Horse Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Horse Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

Happy birthday. What are you gonna do
tonight to celebrate? I think probably I’ll just go out with friends
from my Zumba class. You deserve to have fun. -How have you been?
-Good. I’ve been going by to see Mom
and going to see my horse. -Hey, Sarah.
-Hey. Brian’s new roommate
is single. -Hi.
-I’m Darren. -I really like your dress.
-I like your… shirt. There’s something so exciting
about you. You’re a lot of fun. You deserve to have fun. Hey, you’re… -Sarah?
-You deserve to have… Sarah. Are you okay? I don’t know. And what is it
that you’re experiencing? I’ve been having
a little trouble sleeping. Finding myself places, and I don’t know
how I got there. You have nothing
to be afraid of. Do you believe
in alien abductions? People always said
that my grandma was so crazy. Now I think
that she wasn’t crazy at all, because I’m feeling it. Sarah, do you know
what happened to the wall? Those scratches? How old was Grandma
when she started acting like… -Why? Are you…
-No. Sarah! Sarah, put the phone down. Sarah, put the phone down. I can hear the future. -Sarah?
-I’m just really scared. You’re safe. I promise you. This is crazy! Nothing makes sense! -Sarah?
-Sarah? -Sarah.
-Sarah. -Sarah.
-Sarah. I know that it sounds crazy,
okay? I know it sounds really crazy,
but it just feels really real.


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