Governor Cuomo Gives Updates On Coronavirus In New York | Katy Tur | MSNBC


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  • WORKING PREGNANT WOMEN: Is anyone from the gov. telling the employers to give consideration to pregnant women in the work force? My pregnant daughter, in her late 30's is considered having a high risk pregnancy due to her age, and also has a respiratory condition since early childhood, works for a NYC agency on Waters Place, and uses the subway from the Bronx to get to work, yet her job is equipped to avail employees to work from home. My question is; why is my daughter riding the trains everyday in her condition? I listen to the news reports, and special news report bulletins everyday, and I have not heard any warnings for pregnant women. Why? My daughter has been riding the waves due to her loyalty for her job. Me on the other hand, no. I am a concerned mom about to have a new grandchild, and feel that I can push any tall building out of the way to create a safe path for my family. What's taking you so long to give an order to employers to make some kind of life saving arrangement for their pregnant employees? I told my daughter around the end of January, to tell her supervisor, or higher that she needs to work from home, but she seemed to think her job would not consider special arrangements for her, because everybody is important. So I'm sort of taking matters in my own hands. I still have the Mamma-bear instinct, eventhough I'm a grandmother. What should my daughter's approach be, being that employers have not received a directive from the gov. regarding working pregnant women?


  • whenever there's a school shooting they show us pictures names and ages of the victims. Why aren't we finding out anything about the people who are dying from coronavirus?

  • AndyGinterBlues says:

    I understand that the coronavirus is spread primarily through aerosol (inhaling germs from nearby infected person's breath). So ten jillion gallons of hand sanitizer will probably have zero effectiveness in controlling the virus' spread.

  • Close school case by case ? So you are just waiting for someone to get infected and spread the virus and then close school ? If any student get infected can he/she sue the school or the government for that ? 🤔 Is this guy stupid ? Well i forgot these politicans children only goes to private school. And they don't use subways.

  • Samuel L. Jackson _ says:

    Flu death rate percentage: 1%
    CoronaVirus death rate percentage: 3%
    why are we panicking like this is the new plague? It’s a flu, a tiny bit stronger version of the regular flu. Wash your hands and you will be FINE

  • AndyGinterBlues says:

    I envision, at the next New York State Fair (if it happens): A "dunking booth" where Cuomo sits in the chair over a vat containing 10,000 gallons of hand sanitizer.

  • So should I use the new homemade hand juice before or after I cough on my elbow and elbow bump people? I hear it has a nice “floral bouquet”.

  • Timothy Philipp says:

    There are too many people spreading lies and hatred on
    the internet. They need to be called out. Thank you guys for providing your
    information. We need to stop the panic and lies. Thanks again.

  • Gordon Welford says:

    Possibly because the information (and therefore their understanding) regarding the coronavirus and precautions are just plan wrong and dangerous.

    Misleading the public daily

    The media is deliberately inducing fear and in turn their actions are worse than the virus itself. You people need to do your research Google annual death rates from the flu in America and you will see when compared to the worldwide Coronavirus the flu is way more dangerous. The flu is something we've been dealing with for decades it's not the end of the world people just relax go about your daily routine use common sense wash your hands stay home when you know you're sick.
    Your media induced fear about this coronavirus is hurting the economy worldwide.
    Stop being sheep👈👈👈👈

  • The governor found his way to get money!!!! Virus baby!!!!!!
    It’s just the flu… but who’s gonna tell right?? It’s the virus baby!!!!!! Weasel pos!!!!!! If he gets any money make him accountable for EVERY CENT!!!!

  • Henry Dimatteo says:

    A logical way to approach a situation where there is a virus with no current cure is to become nervous and worry.People are dying.You can try to distort it anyway you want.Logical,rational people can see it for what it really is.

  • Cuomo is such a piece of trash. Only a guy as arrogant as him would commission millions of dollars worth of road signs telling everyone how great New York is while people are leaving in droves. Don't listen to a word he says.


  • If the virus is that severe why aren't cities being lock down? The coronavirus has been a nothing burger in the US. I'll believe the mainstream media when I see cities quarantined.

  • Edmund Singleton says:

    If anyone were looking for honesty and integrity industry
    wide, one need look no further than to our television journalists, that was then,
    this is now, let me explain. Just suppose one is looking for male television
    journalists that don’t dye their hair, well, one may find a few anchoring and
    reporting the news for CNN; elsewhere that may be a little harder, almost
    nonexisting. If anyone were looking for female journalists on television that
    don’t dye their hair, no mystery there, the answer would be none, zero, zilch, since
    they all do, industry wide, it’s as if female television journalists are the origins
    of contrived fakery and deceit of appearance, and that assessment would be true
    and correct industry wide and without any doubt, can be taken to any bank demanding
    cash money, one could retire on those researched findings alone, with enough
    left over to fund university degrees for five females in television communications.

