God is one.” -Say Baba Sai.
-Glory to him. -The holy lord.
-Glory to him. “Salutations to Sainath.” Priest, please put your feet forward. But why? Please put your feet forward. My veneration isn’t complete
if I don’t touch your feet after praying in the temple. You’ve a very sweet voice. Your voice adds to
the glory of this temple. People come from distant
places to listen to your songs. This temple is doing
so well because of you. Your son Pintu is also blessed by Baba. Get him admitted to my college tomorrow. Principal sir, please take care of him. He’ll be taught music
and Vedas in the college. Okay, principal sir? Accept this. This is for you. Please accept it. It’s your remuneration. Today’s devotional song was very nice. What’s going on, uncle? You trained me to be a priest
and yet the old priest performs devotional songs in the temple. Am I here only to accompany him? I’m your nephew. I live in a rented room and
the priest Sitaram Bishnoi lives in the temple’s staff quarters. Now you’re encouraging
his son to take up music. This is the difference
between you and the priest. You don’t have manners. How can you learn music? Is there any melody in your voice? The goddess of learning resides
in the voice of the priest. And you’ve a harsh voice
like that of a donkey. The devotees flock to this
temple to hear the priest sing. The offerings made by the devotees
help us run the temple’s expenses. The money also helps me in my business. If I rely on you I’ll run at loss. Come, son. -Om Sai Ram.
-Om Sai Ram. Please take a seat. As per your instruction
I’ve brought Pintu with me. Get him educated so that he does well. People should know me as Pintu’s father. Sir of the trustee board
told me that he’s like family. -Sign here.
-Okay. This is the detail of the fees. The fees is quite high. This is just a formality.
You don’t have to pay. The temple trust will pay the fees. Sign the papers. Priest, please put your feet forward. Take it. This is your remuneration.Is there melody in your voice?The goddess of learning resides
in the voice of the priest.And you’ve a harsh voice
like that of a donkey. Kiran, stop playing. You’re soon going to get married,
my child. Kiran’s prospective in-laws had come. They want to finalize the wedding date. Why are you so worried? We’ll select an auspicious
date today and inform them. Are you prepared for the wedding? Kiran is the daughter of priest Sitaram. Priest Sitaram Bishnoi. I’ve lots of devotees and followers. We won’t feel the pressure
of getting her married. You’re right. Greetings, guruji. Greetings, Alok. Come in. Sister-in-law, I was going to the market. Do you need anything from the market? No. I’ve everything.It’s obvious that you’ve everything.Would you like to have tea, Alok? Yes guruji, if sister-in-law
takes the trouble to make tea for me. Of course.
Please be seated, I’ll get tea for you. Get tea without sugar for me. I’m following a healthy diet. Okay. Be seated. Bless you. Alok, the cup with the spoon
is yours and the other one is his. -I’ll be back soon.
-Okay. -Guruji, please have tea.
-Yes. Guruji, is it the eta with sugar in it. -Check it once again.
-Yes, it’s my cup. Guruji, I’ll take your leave now. I’ll meet you at the temple
during the evening prayers. Okay. Bless you. Sudha, I’m leaving. Okay. What happened? I don’t know why I got a sore throat. I also have a slight pain in my throat. You shouldn’t sing today. Alok will sing today. Pintu is also there. He’ll join him. -Go and consult a doctor.
-No, Sudha. The day I don’t sing the hymns
will be the last day of my life. I’ll leave now. Hey! Listen to me. Hey Baba! I’ll hit you. What’s going on? The drunk man has come to the temple. Hey! Hey! Baba! What are you doing? Somebody will get hurt. Baba doesn’t help anybody. He doesn’t do anything for us. He helps only the rich. Baba is only for rich people. Baba is only for the rich. Somebody will get hurt. C’mon get out of here. C’mon. Priest, why are you throwing me out? Why are you throwing me out, priest? Baba! Get out of here. Get lost. What happened, dad? Dad, are you okay? Get out of here. What happened, dad? Dad… Guruji… guruji… what happened to you? -Dad…
-Guruji… guruji… Are you okay? It’s time for the evening prayers. Will you be able to sing? Dad… dad… what’s this? Mom! No sister-in-law, don’t cry. Have faith in Baba.
