Google Assistant Smart Clock Review – 6 Months Later

Google Assistant Smart Clock Review – 6 Months Later

We’ve had our Google Assistant smart
clock made by Lenovo for over six months now so in this
review I’m going to go over the top features of the device, how its held up
over the past six months, some downsides we’ve had with the device, and some
recommendations if you’re stuck picking between this device a Nest Mini or a
Nest Hub. Let’s dive in. Released midway through 2019, the Lenovo Google Assistant
smart clock is a small speaker device with a screen that’s made to sit on your
nightstand. The device has a nice fabric design that fits well within Google’s
other speaker products the screen is a 4 inch 480 by 800 IPS touchscreen that
displays the time and other text as well on top of the smart clock are plus and
minus buttons to control the volume the microphones for the Google assistant are
right above the screen on the top and at the back you’ll find a power jack mute
switch and USB a port so you can plug in your phone or watch charger so that’s
the design of the smart clock but now I want to dive into the user experience
and some of my favorite features now one of the main reasons you’d get a device
like this is because it’s a Google assistant speaker with a display that
shows the time and the weather and the UI reflects that you swipe to the left
to go through the main screens in the UI which include the main screen that shows
the time the alarm screen where you can set multiple alarm schedules for
different situations in your life a music playlist page and a calendar event
screen which shows you events coming up from your Google Calendar you can swipe
to the right to get out of whatever screen you’re on and back to a previous
screen swiping up from the bottom shows you your typical Google assisted display
settings including volume controls brightness settings do not disturb mode
and further system settings do note that the smart clock does have an ambient
brightness setting but it does not change the color temperature of the
display like it does on the nest hub swiping down from the top shows you your
smart home controls like turning off your smart lights in the room that your
Google assistant smart clock is located a shortcut to a routine like goodnight
an alarm settings button and a shortcut to play some music in the past six
months the screen I’ve used the most with this device is the alarm screen now
here at six months later reviews the reason why we do long term reviews is so
we can show you how well a product has integrated into our daily routines and
what the overall impact of that product has been on our lives over an extended
period of time now for the lenovo smart clock i can say that the alarm screen is
one of the major things that has had an impact on my life using this device and
it’s one of the things i use the most in fact if you’re choosing between the
smart clock and a nest mini i think one of the main reasons you
would likely choose the smart clock over the nest mini is the alarm screen the
reason for this is the UI simplifies creating specific multi-day or single
day alarms that are easy to toggle on and off which is not as easy to do on
the nest hub and is certainly much harder to do when you’re just using your
voice with a google assistant speaker often I wake up at different times
throughout the week because I’ll either have an early morning call or I’ll be
working from home one day and will sleep in an extra thirty minutes or so so I
love the ability to toggle on and off different alarms for the workweek now
you also have other settings that are easily available like the alarm tones
and even the ability for Google AI to choose a different alarm for you every
morning now if you want to wake up to a specific song or playlist unfortunately
you can’t do that from the alarms screen on the device however you can set up one
of these alarms by using your voice for example create a music alarm got it 1 4
4 7:30 a.m. got it and what would you like me to play high hopes by panic at
the disco ok I’ll play the song high hopes for tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. you can
also create weekday or weekend alarms with music by using voice commands as
like create a weekday Music Alarm if you’re like me and dislike waking up you
can actually pound the smart clock when the alarm goes off which will then
trigger it to either snooze or shut off the alarm entirely another big impact
that I found with this device is how effective it displays the temperature
and current weather conditions now part of this has to do with its placement on
my nightstand when you think about it the nightstand is actually a pretty
valuable piece of real estate for a tech product in your home with this device
out of all of my other Google devices with screens I found that I pay
attention to the weather information the most with the Lenovo smart clock on my
nightstand and that’s because I’m looking at the screen and when I’m going
to bed at night as well as looking at it when I get up in the morning there’s a
clock face you can set that will show you the current weather conditions by
displaying different graphics in the background which is pretty cool speaking
of clock faces you also have some options here and changing the clock
faces is easy just tap and hold the current clock face on the screen then
you’ll be able to choose a different clock face and customize it a bit from
changing the color of the clock to toggling on or off an info ticker or
weather information one clock face can even display photos from various photo
albums that you have in Google Photos just like the nest hub can now if you’re
deciding between this device and a device like a nest hub or a nest emoni
another key factor in your decision is likely going to be sound quality so
here’s a sound comparison between all three devices personally I think the Nesta money
actually has the best sound overall Google improved the bass over the
original Google home Mini and it does show the Lenovo smart clock does have a
clear sound to it it just doesn’t quite have as much bass
now for my set up I already had a Google home max on my nightstand so what I did
is I enable the setting with my smart clock to where any sound that would
normally come out of the smart clock will actually come out of the Google
home max now the last main feature of the Google assisted smart clock is the
Google assistant itself the Google assistant on this device can do the same
things as the assistant on other devices like the nest hub though the screen on
this device is smaller you can still see items on your lists calendar invites
graphics for routines and even dictionary word spell outs in the six
months I’ve been living with the Google assistant smart clock I haven’t had any
reliability issues and I’ve only found one downside which is that the Lenovo
smart clock can not automatically turn off its display in low-light situations
now let me go into detail here and explain exactly what I mean
with the nest hub and nest hub max there’s a setting that you can enable
where the display will turn all the way off when the device detects the lights
have turned off around it for a smart clock on my nightstand whose screen
faces my bed I really wish it had a setting through the Google home app to
enable this for those times where I like many of you out there perhaps wake up in
the middle of the night and don’t really want to know what time it is because
often at least in my experience and I know other people are like this as well
you’ll wake up in the middle of the night you’ll see what time it is and
then you will either worry about work in the morning or something you have to do
and it just causes more thoughts to go through your head that make it harder to
actually get back to sleep for now there’s a workaround to do this just
tell the Google assistant smart clock to turn off the screen and the screen will
turn off overall though I’ve quite enjoyed using the Google assistant smart
clock made by Lenovo I found that for certain use cases it actually outshines
the nest many the nest hub now if you’re someone
trying to decide between which of these devices to get here are some
recommendations based on certain scenarios for a device that you want on
your nightstand that you don’t primarily care about being a photo frame I’d say
go for the Lenovo smart clock if you want more of a photo frame then go for
the nest hub and if you’re more price conscious in general and just want a
google assistant speaker then the nest mini is going to be the no-brainer well
that’s it for our review of the Google assistant smart clock made by Lenovo if
you liked this video and found it helpful make sure you hit that thumbs up
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related videos like this one. For 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder, thanks for


