Fox Host Trish Regan Loses Her Mind On Live TV

Fox Host Trish Regan Loses Her Mind On Live TV

Yesterday evening, Fox news decided to go
ahead and drop the veil of being an actual media network and went into full blown conspiracy,
Alex Jones styles Info Wars network, and it all happened with Trish Regan. Here is what happened at the beginning of
Trish Reagan’s program last night on Fox news. Chorus of hate being leveled at the president
is nearing a crescendo as Democrats blame him and only him for a virus that originated
halfway around the world. This is yet another attempt to impeach the
president and sadly it seems they care very little for any of the destruction they are
leaving in their wake. Losses in the stock market, all this, unfortunately,
just part of the political casualties for them. You know, this is a time to be United, not
to be pointing fingers, not to be encouraging hate, and yet what do we see? We see the absolute opposite from the left
tonight. Good evening everyone. I am Trish Reagan. The hate is boiling over. Many in the liberal media using and I mean
using, Coronavirus in an attempt to demonize and destroy the president. Now immediately after that part of the clip,
she then starts showing clips from other networks where you had Democrats and pundits talking
about the dismal response from the Trump administration to COVID-19. Not once did anybody in the clips that she
showed blame the president for the virus itself as she claimed Democrats were doing. In fact, there’s no evidence to suggest the
Democrats think by any stretch of the imagination that Trump is the reason this is happening. But they have all rightfully called out Donald
Trump’s horrid response to this. I mean, let’s be honest here Trish, Donald
Trump has gone on your network and said that the world health organization is lying about
the death toll. He has said that he thinks the whole thing
is a hoax. He no longer thinks that, allegedly, at least
not publicly, and he has tried to downplay every single thing that has happened so far
to the detriment of the health of those of us here in the United States. That’s not a conspiracy theory, Trish. That’s not us trying to re-impeach him over
this. This is us acknowledging reality, which you
and your network continue to refuse to do. Now, for those who are not familiar with Trish
Regan, I looked back at her history. I wanted to know a little bit more about her
because I didn’t know much about her and it turns out that at one point in her career
following her success in beauty pageants, she then went to school, got a degree in history,
and then went over to CBS, became an investigative reporter and actually was nominated for an
Emmy because she was good at what she did. And then she went over to CNBC and started
getting a little, you know, not as investigative, more pundit-like, and then she moved from
CNBC over to Fox news and went full blown conspiracy theorist. Again, this is a woman who had less than 20
years ago, almost won an Emmy because she was so good at being a journalist and folks,
that’s what Fox news does to you. Not just poisoning the viewers who watch it,
but poisoning the actual people who come onto that network. Trish Regan could have had a very strong career
as an investigative journalist, but she chose money over the truth and what we saw last
night is the culmination of years of indoctrination at Fox news, and that was her shedding any,
any little bit she may have had left of true investigative journalism instincts. That’s gone. Trish Regan is just a another pro Trump right
wing propagandist working at Fox news and the saddest thing is she didn’t have to be.


100 thoughts on “Fox Host Trish Regan Loses Her Mind On Live TV”

  • Trump has to take responsibility for stripping the CDC and firing so many experts. He has to take responsibility for spreading false information including the claim CORVID-19 is a hoax and that China infected the US deliberately and that CORVID-19 is a negligible threat. He has to take responsibility for so many people having no medical care which is making pandemic control much harder. He has to take responsibility for hosting big crowds which spread the virus. It will be poetic justice if he too is infected.

  • This is why most Americans spell Republikkklans this way and they now consider the Republikkklan party to be the Russian government.

  • I have absolutely no idea who that woman is. Just another “glammed-up” blonde talking head. Just show me a still photo and I’d tell you which network. Definitely on-brand. 🙄

  • The hate is ever present in the west. You are promoting it yourself. All the bs we put up with Obama & Clinton dragon is sickening. Leave

  • A female version of an Alex Jones commentary; better than an SNL skit. Unfortunately this is reality, not comedy.

