Hannah Ann Gets Candid About Peter & Paradise in ‘Hannah Ann-swers’

Hannah Ann Gets Candid About Peter & Paradise in ‘Hannah Ann-swers’

We’re back with Hannah
Ann from “The Bachelor.” Now, I think there’s
a lot America still want to know about you. So we’re going to play a little
game called Hannah Ann-swers. I’m going to ask you some
rapid fire questions, and you have to give
us your honest answer. Ready? Here we go– I will bring the
honesty, that’s for sure. Are you currently single? Yes. And ready to mingle. [CROWD CHEERING] Well, I am married. Is Peter a good kisser? I don’t know about that one– I don’t know. Really? Wow. You heard it here first. Are you doing
“Bachelor in Paradise”? There might be a
bikini waiting for me. I don’t know! I don’t know. Maybe. OK. Who would you be interested
in dating from “The Bachelor” world? I think this is the
easiest question. OK. – Tyler Cameron. [CROWD CHEERING] OK. A lot of people
agreeing with you. Do you regret anything
from this experience? I don’t regret loving Peter. Regret trusting, probably. OK Trusting him. All right. Fair enough. After me, who is
your celebrity crush? After you. Mario Lopez. Those dimples. Those dimples. Yeah, he’s so cute. Yeah. He’s a super nice guy. too. So handsome. Who do people tell you
that you look like? Jenna Dewan. Jenna Dewan, yes. For sure. A lot. A lot. Maybe a little Katie Holmes-y? Yes, Yes. I get Katie Holmes as well. Yeah. Have any celebrities
slid in your DMs? David Spade. Yeah! He’s a slippery one. (LAUGHING) He’s so nice! He’s a good friend. If you could be on another
reality show, what would it be? “Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Really? Yeah! I’m sure they’d
love to have you. Oh, I would love that. Why was Kelley at the after
the final rose taping? And why does she spell
her name like that? Why does she spell
her name like that. There’s an extra “E.” Kelly is one of my good friends. I don’t know. I’m definitely going to
be calling her today, trying to figure that out. About the final rose taping? Yeah, why she was there. Yeah? I don’t know. Well, we love Kelley. For an important reason. Yeah. Does Kelley live near you, or– She lives in Chicago. That’s where I’m from. Yeah. What’s her address? I don’t know! “The Bachelor” has a new show
called “Listen To Your Heart.” It premieres Monday,
April 13th at 8:00 on ABC. I want to take Hannah Ann,
Annette Bening, and Ellen for letting me host. As she always says, be
kind to one another. Bye, everybody.


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