How To Enable/Activate DND Service(Do Not Disturb) In Jio Sim

How To Enable/Activate DND Service(Do Not Disturb) In Jio Sim

Hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel “Theta box”. So today i will show you how to activate DND service in your jio sim card. So what is DND?. And this is called as “Do not disturb” service. Which means that if you get unwanted calls from unknown number like banking,real estate,automobiles or educational related calls most of them doesn’t like it. Because most of the calls are made from fraud persons, so if you like to stop this kind of calls just follow me friends. So i show the steps to activate this feature. And this video is only for JIO user’s. So anyway let’s goto our tutorial… So before going to our tutorial, first of all install this myjio application from google play store. So once the installation is completed just click to open it. Now in this home page section you can press this horizontal 3 lines icon and it is placed at almost top of left side corner. And then one slidding window is opening, so here you can goto “Settings”. And it shows my jio profile informations, and also i get this dnd feature, so just click to open this “Do not disturb” option and the first one. So here it shows some categories, so you can customize this section. So if you want to stop banking related calls and sms just enable this first category. So otherwise if you want to stop this entire categories just click to enable “Full DND” option. But here i try to select some categories So once you enable it, finally you can click to submit your request. By simply press this “Submit” option. And then it shows one notification and the message is “DND request has been sent successfully” and changes will reflect in 7 days and it shows one reference number. So once this jio team verify your request it automatically activated in your jio sim. So this is the way you can easily enable or disable this DND service by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel “Theta box” and thanks for watching…


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