Everything will be fine. Brother, I’ve met the doctor. The doctor said that the nerves of the priest’s vocal chord are damaged. Will he be able to sing? I’m afraid he won’t
even be able to speak again. What? It’s really great when art
is a medium of earning livelihood. Priest Sitaram Bishnoi
was a skilled devotional singer. It was his only means
of earning his livelihood. His art had helped him earn
name and fame in his village. People would come from
distant places to hear him sing. But, there were people who
were jealous of his increasing fame. These jealous people
snatched away his voice. The man who blessed people earlier was pitied by everybody now . Was this the end of
priest Bishnoi’s sorrows? Or were there other
problems that he would face? Let’s watch. “Om salutations to Sainath.” “Sai!” “Om salutations to Sainath.” “Om salutations to Sainath.” -Say Sainath Maharaj.
-Glory to him. -Om the holy true lord Sainath Maharaj.
-Glory to him. Throw out all their belongings. Please don’t throw out my belongings. Please, brother. No… Why are you torturing us? Please don’t torture us. Throw out. Throw out all the things. -Brother… No…no… Look what they’re doing. They said that since you’ve lost your job we’ve to vacate the house. Please talk to them. Move aside. Move aside, priest. No…no… Priest, don’t interfere. Go and talk to sir if you want. Throw out everything. -No… Throw everything out. -No… Please listen… I can understand. You were the main priest of the temple. You’ve served Baba wholeheartedly. I can understand. But, please try to understand. The temple is run by a trust. You worked in the temple. You’ve lost your job
after losing your voice. You’ve to vacate the house
since you don’t have the job. You lived in the staff quarter. Please control yourself. The construction of
a farm house is going on. We’ve made temporary arrangements
for the stay of the labourers. If you want you can stay there
until the construction is completed. Okay. Priest, we won’t be able to
sponsor Pintu’s education further. I suggest that you
ask him to take up a job. Brother, give me vegetables. Which vegetables do you want? Anything that you prefer.
My children eat everything. Sister-in-law, I don’t give donations. Have you brought money? No, I don’t have money. How can I give you
vegetables free of cost? -On credit.
-How much can I give on credit? You already owe me a lot. I’ve kept these veggies for the cow. You can take it if you want. They’re not rotten. Just cut and clean them
properly and you can eat them. Mom, what kind of veggies are you cooking? They’re rotten. Even animals don’t eat these. All vegetables taste
the same after they’re cooked. Mrs. Sudha. Mrs. Sudha. Hello. C’mon hurry up. What shall I do, dad? Do you get donations? Do you? You don’t have money to
meet the household expenses. How can you give me pocket money? I’ve to do all this to meet my expenses. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Give some donations. Hail Lord Shiva. Bless you. Hail Lord Shiva. Bless you. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Bless everybody, Baba. Bless everybody, Baba. Hail Lord Shiva. Hail Lord Shiva. Uncle, look what he’s doing. He’s begging in front of the temple. Priest, what are you doing here? My temple has a reputation. This place is not for begging. Go and beg elsewhere. Watchman, no beggar should
be spotted here from tomorrow. You? What happened? Pintu, did you say
anything to your father? What did you tell him? Mom, I didn’t say anything wrong. I stated the facts. -Dad is of no use now.
-Pintu! Mom… What are you saying? Yes, mom. I need to do something now or we won’t be able to meet our expenses. Pintu! Pintu! Pintu, listen to me. What are you doing? Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this. Look at the money. This is your hard-earned money. You’ve taken care of us all your life. We’re going through a
tough time now but it’ll pass. Don’t worry, I’m with you. Kishore, please listen to me. Dad is disturbed. I don’t think he’ll be able
to bear the expenses of our wedding. Why do you worry? I’ll not take a penny in dowry. I promise. I hope you trust me now. What are you staring at? You’re my wife now. Stand here quietly. Okay? I know where the keys of the locker are. I’ll go inside stealthily
and steal the money. Keep an eye on the watchman. Okay? Thief! Thief! Thief! Thief! -Where are you going?
-I was just… Where are you going? -So, you were stealing.
-No, brother… -So, you were stealing.
-No, I was not stealing. -You were stealing.
-Brother, please forgive me. Priest, have you taught
your son these things? I respected you a lot . Thankfully your reality
has been exposed on time. I’m quiet because of your dedication or I would’ve got him arrested. You always said that
he would make you proud. Pintu will make you proud?
He’ll ruin your name. If he doesn’t mend his ways
then he’ll become a thief or goon. It’s better to be childless
than to have a son like him,. Uncle, let’s go. -Dad! Open the door.
-What are you doing? -Pintu’s dad!
-Dad! Why did you lock the door? -Pintu’s dad!
-Dad, listen to me. Open the door. -Dad!
-Pintu’s dad! Open the door. -Pintu’s dad!
-Dad! Pintu’s dad! No! -What are you doing?
-Dad! Please open the door. Pintu’s dad, don’t do this. Dad, please open the door. -Please open the door.
