First-Time Voters Discuss Role Of Social Media 2020 Campaigns | NBC News NOW


14 thoughts on “First-Time Voters Discuss Role Of Social Media 2020 Campaigns | NBC News NOW”

  • Public school is not free kids. Your parents pay property taxes to pay for the schools in the county. Even after you graduate, they will continue to pay those property taxes as long as they owe the house. I have two houses in Texas and pay 10k+ in property taxes a year. That's not to include the 8.25 sales tax in TX and my federal taxes.

  • The only two things Donald Trump did for this country since he's been in office is make the rich richer and and spending more money in this country has

  • The heart of the “Russian interference” issue is addressed here yet not pointed out. They all agreed that social media has no impact. Russians on social media is basically the interference we hear so much about. I simply don’t see a problem. Anyone from any country can create fake profiles and spread lies. I think in today’s culture everyone is well aware that everything on the internet isn’t true.

  • Christopher Becker says:

    At 2:38, I like how the dumb chick giggles at the idea of Trump beating Bernie. Well, dear, four years ago, everyone giggled at the idea of Trump beating Hillary.

  • Marvin Gershowitz says:

    Dear NON-VOTERS, …. You are going to PAY for all those BILLIONAIRE Candidates.

    ….the 1% simply raise the can of CORN or take out 1 Oz of Tuna from every Can.

    ….. If you don't vote against them they'll SPEND EVERY DIME YOU HAVE.


  • Ok KIDS tech tip, use AdBlocker and you won't see ads. Unless you like to be advertised to?
    I have not see one Gloomberg ad excpet for snips on the news. NO ads on youtube, Neflix, Hulu, anywhere.

  • JL The Wiseman says:

    The major thing that politicians, media personalities , and the general public fail to recognize about "Voter Turn-out" is that the voting days and voting times are not helpful or convenient for the average Americans who have hourly wage jobs.  Many Americans that support politicians like a Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are overwhelmingly hourly waged  employees at places like McDonalds, Walmart, Amazon, landscaping companies, and general labor.  The corporations which have over 90% of their workforce working hourly jobs are not letting their employees off work to vote, and more importantly if they allow them to take time off to vote these corporations are not allowing them to make up the hours lost due to voting.  So most, if not all of these folks are literally "paycheck to paycheck" workers.  News media outlet personalities, politicians, and corporate executives have never been in a financial situation where they've had to choose between loosing 8 hours of pay because they stood in long lines waiting to vote or going to work to keep the lights on at home. Hello!!! Most of the corporate bosses are Republican because of the personal and corporate tax cuts given to the top 1% by this party. My fix to this voting problem is, make all voting days a National Holiday. There are National Holidays that make little to no sense,  and most of these holidays only benefit corporate America and it's selling of products.  Wake up folks, this Country set this game up a long time ago when the Declaration of Independence was signed and a short time later adopted the Electoral College as a social elite safeguard to protect segregationists.  America is the last "1st World/Democratic" country in the world that is still using the Electoral College to determine the Presidency.   The last time I checked, in 1788 the original Constitution stated, 1 person 1 vote determines the country's Presidential leadership.  Then in 1804 the Constitution was Amended to include the Electoral College process,  shortly after that in 1862 the Emancipation Proclamation was adopted for America, and of course Jim Crow Law in 1877 which made segregation legal in American…….Do you see where I'm going with this? This whole thing is setup for non-Whites to fail in this country.  But if you understand the game it's easier to play, but just remember non-Whites can't win.  So the best we can do is make our living and stay in our lane. Yeah, a few of us will break through and make a little more that the average person, but just like Obama, he still had to have a old White guy looking over his shoulder for 8 years.

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