  • So when it is in China then Corona virus is dangerous. When it comes to the US then it becomes nothing to worry. LOL. Just watch the prior news slamming the Chinese for mishandling the situation and then the US mishandles the epidemic.

  • Isn't it too late to keep track of people coming from China? What about Italy, South Korea, Japan, and Iran other 100 countries already contaminated? Mr. Governor, so are you saying let kids keep going to school until they get infected and then you will consider to close that school? So our lives are nothing to you?

  • How did this communist stooge get elected??????
    While THOUSANDS have died from the FLU in New York and thousands more from a plethera of diseases from the ILLEGALS he protects and shelters!!!!!

  • He should've listened when he was told to close down the airport but like Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the bunch they will oppose any rules even if they put the American people in danger just because they hate Trump? Idiots!

  • it took Barack Obama until October of 2009 to declare Swine Flu a National Health Emergency
    It began in April of ‘09 but Obama waited until 20,000 people in the US had been hospitalized & 1,000+ had died
    Where was the media hysteria then?🤔

  • It's time to close bioweapons labs all across America. To stop Gain of function bioengineering all bioweapons labs 3&4. Are dangerous to man kind

  • 😱 I went to stock up Carona Beer 🍻 and the song…(Its The End Of The World As We Know It) kept playing in the store non stop.

  • I predict that countries will hold China responsible and we will start seeing international lawsuits against China
    They single handedly destroyed themselves and their families in all countries

  • Nothing is being said about the homeless people all over our subway stations.They neither wash their hands nor sanitize them. Something has to be done about them. Passengers are not safe there.

  • This guy needs put out. He complained about TRUMP closed some countries from entering in our country. Make up your mind. If TRUMP said this, he wrong. But when you say it it all good. DEMARATS.

  • Adds New Meaning To ‘Sanctuary City’ – Why Doesn’t He Call Fredo @ CNN & Make The peeps With 🦠an ‘Offer They Can’t Refuse’ – Like Move To Jersey🤔

  • Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel: Coronavirus Could Be ‘Devastating’ for Trump Reelection Bid. McCarthy Slams Dems for Delaying Coronavirus Bill to Run Ads Against Republicans and point the finger at President Trump — ‘We Should Have Had the Bill a Week Earlier’ and If you’ve ever had a question whether the Socialist-Communist mainstream media distorts, whips up, throws things out of focus or has an agenda, especially when it comes to the Trump administration, look no further than coronavirus.

  • I noticed the live COVID-19 map is no longer showing the locations of the infected cases but sums up the state cases. Now no one knows if their driving straight into an infected area. Great job on spreading the virus everywhere.

  • *•:Monika:•* says:

    Anxiety & Fear stem from darkness…and a tremendous lack of FAITH! Whatever your faith may be… Complete surrender to the Almighty gives one patience…which lends to lowered stress levels… As the spirit knows…either way… whatever happens… it's all in the ALMIGHTY'S hands…not our own!

  • Coumo.."no hysteria please…stop with the mixed messages" meanwhile Gov. Coumo announces a plan to contain an outbreak north of new York city he called "probably the largest cluster in the U.S.". …and by the way the national guard has been deployed to New York suburb…you gotta love politicians

  • Funny how when the facts hit you in the face you can no longer sit back and just shout "socialism." George Bush learnt that when he had to bail out the banks in 2008. Trump will learn this soon as well. Trump in over his head! Good LEADERSHIP Gov Cuomo!

  • Few weeks ago Americans were judging Chinese people and Chinese government. never judge and criticize anybody because you dont know what can happen to you next moment.

  • Sophia’s Vlogs says:

    Gov Cuomo: it’s not dangerous. It’s not like it would affect everyone. Just the old and the ones with underlying illness. No need to over react and affect our economy”.

    Me: majority of ppl I know have underlying illness. I’m 44. I also have underlying illness. I can’t say for everyone but I really don’t give a crap about the economy right now. I just care about my life and my families lives.”. Stop telling us to wash our hands. We ain’t stupid.

  • Claudio Saltara says:

    There is no other fear than loosing you mother at 6 years of age after the war, already orphaned at 4. Thanks to God for surviving.

  • Healthy Wealthy says:

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  • The real virus in our country is the mainstream propaganda machines. Might as well be Nazi Germany. US let's please stand up and have individuality and think for ourselves!!!

  • HowardBeach 2020 says:

    Cuomo, where is the state’s contingency plan and did assurance testing that firms go through on Wall Street prepare ny for this?

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