I got SCAMMED by Wish…

I got SCAMMED by Wish…

– Hey guys, this is Austin
and today we’re back on Wish. The last video was incredibly successful so it’s time to spend
some of our fake money on some fake products. Maybe a little too mean, but I like it. Oh, we should do the
Blitz Buy thing again. We get 20 products. So today I have a budget of $400, double what we had last time. What can we get for 95 cents? A universal card reader for 95 cents? Nah man, nah. Oh here we go, this is great. A 100,000 milliamp power battery bank. Is that too many zero’s
or is that actually a 100,000 milliamp powers? All right, sign me up. Another one of these Game Boy
things, this time for $3.90. I mean the last one did die immediately. Let’s see what we can get
for legitimately $3.90. I’m curious. Some Sennheiser IE 800 headphones, retail $458 but the price on Wish is 39. The IE 800’s are actually pretty high-end. Should we try these? I mean 39 bucks, right? – I am skeptical. – All right, you know what,
let’s do it, 40 bucks. $27 for a black wireless game controller. A.K.A, it’s an Xbox One controller but without the Xbox logo. I don’t understand how they do this. So if my size is black and white, but then my color is also black and white. So what if my size is black
and my color is white? Wait. – Well that’s
– Wait, wait, oh. I don’t, okay. I’m gonna, okay. $191 laptop. – This actually looks okay. All right, well we found it on Amazon. How much is it on Amazon? 219, oh look at that. Wish is legitimately cheaper,
it’s like $20 cheaper. You know what? Yeah, yeah let’s do it. Oh no, is that a (beep) plug? Oh, it’s a small sized plug, yep, okay. All right, well we’re
just gonna not do that. Oh fake Beats, hello fake Beats. What, wait, $28 for
refurbished Beats EP’s. That actually sounds
like a good deal, right? No! The Beats EP’s on
Apple’s website are $130. And on Amazon, they are $65. But what do refurbished
headphones look like? I think we should try those. – Yeah
– If they come sweaty I’m gonna be really mad. Ooh, okay so we’ve got
some cheap graphics cards so $59 for a GTX 1060. I mean that seems pretty good. Do we want a 1060 three,
five, or six gigabyte? I’m assuming the three
gigabyte is $60, yeah. What about the five gigabyte? I’ve never seen any
five gigabyte GTX 1060. I don’t actually know if
it’s a good idea to buy a graphics card on Wish. But let’s find out. What is this, is this a fake NES Classic? It is, it’s the ISet 620
Games in one Retro NES Gamepad, blah, blah, blah, whatever. Is this worth 20 bucks though? – So with that I think we
have everything we need for our Wish Mystery Tech Extravaganza. Now if you excuse me,
I’ll be back in a month when this stuff all actually shows up. So a month later, it is finally time to see what we’ve gotten
from Wish Mystery Tech. I’m wearing a Hawaiian
shirt, that’s weird, but we’re gonna continue anyway. Ken, first item please. You realize you’re gonna just break it before I even open it right? Well that’s a good start. These look like actual NES controllers. They even use, oh wow, they even use the old
school style connector. All right, well that looks like an NES and Oh look, it says Entertainment System. So it is in fact an “ES”. That’s not Wish Mystery Tech. – Happy birthday? Why? (upbeat music plays) – [Matt] Also, happy birthday. – Happy birthday? Why? What is this? – It’s my birthday present? – So I got, like, Mickey Mouse speakers? – It’s a Mickey Mouse TV, really? This is what you give me for my birthday? A Mickey Mouse TV, on the flip side, pretty proud that I was able to guess that these were Mickey Mouse ears. How much did you waste
on this Mickey Mouse TV? – Why would you do that? It doesn’t even fit the Wish theme. (cheers joyfully) We in there, we in there. Oh wow, the refresh rate. Not great for modern cameras,
I can assure you though, it looks wonderful in person. – Oh no, we’ve got a weird one. – Is this the Ninja Star one?
– It’s the Ninja one, yes! – [Ken] What, what? (laughing) Oh now you’re gonna play it. – [Austin] What is this? – How do you get there,
I gotta say this looks so much better on the CRT. The color is so terrific. – [Ken] Aww there we go. (Double Dragon theme music) – Anyway let’s play
– He looks pretty good – Two player. – I think you’re player one right now. Ah, it’s not working for me. (Austin snickering) Well, Double Dragon was fun. All right, we have a long
lasting high capacity (stammers) A long lasting, high-capacity (stammers) A long lasting, high capacity power bank. (stammers) 100,000 milliamp hours. So for context, this is
120,000 milliamp hours. Which makes me slightly
suspicious that this is 100,000. Battery bank is on, go
pick up the right cable, and aye, it charges! Oh it even has a little screen that says it’s five volts, 2.1 amps out. I mean, the quality
might be slightly dubious but it works! Oh, the Game Boy, excellent. So you guys will recall
on Episode of Mystery Tech a couple of months ago,
we unboxed a Game Boy which was of a dubious
quality, shall we say. Oh that, that looks like a $4 Game Boy. Nuts Milk, all right, I’m gonna play Nuts Milk. Oh is this just like a
weird Donkey Kong game? Yeah this just literally looks like a rescanned Donkey Kong. Nuts Milk. – [Nut Button] Nut. Ooh I think I know what this is. Yes, the HeroBook. So this is that, what,
$170 laptop we found? Whoa wait a minute,
wait, this isn’t trash. No, look at that! That actually looks pretty cool. Yo, I like this hardware immediately. It’s just kinda got this matte finish, and they even have a
little slot for adding an M2 SATA drive. Is this actually good? Did we actually get a good
cheap laptop off of Wish? I don’t believe that. Now we are dealing with
an Atom Processor here, so don’t expect a ton of performance but, I mean it’s running
Windows, it’s incredibly cheap and, I mean, it’s not like
