Galaxy S3 Sharing – AllShare Play #MobilersGR

Galaxy S3 Sharing – AllShare Play #MobilersGR

Hi! I’m Tolis and today I’ll talk about
the sharing features of the Galaxy S3 With “S Beam” we can transfer photos, music, videos
and everything we want fast and easy, with one touch! Let me show you an example! I have this photo and I want to send it
to an other phone that supports S Beam We get close to the other phone
and we touch the screen The file has been sent
a photo in this case With “Buddy photo share” we can automatically
send a photo to all the people who are in the photo! With “AllShare Play” we can wireless stream
content from our phone to our TV! We can also remotely watch content from our PC
to our Galaxy S3 and even stream it to our TV, too! We can also register a cloud storage service
but at this time Samsung has only SugarSync where we can make a free account
with 5GB of storage I didn’t sign up to that cloud because
Samsung will soon announce other partnerships and possible it’s gonna be Dropbox, where I have
50GB of free space as a gift for buying the Galaxy S3 With “AllShare Cast” we can wireless stream
everything the Galaxy S3 screen shows to our TV! For example play a game, where in this
case the Galaxy S3 acts like a controler. Thank you for watching!
“See” you soon with a new video! Bye! 🙂


16 thoughts on “Galaxy S3 Sharing – AllShare Play #MobilersGR”

  • first of all you must check that your TV has DLNA and it is connected to your home wifi network. turn on wifi on S3 and run the "AllShare Play" app.

  • this means that your TV is not connected to your home network. Connect your TV to your home wirelesses modem/router by cable. (If your TV supports that function, I don't know what TV you have!)

  • You need a 2012 model Samsung smart TV with a new firmware update that reveals the Allshare Cast app OR any TV with the AllShare Cast Dongle accessory. My TV is an older Samsung model and it doesn't have allshare cast, what you see in my video(the gaming part) is not real, it is for demonstration purposes only. (It's a video playing in TV and in the Galaxy S3)

  • Hi Tolis I have a 2012 smart tv at home and a galaxy s3 here. Allshare cast is enabled already on both tv and phone under the same WiFi but my phone does not detect the tv
    Can you help me out? Thanks

  • You need the "AllShare Play PC software" and/or the "AllShare PC software". Search for my "Galaxy S3 – AllShare Play Extra" video (I've uploaded it just after this one) where I have the official Samsung's download links added to the description.

  • Check this on your TV, Settings/Network/Test network to make sure the connection is right. And make sure you have an original Samsung firmware in your S3. Other than these two, I can't think of anything else.

  • I don't know exactly because I don't have a Samsung 2012 model TV. But basically you must have an app called "AllShare Cast" in your TV smart hub so you can run it! If you don't it means your TV doesn't have this option OR you must wait for a TV firmware update for the app/icon to appear!

  • It has nothing to do with the speed of your internet connection. My TV and my Galaxy S3 are both connected to my wifi/modem/router (TV with cable/S3 with wifi). So it's a "local" connection.

  • I'm from Greece, that's why I speak Greek. I write in English so more people can understand me. I have English subtitles for the same reason and in my new videos I'll speak English too!

  • Jonathan Brucker says:

    Hey, is it possible to stream video files from your pc to the S3, because I only can stream files from my S3 to my PC or TV but not on my S3 itself?

  • Venkateswarlu Devadula says:

    i have connected the same way u said,(tv with cable/s3 with wifi)but it is showing no nearby devices found.what to do?

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