14 thoughts on “Google Assistant Smart Clock Review – 6 Months Later”

  • Dave Schmarder says:

    I have the Lenovo clock and I use it only for a clock. I use a Nest Mini for my speaker in my bedroom, for the audio quality reasons you mentioned.
    I had a Nest Hub in my bedroom, but some of my bedtime news feeds are video and they would show the moving pictures. The Lenovo just played the audio, which is what I wanted.
    I paid $40 for mine when they were on special. The power usage is low, so I don't mind it for a clock. Since I'm retired, I don't need no stinkin' alarm, at least most of the time. Nice 6 month review Josh.

  • Cool video, I have had mine for a few months and quite like it. Key complaints not mentioned 1. It’s summer here and the screen seems to heat up to a concerning temp, very much so if showing photos. 2. Even though I tell it to turn off the screen every night, about once a week it comes on randomly complaining no wifi as it turns off at late night. 3. Sunrise mode is a joke 4. Sometimes glitchy with Spotify and needs to be powered off/on to get working. Despite all this still worthwhile.

  • Anthony Renfro says:

    Love the one I have. I wish the speaker was just a notch better, but I have gotten use to it playing ambient noise at night. I think the minimal screen is its best feature. Especially for a nightstand device. One swipe, punch a button, and off to bed. Better than Nest Hub or any Amazon product I have tried as a bedside device.

  • I actually kind of like this.. it's an alarm clock, with a smart assistant inside. I might get it. Just gotta relocate my current Google mini somewhere else

  • I have found the charge port shuts down often charging my Samsung S10. I suspect it is a bit underrated current wise for fast charging phones.

  • I am stunned. I cannot imagine waking up in the night and NOT wanting to know what time it is!!! Nightstand on one side of my bed has a Nest Mini and a weather display that also has the time. The stand on the other side of the bed is a clock that projects time and temp onto the ceiling. No matter which way I face, if my eyes open in the night, I immediately know what time it is.

  • Janelee Keller says:

    Thanks Josh 🙂.

    I Did just order 2 Nest Mini's, but am interested in the Clock for my Husband.

    Will be sharing this Video with Him 😁.

    I am wondering if Google will be Coming out with a Nightstand Clock of Their own ?

    PS, Fully realizing it's Not the best time to ask ! (CV !).

    Have a Nice Weekend Josh 😎,
    JaneLee 🕊️ – in Pennsylvania
    Suburb of Philadelphia.
    (It will be going up to 70° next week ! Weather a bit erratic)

  • Hey hey! On the subject of not having the option of the display switching off. There is a Night Mode menu to set the brightness of the display. I set mine to really low.

  • I currently use an old phone phone on the nightstand and would happily replace it with this type of smart device, but they don't have headphone sockets. This means the alarm would wake my wife as well, which is not ideal for us. Also I wouldn't be able to listen to podcasts while falling asleep. Any idea if headphones are an option?

  • Daniel Cifuentes says:

    Josh, you CAN turn off the screen in low light.

    Settings > Display Settings > During low light >Turn Off Screen
    (other 2 options are Show Mono Clockface and Show Current Clock Face).

    *Settings on the actual Clock, not the Home App.

    PS: I'm the opposite, I like to know the time when I wake up in the middle of the night… But my wife is very sensitive to any kind of light, so this setting was a must for me.

    Google Assistant Smart Clock application version: 6.27.13+prod.
    System firmware version: OIMF.191015.004

  • I have one and my biggest problem with it is it doesn't have an OLED display. I'm glad that apparently you actually can set the screen to turn off at night, but I want to be able to see the time when I'm laying in bed before I fall asleep.

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