Galaxy Z Flip: Official Introduction

Galaxy Z Flip: Official Introduction

first we invented the folding smartphone
now we’ve reimagined it meets Galaxy Z flip it’s design doesn’t follow the
rules it breaks them starting with the laws of physics yep we folded glass yes
GLaDOS we made a leap from polymer screens to ultra-thin glass technology
it’s crystal clear stunning inside and out when folded Z
flips the size of this this this this and this but when folded open it nearly
doubles in size standing out and getting people talking what’s up that thing is a
hideaway hinge it’s our smallest yet and our most
durable so it lasts it fold after fold after fold you get the point
what about dust? and dirt? we built a tiny mechanism that helps protect the phone
we call it sweeper cake it works with Cam lotion to let your device move
freely looking in any position from here to here exactly
now all smartphones take photos but not like this Z flip changes the camera
experience it’s more than the perfect picture it’s
a brand new way to use a camera this is the most and since the Flip stands up
you can chat night never before but when you’re finish talking you have the
screen space to do more it’s built from the bottom arm you can control an app on
the lower half or viewing it on the top or do two things at once and if all of
that is not enough the flip lets you take the cinema with you its display is
twenty one point nine by nine that’s like 15 percent more screen impressive z
flip isn’t just a smartphone it’s a breakthrough with a design that stands
alone it changes the shape of the future by putting a smaller shape in our


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