the worst build quality I’ve ever seen. Oh this is a great user experience. All right, all right, all right, I don’t know if I would recommend this, and I don’t especially
think I would recommend this from Wish. It’s okay and the screen is pretty good but I think you can spend
about the same money or just a little bit
more and get something which is a little bit less shall we say, bad. Okay, a pre-opened box, I like it. Aye, our Beats! Uhhhhh okay, (sniffing) It passes the smell test. Okay, I don’t know what
there is to say, I mean they are good headphones, honestly. I think a lot of the bad
rap that specifically a lot of the older Beats
got, was the fact that they were very overpriced for the kind of their sound quality that you got. However, these days Beats
have actually gotten a lot better and specifically
with the Beats EP’s, even at retail these
aren’t totally terrible. Now, yes, you’re definitely taking a risk because they’re refurbished but at least in this particular case,
they pretty much look like they’re brand new. All right, we have oh, these are the $40 Sennheisers, right. Oh wait, wait! Wait, that looks real,
Sennheiser Original, we’ve got a little authenticity seal. And maybe the printing
is not the greatest, but I mean, I wouldn’t
really look twice at this if this showed up from
like Amazon or something. Dude, this looks pretty legit. Ah, they’re so tiny, oh they’re so nice. Ooh that seal’s good. I’m really curious to
see if I’m about to have my mind blown by a pair of $30 headphones or whether this is like an
incredibly ingenious fake. I think these are real,
that’s pretty phenomenal, wow. I need to get the pair of
headphones from the last Mystery Tech to compare, these are… These are real, if these
are fakes then they’re incredible fakes, I don’t, okay, I’m just gonna
go get the other ones. Okay, let me switch real quick. Okay, I’m really torn right now. Because at $30, these are
bar none the best headphones I’ve ever tried, like it’s not even close. And yet, these are really $300 headphones. I can’t help the feeling that someone stole these or– – Yeah, there’s like a a truck fell out the box or something. If you wanna go take
a gamble on some risky Wish headphones, by all means go ahead. I guess it worked out for us. – A truck fell off the
box, did I say that? (laughing) Oh boy, what ever do we have here? Ooh, we have our GTX 1060! I’ve seen a lot of people
talk about the graphics cards and the PC components
that they’ve been able to get off of Wish, and
this looks interesting. Oh, what, wow. Huh? Why is this a DVI, a VGA, and HDMI? I’m pretty sure the GTX
1060 is not supposed to have a VGA port, in fact, nothing from this decade
should have a VGA port. So I’ve installed the
1060 into a gaming system and the very first thing I’ve noticed, is that the ports are just,
well they’re just not good. So in addition to this fact
that it’s weird to have VGA, the HDMI is right on the edge which means that you really have to
crank the cable in there. It’s a very questionable decision. Now it does work so I’m
actually curious to see does Windows see it as a 1060? No, it doesn’t even see it at all. It’s really loud
considering it’s not doing anything at all. Now the price is theoretically
a really good deal. So even a used 1060 at this point is still going for around 120 bucks whereas this was $60 supposedly brand new. I feel like there’s a catch coming. But let’s see if I can
actually get Drivers installed. Oh no, no, I was just getting excited! I wanna believe. I wanna believe that we
just got a killer deal. Oh no! We’re in a boot loop, ugh! Is there a way to get this card to work? Probably. Will I spend some time after this video trying to get it to work? Definitely. Is this a good waste
of your $60, well yes, it is a good waste of your $60. (upbeat music) So, after a little bit
of digging I realized that it does of course come
with a CD and I installed it. So on the CD we have a
couple of very old drivers from 2018. Now that’s a little bit
unusual but maybe it’s hacked or whatever. And once I did it, it actually works. We open up task manager,
you’ll see we have the GTX 1060 shows five gigs of RAM. The driver date does say January of 2018 but it’s okay, I guess, however, the story’s about to get much
more nefarious my friends. Because as soon as I open
up GPU-Z, oh look at this! Fake GTX 1060 with a giant
yellow exclamation point. So instead it shows that
this is a graphics card from 2011 on the 40 mm process. That’s pretty old and is
most certainly not a 1060! So, shall we actually try to see how well this actually works? (laughing) Yup. So if this was a real 1060,
we would be doing what? 40 to 50 frames per
second here, no problem. And yet we’re at like, nine. That being said, I feel
like we should try to play a game on it. Seems pretty reasonable. – Okay? Woah! I almost caught that one. Oh, the game controller! This is the knock-off
Xbox controller right? – Excellent, all right. So if I look at an
original, like, actually a real one, I’m not
gonna lie, it’s similar although the font is different. I mean these are very, very similar. If this is fake, it’s a good fake. Although I will say that it does not have the headphone jack at the bottom. So to test, I will be using CS: GO! The obvious game of
choice when you’re using a Xbox controller. All right, so, yeah, oh. What, okay well that’s horrible. Everything’s on one stick right now, what? Yeah, the Xbox controller works. I could re-bind it, I’m
not going to though. It’s fine, don’t buy this. Buy a real controller. Don’t save your, like,
$6 by buying it on Wish. This is Oh yeah, so one thing is, Matt, can you look up something for me? – Can you look up the Nvidia, GF116 What cards did that GPU go into? – GT 545? – Hold on a second, the GT 545? (laughing) One gig of GDDR5? Yup, this is a straight up scam. Don’t buy a GTX 1060 off of Wish.


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