  • Ronald Findlay says:

    Give me a break. Trump is the most uneducated incompetent fool to ever hold office. He is a moron the response to the virus is beyond pathetic. Once the kits are widely available you will see the numbers rise by thousands. I wouldn't trust Trump with a potato gun. He's an idiot

  • Girl shut the hell up!! Maybe all that EVILNESS that goes on there! Now they asses don’t know what to do, because it’s affecting EVERYONE regardless of wealth,color,party etc🤔🤔

  • Luis A Santiago Gross says:

    Do we still have an FCC? If we still do , why aren't they taking Fox news license away, or are they getting a kick back? The are the main reason for all discord in this country. Share your thoughts

  • Rodney Warnick says:

    Poor hypocritical skank. Hysterical watching her loose her shit and accuse someone else for what she is doing. They're fear tastes

  • Fox only hires bimbo's ! What part was she auditioning for? Hilarious! Needs more acting lessons! Sounded about as sincere as trump ! Could never hold her own with a real jpurnalist like rachael maddow!

  • That's really rich, coming from a Fascist propagandist traitor like Trish that's funded by a Saudi prince billionaire who also funds terrorism.

  • She is a hired chameleon. She will do whatever the network pays her to do. I used to watch her everyday on Bloomberg. Her show, street smarts, was really well done. She was unbiased, thoughtful, and really good reporter. Such a shame!

  • I can believe it Trish, They never stopped doing crap like that to Bernie. Everything he did they criticized! They all worked together with the media to defeat Bernie. Now Bernie has been defeated and now there back to Trump again. Here we go again folks! I myself am done with CNN and MSNBC . They are FAKE NEWS! Guess I just had to see it for myself, and I did.

  • Victoria Stamps says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂Ignorance on full display😂😂😂😂😂😂He has always been hated, along with, the Malignant First Floozy, his disgusting offspring, and his disciples. How can anyone put children, who are stll there, and left alone to die, not be accused of child neglect, and abuse? Disgusting comments, and slandering people who served the USA with honor, or who does not bow and scape to him. Be Best is BS. The Malignant Frist Flozzy has literally done not a damn thing. spawn of this heinous idot, are just like him, sleazy, greedy, and care only about money. This family has made more money the last 3 1/2 years than they have made in their lives. Daddy plays the stock market to his favor. Forcing us , tax payers, to pay for his hotels, and golf courses by insisting all military, and visiting dignitaries, and the GOP hold events at his properties. The list goes on, and on. His disciples love this Moron In Chief, because he speaks to what is rotten in thier, hearts, and souls. Yep, he has worked hard to earn the hatred. The Malignant First Floozy summed up this perfectly. I don't care, do you? Well there are people that do care. The actions of this want to be dictator is in plane sight. Any one with more than one brain cell, can see it. He is not the chosen one. This makes me sick, the Evangelist support this evils of this family.

  • ViciousProphet says:

    Obama blamed for: gas prices, H1N1, Iraq and Afghanistan draw downs, being a King or Emperor with his Executive Orders, playing too much golf.

    Geez, in the age if unlimited access to information, you really CAN convince anyone of anything.

  • All I hear is a hired ACTRESS not a journalist in the least. She's nothing but a Trump Tramp and shill for the PIMP in the WH. I see some these broads at the rallies. I'd like to see her real face not that mask.

  • surely you joke, mein failüre says:

    People who never had minds in the first place cannot lose them, and the last anyone heard, not having a mind is a prerequisite for getting hired at Murdoch's propaganda service.

  • Only the trump followers believes this propergada. Trump is leading us in Putin's hands and agenda plot to separate America that would destroy democracy. These people are too obvious. Pathetic and needs to be taken out ASAP.

  • The stock market is driving the crazy insane. Seek help lady it's not the democrats fault you're losing money. 45 gets credit when the stock market is good, but it's the democrats fault when it's bad. Gtfooh You voted for him, suck it up, and drive on!

  • Andrew Mildenberg says:

    Whatever, it doesn’t matter. The DNC and centrist boomer idiots will elect Biden, he’ll lose to Trump and we’ll get 4 more years of his terrible leadership until we’re all dead from the worsening outbreak, another disastrous war or a gigantic economic downturn.