-Mom… No, dad. No! -Dad, open the door.
-Open the door. -Dad!
-Dad! Dad! Pintu’s dad,
open the door or I’ll slit Pintu’s throat. Get down. Get down. Pintu’s dad, get down. Pintu… What were you doing? What’s wrong with you? Hunger can force a person
take the most drastic step. Life become more difficult
when you’ve to support a family too. It’s believed that god
tests his devotees every moment. A true devotee is someone
who passes these tests. Priest Sitaram Bishnoi’s life was
becoming worse due to financial problems. His life had changed
drastically in a short time. If a person loses his mental
stability under such circumstances then he paves his way towards crime. The same happened with
priest Sitaram Bishnoi. Let’s see how the changing
times would affect his life. I’m quiet because of your dedicationor I would’ve got him arrested.If he doesn’t mend his ways
then he’ll become a thief or goon. You don’t have money
to meet the family’s expenses. How will you give me pocket money? It’s better to be childless
than to have a child like him. Pintu! Pintu! Priest, what happened to Pintu? Pintu! Pintu! Pintu… I’m your mom. Open your eyes. Your mom is here. What has happened to him? Please tell me. Wake up my son. My Pintu! I think he wants to say that
Pintu went to the river to take bath but got drowned. Isn’t it, priest? I had already warned
everybody of the high tide and told that nobody should go there. But, who listens to me? Look what has happened. Pintu! What has happened to my Pintu? Sudha, calm down. Pintu! Mom! My son… My son… Take fifty rupees. You need not worry. I haven’t done anything
that’ll embarrass you. Please go. Kiran… my child… What happened? Mom, please forgive me. I’ve made a very big mistake. Kishore has betrayed me. He said that he’ll marry
me without taking any dowry. He isn’t taking my calls now. He doesn’t want to marry me. Shameless girl. Ill-mannered girl. What shall I do with you now? O god! Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. We’ll abort the baby. We’ll also get her married. I’ll handle everything. Dad… dad, please forgive me. I’ve made a very big mistake dad. Dad, please forgive me. Sudha, think about it once again. I’ve thought a lot. I need money. That’s it. I want to save my daughter’s life. Manju, I’ll do anything. Come, get inside. No! Move aside. Move aside, priest. No! Priest, are these the
things you’ve taught your son?If he doesn’t mend his ways
then he’ll become a thief or goon.It’s better not to have children
than have rogues as children.It’s better to be childless
than to have a child like him.What shall I do with this girl now?O god!Priest, have a drink. You’ll enjoy this. Have a drink. C’mon finish the drink. Is it a sin to drink? What do you want to say? Am I a sinner just because I scare people and force them to give me money? What does the temple trustee do? What does he do? He sells your voice. He got donations because of your voice. That’s why they respected you. Since you lost your voice they forced you to suffer. You’re desperate for every grain of food. Yet you’re talking
about sins and good deeds. Take this, finish it. Drink it and you’ll feel relieved. C’mon drink it. Drink it. Take some more. You’ll feel better. Well-done, Alok! Well-done! Fantastic! You changed priest Sitaram
Bishnoi’s life so easily. You served him a drink
which not only tampered his voice but changed his life completely. Uncle, what did you say? You said that the goddess
of learning and music resides in the voice of priest Sitaram Bishnoi. I’ve removed the goddess from his voice. Come. Come with me. I’ll help you enjoy life. Come. Go. What are you doing? Leave it. What happened? Where’s Kiran? What has happened to her? C’mon tell me. Why don’t you tell me? Where is Kiran?
What happened to her? Please tell me. I know that you’ve fulfilled your
duties as a husband and father very well. But we panicked the moment
we were faced with some adversities. We took the wrong path. You loved Pintu and Kiran a lot. Isn’t it? You killed them so that they don’t suffer. How could you make me
commit such a serious sin? Brother, call the police. Take care of the priest
before any other mishap happens. Please. Priest. Priest. Priest. Priest, open the door. I’ve to break the door. What have you done, priest? The real culprit was exposed, but it was late. It’s true that the priest was wronged but he committed a serious
crime by killing his family. God gives and takes away life. Our society doesn’t give
us the right to kill anybody. Priest Sitaram Bishnoi was given
life sentence for killing his family. Every person faces tough times in life. But, we’ve to face the tough times. We shouldn’t give up,
rather face the challenges with a smile. Time changes. We just need the right spirit. I, Girish Jain will take
your leave from today’s episode now. I’ll be back to alert you from crimes. Till then stay alert. Be safe. Crime Alert, a voice against crime.


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