Getting Started with Dante: 1. Dante Overview

Getting Started with Dante: 1. Dante Overview

Welcome to this video about Dante
audio networking. Dante is the network solution that has
become the defacto standard for digital audio transport across the industry, and you’ll see why. Dante is easy for manufacturers to incorporate into their products, and just as easy to use. It provides
world-class performance and works equally well in a small home studio environment or a massive stadium installation.
Let’s look at what Dante is and see how it can help future-proof the
audio systems upon which you depend. For a long time we relied upon analog cables to move audio from place
to place it was easy to understand but had
limitations and costs that had to be overcome. Analog signals deteriorate over distance and are susceptible to electrical and
mechanical noise. Multi-channel audio is especially challenging, requiring massive “snakes” of multiple analog cables that are heavy,
difficult to install in many locations, and notoriously difficult to troubleshoot
and repair. A snake failure in the middle of a live performance is every sound engineer’s nightmare. Routing analog signals is easy to understand but difficult to change as each device must be physically connected to others, channel by channel. Changes require accessing each device whatever it may be and running cables for each channel,
keeping track along the way. Likewise, sending analog audio to
multiple destinations is expensive and difficult, requiring
additional equipment to maintain signal quality while eliminating any ground issues
between all the connected devices Using a true digital network for audio solves all these problems By employing the exact same technology
used in computer IT, Dante transports hundreds of channels of
pristine noise-free audio over a single inexpensive Ethernet cable
completely eliminating bulky snakes. Audio may be sent to as many
devices as required and changes are made instantly with easy
to use software. These and many other reasons are why the audio/video world is rapidly moving towards Dante
networked audio. Over 200 manufacturers now incorporate Dante into their products which means that you have plenty of
choice when selecting components for your systems. Audinate developed Dante with real interoperability in mind. No
matter what brands you prefer, all Dante-enabled products work
together to deliver perfectly synchronized audio managed in a single software application. Latency – the time delay required for digital transmission and signal processing has long been a critical parameter in
audio networks when working with live music performances and recordings. Early technologies often sacrificed flexibility in order to reduce latency. With Dante you have it all – easy unlimited
connections with fixed latency as low as 150 microseconds. Latency is 100% consistent in Dante and adjustable per device as desired. Dante provides tools that allow you to set system latency to optimal values. Audio production has been
marked over the years with the steady increase in the number of channels used
in recording and live performance. Dante is ready for
whatever the future may bring with devices that deliver channel counts
from one to 1,024, and no upper limit upon the total number
of channels in a network. Some digital audio network technologies
require expensive special equipment in order to work – adding costs and limiting choices. Dante works perfectly on readily
available network switches and equipment with no special requirements. Equipment
in the field can be swapped out with easily obtained replacements. Because Dante uses standard computer networking methods and protocols it can interface directly with PCs and Macs with no need for additional hardware. With Dante Virtual Soundcard you can
record, playback and process up to 64 channels of audio using
your favorite applications on any Dante network. When some people hear “networked audio” they assume that it must be complex and tricky set up in troubleshoot and they worry
that they’ll have to become IT experts in order to do their jobs. You don’t need to be an IT expert to run your audio network, because Dante is designed to work properly right “out of the box” Every device is automatically configured
and discovered. Clocks are intelligently elected and
Audinate’s intuitive software ensures that you can easily see and control your audio, no matter what mix of products you use. Dante uses advanced computer networking technology under the hood but audio professionals will find intuitive
names, labels and tools that make easy to master the
system in no time at all. This series of videos will help you to
understand how to set up and use a Dante system no matter what brands or
products you prefer to use. In our next video we’ll show you a Dante
system in action.


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