How Can I Manage My Facebook Page From My Phone?

How Can I Manage My Facebook Page From My Phone?

– I’ve been getting this
question a lot lately. How do I manage my Facebook
business page from my phone? For those of you that are
on the go business warriors in this video I’ll break
down the easiest possible way to manage your Facebook
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helpful video, Okay. My name is Jerry Potter, yes
it rhymes with the boy wizard and today I’m showing you how do you manage your
Facebook Business Page from your smartphone? There’s actually a separate app to do it from the regular Facebook app and that’s what I’m gonna show you. So what I’m showing you is
the Facebook Pages Manager App which is an app that Facebook released just for managing business pages. And I’m gonna go through
the tabs on the bottom here and just kind of show you how it’s set up. But whenever somebody says, “Oh, how do I do this on
a Facebook Business Page?” It’s usually something
they’re trying to do in the regular Facebook app and then they try it in the Pages Manager and it has all of the features or at least a lot more
than the regular one. So the first tab here,
starting from left to right is just your page. So you see your cover photo there, you can tap edit if you want
to change your cover photo out, if you wanted to publish
to your Facebook story, you can tap the plus sign, you can see there on my face
there on the profile picture, these options come up, I can create a story,
I can view the picture or I can choose a new picture so those are all different
situations there that you can do. Scroll down a little more
you see “visit group” that just happens to be the
call to action button on my page and then these are all your
different publishing tools. Here you can publish if
you wanted to make a post, just like normal. A “photo video” would take you
straight to your camera roll, it’s just a shortcut to create an event and then “promote” would be
if you wanted to create an ad from your Page Manager. Scroll on down and
essentially you see your feed just like usual. If you wanted to go in and boost a post or anything like that, you can do that from
right here on the screen. I have a couple of friends
that all they do is manage ads and boosting for different clients and they say it’s so much faster doing it in Facebook Pages Manager than trying to do it on the computer. Basically because this is
a dedicated Facebook app, I mean it does move
along very very quickly. So next tab over is
your Facebook Insights, you can come in here, you can choose a date range that you want. It’s not like you can
choose any dates you want but the rolling 28 day average
is sort of a regular thing in social media ’cause
if you do month to month, while some months have
31 days and some have 28. So that’s why a lot of the times, marketers use the 28 day rolling average. So you can see posts, reach,
engagements, new page, likes all there at the top. Under that you can see your promotions, if you have any ads or boosts running, below that you can see your posts and how they are performing. What kind of engagement did they get? So if you wanna see them all in one place and you can see the little
“see more” button, tap that and you can actually
see more of your posts. Below that Facebook events,
if you have events going on, you can check the insights on those. So the nice thing is on the phone, this is all super accessible and if you know what you’re looking for, like you’re monitoring
something every day, you can jump to it really really quickly. So that third tab over
is going to be your inbox and as you can see here
there’s this notification if your Instagram business profile is attached to your
Facebook business page, you can actually see your messages on both of them right here in the Facebook Pages Manager App. So as you can see some
of these have a messenger for Facebook icon next to them and then others have a
little paper airplane, which represents the direct
messages on Instagram, all in one inbox. By tap, this other tab at
the top here for comments, you can go through and manage all your comments on Facebook and Instagram again, right here on the Facebook
Pages Manager App. So they are really going out of their way to make it easier for businesses to be on both Facebook and Instagram. The next tab is notifications,
so you tap that bell and it brings up all the notifications for your business page,
just like you’re used to. The one after that is your calendar, If you use any sort of appointment
booking tool on Facebook, then you’ll have this here. Now if you don’t use it or
you’ve never turned it on, you may not see that tab at all. For some of the pages I
manage that doesn’t exist. And then finally the
last tab is your toolbox and under tools you’ve got settings, so if I tap on that you can go through and manage a lot of the same settings that you can on desktop. Below that under sharing tools, here are all of the
photos you’ve uploaded, so it’s basically your photo galleries for your business page, post
drafts, if you have any drafts, scheduled posts, Videos, is like clicking on your
video tab for your page. Below that Other tools, ads
management, appointments, contacts, events, jobs and then down below this
is actually just a link to the Facebook Ads Manager app, which if you run Facebook
ads through Ads Manager, they actually have a dedicated app. It’s never been that great
but if you run campaigns and you wanna monitor them and
you don’t have your computer, it’s a sort of adequate replacement is the best way that I can put it. Now what I showed you
today was on an iPhone but Android should look
relatively similar. If you don’t have the free
Facebook Pages Manager App yet, grab the link to download
it for Android or iPhone in the description of
this video right now. And as you move forward,
you wanna save more time on your social media so you can get back to running
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