“I hate unprofessional behaviour!” | Lucien Favre joins Matchday Magazine |  M’gladbach – BVB

“I hate unprofessional behaviour!” | Lucien Favre joins Matchday Magazine | M’gladbach – BVB

For the third time this season the Black & Yellows
take on Mönchengladbach, and for the third time this season
our boys will be out to show that only the Black & Yellow
Borussia can win this battle. Before this weekend’s game I’m delighted
to welcome a very special guest: our Head Coach, Lucien Favre. It’s great to have you here, and thank you
for taking the time to visit us. You’ve had a week of training ahead of the
game against Borussia Mönchengladbach. Are you relaxed and looking
forward to the game, or are you nervous as kick-off
gets closer and closer? I’m the same as ever – we’ve had a good week, we’ve trained well,
and so far everything’s been perfect. So you’re happy with everything, and
there’s nothing you’re worried about? No. That’s good! Lucien’s boys go into the game
against Borussia Mönchengladbach with the wind in their sails after an extremely productive run
of games – let’s take a look. There were some great goals there, and we’ve
put together a Top 10 for February, which you can of course watch
across all our media channels. Lucien, do you have a favourite of all
the goals we scored in February? A goal you think was particularly important,
a goal you particularly liked? Almost all of them that I’ve seen. For example, Sancho’s goal to
make it 2-0 was important, because it was a tough game
and that goal sealed it. It was important to score that goal
at that point in the game. Erling’s hammer blow, maybe? That one as well, of course, but making
it 2-0 was very important. Piszczek’s goal too. The old man! Yes, but he didn’t stay back, he saw that
we could leave a 2-on-1 at the back and he knew he needed
to get forward. He scored with his left foot. We know he’s very skilful, and he
used to be a striker or a winger. Until he met you!
-Yes, in Berlin! And then suddenly he
became a defender! Yes, and he scored that goal
with his left foot. There was another good move when Sancho
dribbled down the left and crossed for Witsel, and of course the goal to make it
2-1 against Paris Saint-Germain was a beautiful goal. Gio Reyna played the ball through for Haaland,
whose movement was good – without it, and without Gio’s fantastic
pass, we wouldn’t have scored. Our young guns certainly
are having lots of fun. We’ve also seen that the defence has become
a lot more solid over the last few weeks. How have you managed that – is it through work on the pitch,
watching videos, or something else? How do you explain how we’re looking
so good at the back now? Firstly, we changed our system
a few months ago. The only time we made a change
was in Leverkusen. But yes, we’ve watched lots of videos of
course, and we’ve talked about it a lot, and most of all we’ve been
doing more on the pitch, because working on the pitch is key. You’ve been a coach for
almost 25 years now. What do you enjoy about the job? What spurs you on, what gives you
motivation to go to training every day? Going onto the pitch is what I love. I see a ball, I have to take it. Obviously I enjoy working
with other people on the pitch and doing exercises with the players. That’s what I like to do –
the ball is everything. Since I was a kid, or at least
since I was 8 years old, whenever I see a ball it’s hard for
me to not do anything with it. But it’s also fun to win games in
wonderful stadia like this, isn’t it? Of course! Here, for instance.
-And in general. Yes, but it’s special here. A big crowd, the Yellow Wall, and not just
the Yellow Wall but the other stands too. The atmosphere is always fantastic. All the players say you’re someone
who’s very meticulous. You want to make improvements in
every small detail for each player, so how much time do you
normally have in training to work on improving each
individual player? In fact, do you have enough
time for that? Well, you have to find the
time, and it works out. As a coach you have to talk to the players, sometimes individually,
sometimes as a group. I really enjoy doing that, and for me
being on the pitch is the most important thing. Because that’s real. That’s true! The things we can improve
are our technique – just like a pianist has to practice the basics,
the players have to as well. It’s extremely important that they get better
at using their left foot and their right foot, and not just playing passes on the
ground but in the air and so on. You enjoy playing football more if you
can do a lot more with the ball. And when each player improves,
you win more games! Now one thing’s for certain: Lucien is
popular with everyone who knows him. Let’s take a look. Norbert! Is there anything that really annoys you,
