HUAWEI P40 PRO – Everything You Need!

HUAWEI P40 PRO – Everything You Need!

we finally have some clear information
on the huawei p40 Pro and I’m going to be sharing the details right after this if
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subscribe followed by the Bell so when it comes to the huawei p40 and the huawei p40 Pro we’ve had a lot of conflicting information and no one was really sure
what’s happening until now we’ve finally got information on the upcoming variants
and what the differences are actually gonna be my sources revealed that when
it comes to the huawei p40 range there are only gonna be three different versions
that will not be a fourth as some rumors are suggesting we get the Huawei P40
lite which is actually already released on the 2nd of this month we get the
standard Huawei P40 and finally we get the Huawei P40 Pro there is a chance
that the most premium model could be called the Huawei P40 pro premium
edition instead but my source has confirmed that it is in fact one phone
and they’re not gonna be two separate variants on Friday rodent 950 also
revealed at the full camera specs for the Huawei P40 Pro and I have to say
they look incredible we get the sony IMX 700 as the primary camera and this is a
52 megapixel sensor with the r yyb color arrangement we get the sony imx650
which is a 40 megapixel ultra wide cine lens we get an 8 megapixel telephoto
lens with 3 times optical zoom a 16 megapixel periscope lens with 10 times
optical zoom and finally a 3d time-of-flight depth sensor we also get
an LED flash the color temperature sensor and a noise cancelling microphone
we can be pretty certain now that the huawei p40 pro is gonna top the DxO mark
leaderboards on its official release thanks for the new information we can
also make a lot more sense of the previous leaks surrounding the huawei p40 and the p40 Pro last week’s leaks of the protective cases are no doubt for
the huawei p40 pro and they pretty much confirm the design that we’ve been
seeing in all of the leaks the front photos we’ve had are again for the
huawei p40 pro or the they don’t provide much detail they do
fall in line with all of the other leaks Rueda 950 has also already told us that
the standard P40 is gonna have a dual punch old camera and the P40 Pro will
have the same dual punch hole camera but with an extra sensor in the middle we’ve
had confirmations that the huawei p40 range is also coming on the 26th of
March this year this falls in line with the previous releases as its predecessor
launched on the 26th of March 19 and it was also confirmed by Richard you who is
the CEO of Huawei Technologies we also have reports that for a change of qual
we are gonna be reducing the cost of the P40 range and this is to try and
encourage purchases on their devices after all of the issues they faced with
the USA trade ban for those interested that we of course have three models of
the huawei p40 we’re going to cover the specs of each one if we start with the
most premium model what now this will most likely be called at the huawei P40
Pro but there is a chance that it could be called the P40 Pro premium edition
with the huawei p40 Pro we get a six point seven inch full screen curved OLED
display the display is going to be a quad HD plus resolution of 1440 by 30
120 and this gives us 550 pixels per inch as you can see we’ve got the dual
punch hole camera in the top left this consists of a camera each side in either
a time of flight or an IR sensor in the middle the display is going to be curved
on all four edges and once there’s been no mention of refresh rates were
expecting huawei to provide either a 90 Hertz or 120 Hertz display the p40 pro
is coming equipped with an in display fingerprint scanner and it’s going to be
using a Gorilla Glass 6 for its protection rumors are stating that the
punch hole in the display is to house a 40 megapixel camera along with an ultra
wide and a 3d time-of-flight depth sensor we take a look at the rear of the
p40 Pro we can see it actually contains five cameras in a rectangular housing
the huawei p40 Pro is reportedly coming with a 52 megapixel primary sensor which
is of course the AMX 700 we get the 40 megapixel Sony imx6 50 we get an 8
megapixel telephoto with 3 times optical zoom 16 megapixel periscope with 10
times opticals and a 3d time-of-flight depth sensor the
Huawei p40 Pro is of course can be powered by the Kiran 990 system-on-chip
and this is going to be coupled with up to 512 gig storage and 12 gigs of DDR 5
Ram it’s all going to be powered by a 4,700 milliamp hour battery and this is
gonna have support for 40 watt fast charging and 22 and a half watt fast
wireless charging as well it’s of course gonna be running Android 10 in the form
of EMU i-10 and it will be 5g compatible it’s gonna be hard to guess costs with
reports suggesting we will see this reduction its predecessor has already
been massively reduced in price it can be purchased for just $600 so my guess
is that the huawei p40 pro with the price reduction is probably going to be around
eight to nine hundred dollars for the base variant next we’ve got the standard
qual p40 unlike the p40 pro the standard p40 is gonna have a flat screen
and only four cameras on the RAM we’re expecting the standard p40 to come with
the same punch hole camera on the front but it’s only gonna have two cameras
without the sensor in the middle it will of course be using the same system on
chip as the pro but we’ll likely see smaller RAM and storage configurations
we’ve previously had a photo of an early prototype of the standard Huawei p40 so
we expected that they’ll be keeping the time-of-flight sensor and the periscope
lens but were unsure what other sensors are going to be used as far away quite
often use completely different sensors in their models if price reductions are
true then we’re hoping for the price of the standard Huawei p40 t to be around
seven to eight hundred dollars finally we’ve got the Huawei p40 lite and this
has actually already been released as a rebranded in over six se we get a 6
point 4 inch display it with a single punch hole camera in the top right the
display is a standard LCD with an HD resolution of 1080 by 2310 giving us 398
pixels per inch and a screen to body ratio of 83 and a half percent the punch
of selfie camera is a 16 megapixel wide-angle lens with an aperture of f28
oh and it doesn’t have an in display fingerprint scanner due to its physical
scanner on the side the rear we get a quad camera set up in
this consists of a 48 megapixel main sensor with an aperture of f-18 an 8
megapixel ultra wide with an aperture of f28 for a 2 megapixel macro lens with an
aperture of f28 4 and finally a 2 megapixel depth sensor with an aperture
of f28 4 it’s all powered up by the kuren 810 which is a 7 anumita
system-on-chip and it comes with 6 gigs of RAM and 128 storage we get a 4200
milliamp hour battery with 40 watt fast charging in it of course it ships with
Android 10 in the form of emui 10 the launch price was just 300 euros which is
about three hundred and fifty dollars so it’s a great choice for those who want
something a little bit cheaper now the huawei a CEO has already confirmed
that all of the phones are going to be running qua with mobile services which
means they’re not coming bundled with Google Apps now this may be a problem
for summer but then no doubt gonna provide a reasonable suite of all of the
applications we need there were plenty of third-party app stores mail
applications and YouTube apps so I can’t see it being too much of an issue and
for those that really can’t live without Google services there are always ways to
get Google services on quawi devices but of course Google advises against this
due to security risks of course is any more solid information comes to light
I’ll be sharing with you guys straight away but as always I’d like to know your
thoughts in the comments who are there is waiting for the huawei p40 new waiting
for the p40 or the p40 Pro but thanks for watching the video if you liked it
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