    Or all 3. The majority has spoken, no one gives a shit. We’re all just waiting to die. Fuck everyone.

  • Kimberly Kjellberg says:

    When the video is over, you turn off the camera! Don't return later confused that people didn't immediately throw themselves on YouTube when you are done, as before Geralt's needs is more important than changing to another clip.

    Good thing you looked up and said that she is actually educated and used to be good because I would had never guessed that from seeing her today.

  • It's just another attempt to deflect blame from this president's horrible response to the CoVid -19 Virus and blames Democrats for pointing out this mans lack of knowledge on everything

  • Trish scolds other news groups for dissing "the president" (said in a voice dripping groveling awe) then turns right around and DOES THE SAME THING to anyone who disagrees with The Donald and how he's supposedly handled the Covid-19 crisis.
    Show us how its done, oh beauty queen. The pussy-grabber likes 'em pretty — are you planning on getting a high-profile job at the White House if Trump gets a second term? Good luck keeping it; he goes through staff like toilet paper.

  • add to this that fox and conservatives are now calling it the "wuhan virus" or "chinese virus"… see "freedom fries". so in the same breath they say trump isn't responsible, they are blaming china… fox propaganda at its finest.

  • Kevin D. Herlihy says:

    Trish, who put on your eye shadow? Judge Jeanine Pirro? Less is more. Did the folks at Fox ask if you could be a bit blonder? The old white men watching like that. Good. Carry on.


    Fox News is just mad when people don't go down on one knee and pledged total allegiance to supreme leader orange.

  • Media announcers should just shut up with the personal feelings & stick with real facts. If Trump is a total jerk, you look even worse trying to defend him.

  • TRISH : WHY ARE YOU POINTING THEN? Low level intelligence for sure. More incline to revenge than facing reality. You make your own reality.

  • Trisha , please report the news , not the projectile spewing of innuendo , lies and denial and unsubstantiated bullshit.. thank you veddy much..

  • This bitch is the epitome (and yes that is correct spelling for all you Chumpeteers and Faux News milk slurpers) of what that propaganda "Network" is all about I wonder where they found her………Was she still in a 3rd grade reading class when they say "She'll do shes got the looks but shes just as dumb as we are so we need her" She is a DISGRACE to journalism which is something Faux News is NOT KNOWN FOR………….Her delivery is so bad that even a 4th grader could do a better job.


  • charles bromberick says:

    If you check the well-established facts, Trish, Trump brought back several viruses from his frolic in the Moscow Hilton with those 3 hookers and their pee.

  • Lauren Plachecki says:

    "this is not the time to point fingers, the democrats are causing all of these problems"… do these idiots really not hear that?

  • Diane Morinich says:

    So when Trump accused Dems of causing this, that was fake news…give me a break…..wish you would plant a big one on his lips & share his germs.

  • Maybe she’s bucking for a job in the White House. She’s clearly playing to an audience of one. # No credibility

  • We are not blaming him for the virus you stupid woman! We are blaming him for his lack of response and lying about his stupid “numbers.” He’s an idiot and so are you!

  • My biggest fear right now is this virus getting out of control and Trump declaring martial law and suspending the election. I don’t believe conspiracy theories and hope that I’m putting way too much thought into this.

  • How about stopping to accuse each other and remember, that we're all human beings, breathing the same air, that God keeps giving us not to quarrel, but to enjoy this short time, we've been given on this wonderful planet and respect and love each other 💞

  • Patricia Williams says:

    No one blames the president for the virus but the handling of the the real information given to the public.

  • I don't watch Fux Snooze because when I see THIS, I'm not kidding, I want to hurt someone. Her whole tone is like a brain-washing video! Fux Snooze is a psyop in plain sight.

  • Melissa Graham says:

    I hate that orange thing. But it wasn't because of the flu! I don't need anymore excuses for my despise for the "man".

  • Dumb bitch, nobody blames him for starting the Coronavirus, but blame him for carring more about the Stock market than combatting the Coronavirus. Thats why

  • Again, giving credibility to Fox News and the sycophants that purport to work there. What will you guys do when this Trump/Fox fiasco comes to an end? Oh yeah, reruns of Fox News.

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