anything that really drives you mad? If something is extremely unprofessional…
-You hate it? I hate it! I really hate it. I get really
annoyed, and I can’t accept it. It is a privilege for us
to do this job, and if we don’t give everything, in games of
course but in training too, I don’t like it. I’m not happy when that happens. The age gap between you and
the players is pretty big, in some cases bigger than the age gap
between you and your son. How do you maintain a connection
with these young people? I’ve always got on well with the players, because I talk to them regularly,
both as a group and individually. I’ve always got something to say to a
player, and I enjoy talking to them. You enjoy communicating with the boys.
-Yes, and I don’t feel old. And you’re not that old, after all! I can do lots of things with the ball
too, including technical things. I enjoy it, and I feel good,
which is important. And it’s good for me to talk to the
boys on a regular basis. So what would this Lucien Favre the coach
most want to improve in Lucien Favre the young player? I remember when I started,
back when I was 19, people said I had to
bulk up because I was so thin. I said “No way, not interested.” A few things, obviously – tactical
things, which are important… But back in our day tactics weren’t like they are
today, things are much more intricate now. Yes, it’s changed completely. I was a midfielder – defensive midfielder, attacking
midfielder, playmaker, I could do it all. But I played everywhere: on the left
wing, right wing, striker, false nine, and at the end of my career
I played in central defence. Yes, it’s true! I could
do everything. You have to give players time. Sometimes we’re too quick to be
disappointed with a player, and I think lots of players need
more time than we think. You have to be careful when
watching them develop, rather than immediately saying
“He’s useless” and so on. You have to keep an open mind. Because you don’t know what’s going on
in their heads or how they’ll respond. I wonder if your versatility as a
player will help you now, because it’s the duel between Lucien
and Norbert: Goal or No Goal. Goal! If that had been me, I would…
three, two, one: It wasn’t me. Good, it’s 1-1.
Two more to come. Was that Sebastian Kehl? Three, two, one… Goal! He didn’t score many. Yes, but this is an exception. That would be too easy. Oh no! I’ll mention that to
him. That’s a howler! What a way to let you down!
-Unbelievable! He had no right foot. It’s only there to stop
him falling over! How can you miss that?!
-Ask Sebastian! -I will! Our third clip is always
sent in by the viewers, and usually it’s the hardest one. Three, two, one… Goal, I win. It was only 3-2. It’s not over, is it?
-Yes, it is! No! That was too short. It was over inside a minute! Yes, but we don’t have
any more clips. Let’s take a look at the scores as
they currently stand: 37-36. I’ve really had to fight hard since the first matchday,
so I’m really happy that I’m now in the lead. And beating the coach is special, so I’ll have a nice glass of wine
this evening and think of him. Here we have the wonderful
photo we took last week – I couldn’t be there, but Owo and Axel were
here in the studio, and they’ll sign it. As ever, you can bid for this picture online, with the
money going to our charity for a good purpose. And we’ve taken a nice photo as well, which
you can start bidding for next week. Obviously we’re looking forward to the game and we’ll
have our fingers crossed, but one more question: what will the team have to do
well to beat Gladbach? Gladbach are having a good season,
and they have a very good squad. We’ll have to put in a really
good performance – we’ll have to defend intelligently
and remain compact, and of course I’m not worried
about our attack, because we’ve regularly created chances. But we’ll have to show our ingenuity
in attack, and our intelligence, because they press very well and they score a lot of goals after
winning the ball through their pressing. So we’ll have to be strong in that area, because winning the ball back
equals possession. It’s always dangerous when you
win the ball back here, or here. I’m sure our Head Coach will choose
exactly the right tactics for us to get the three points in Gladbach. It’s a doubly important game as it’s against the
team immediately below us in the table. Of course we and all our viewers will have
our fingers crossed that we win the game, and we’d be thrilled if you could come back
to Dortmund with the three points. We need you at home to cross your fingers,
he’ll do it in the dugout, and I’ll do it on Netradio,
so nothing should go wrong. That’s all from this week’s
Matchday Magazine. Thank you again for coming – bye
for now, see you next week! Bye, thank you!


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