100 thoughts on “Finally, Apple Brought The “Pro” Back: MacBook Pro 16” Review”

  • Zack Schmiesing says:

    Those issues with the newer 15" MBP's is why I'm shopping for a 2013-2015 model. Also they're a hell of a lot cheaper on the used market, and I get actual ports.

  • ItsJustaDustStorm says:

    Mr. Mobile, dude. My guy. My man. Bro.

    $6,600 for any laptop is utterly ridiculous. I don't hate Apple laptops but you've got to be insane in the membrane to be okay with spending that much!

    FCP is great, but when I was forced to switch to Premiere…well, I didn't miss FCP. Don't let one program – that has a very capable Windows equivalent – be the only major reason you feel compelled to stay with MacOS. If pricing was the same as or similar to PC, sure! But $6,600 for a maxed-out laptop is just…I could buy a good car for that much money.

  • Gabriel Jacoby-Cooper says:

    Honestly, I much prefer the Butterfly keyboard to the new scissor mechanism. I’ve never had any reliability issues, and the keys on my 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro feel so much more responsive and accurate than anything else that I’ve ever tried, including the 16-inch MacBook Pro. I’ve had no performance/thermal issues, and I like that it’s only 4 pounds. (The extra 0.3 pounds of the 16-inch model would be very unwelcome.) I can’t understand the visceral hate that many “influencers” (MrMobile included) seem to harbor towards the 2016 through 2018 models. There were significant benefits to the manner in which Apple designed the 15-inch models, and a lot of those benefits were discarded with the 16-inch model. I hope that Apple stops caving to a vocal minority of YouTube “influencers” and rectifies the steps backward that it took in 2019. iPhone 12 should be thinner and have 3D Touch, even if the battery needs to be smaller; the 15-inch MacBook Pro should be brought back with a reduction in weight, a full-length Touch Bar, a virtual escape key, a Butterfly keyboard, and full-height horizontal arrow keys (i.e., no more “inverted-t” layout); and the next iPad Pro should use Lightning, not USB-C.

  • dumb question but if you didn't like the 2016 to 2018 models, why not just stick with the 2015 model you liked + relied on?

  • Kevin Gannets Vlogs says:

    I use final cut pro for my vlogs on a 2015 MBP 13inch base model… 4k vlogs… the struggle is real 😂

  • EasyGoingDude 99 says:

    Hey whaddaya know making devices thicker actually helps lol. Thanks for speaking up about the old one man

  • ImmortalInflames says:

    ~$6,600 for what you are saying is a decent computer… Basically $10,000 Australian Dollars… HA!

    It's insane you are saying this is ok for just a stupid amount of money!

  • John Macaulay says:

    Kinda feels like someone just reading the specs sheet. What about performance, battery life, thermals, noise, build quality, display specs, portability, touchpad, etc? How does it compare it similarly priced windows laptops?

    Sure we can hear about these things from other reviewers but the same could be said for everything else mentioned in this video… You've gone into more depth about power banks.

  • Dale Fairless says:

    Can they pleeeeease bring back the HDMI, SD card and a single USB-A port. For the love of god, this is a PRO machine that needs to function in all sorts of environments without a suitcase of adapters. Still rocking my 2015 Macbook Pro and have no faith in any models since.

  • Good to know the mac is back. I am still using my mac book pro 2013, but then I'm not a professional. It would be nice to have 16 inch screen. I haven't miissed microsoft since 2013, I wouldn't want to go back to Microsoft.

  • Michael Garry says:

    Still using my 2016 MBP as my daily workhorse, only issue in those 3.5 years has been a swollen battery. I guess I'm just lucky.

  • Michael Garry says:

    "If only they made the main screen touch like the others" –

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that requires a total redesign of the UI for everything and then you just end up with a halfway house like Windows 10. No thanks.

  • I've actually been on the fence about getting a maxed out pro, but I think I will do it now after this video. Thx bud.

  • Great review Michael! I use my 2019 13" MacBook Pro connected to a monitor everyday for app development and I love it. I am very interesting to see what apple does with their new laptop this year.

  • 3LD Creations says:

    i want to buy macbook pro 16 with 16gb/1th/4gb graphics/i9 is it enough for 2d and 3d animations and 4k editing?

  • Macs are annoying to use. Their window management is so not intuitive. I guess when you don't want to copy the guys that did it logically you end up having an annoying system.

  • Macs are seriously over rated. Spend the same money on a Windows laptop and it's as good of not better. Problem is everyone is a cheap bastard and buy 500 dollar dells and then say Macs are better.

  • So, Apple ruined everything you loved about the MacBook long enough that getting part of these features back means the product is good? Apart from the speed upgrade, what is better on the 2019 version compared to the 2015 one that Apple deserve praise for the current model?

  • I notice you have the v2 of Peak Design's Everyday Backpack! What do you think of it in comparison to the v1?

  • The Guitarist says:

    You should buy the mac dockcase sleeve. It's a hard case leather sleeve for your macbook that has all the ports you need. Just take the laptop out, lay it on top the case plug it in with the included wire and BOOM, you got a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port, an HDMI port, a USB Type-C power delivery port, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port, three USB 3.0 Type-A ports, as well as SD and microSD card readers

  • Gary Coronado says:

    Love this longer (than a week’s use or so) review. It’s more meaningful considering that the device had been put through real-world use. Thanks for this. 😀

  • The Last Hunter says:

    7:15 is the best part of all your videos
    That makes me believe what you said in the entire video
    Keep it up…

  • Thank you Michael – what a fabulous answer to my last comment! 😉 Good to see the gorgeous NY skyline as your backdrop too, #BenefitsOfBrooklyn huh? Did I spy a Unihertz Titan on your desk? 🙂 Passed on my Passport exactly because it wasn't running Android, but been reluctant to dip my toes back into a Kickstarter version.
    Meanwhile, when you're out & about, #TakeCareOutThere, if only so we can have more of you on here 😎

  • Rambukkanage Chathula Sampath Perera says:

    any issues so far? what about the speaker popping issue? how is the fan sound when connected to an external monitor? recommend to buy?

  • Ports gone , connectivity gone, reliability gone, Reviewer recommend / double down on the broken product LOL. Me I waited five years to upgrade to the new 16 inch MacBook Pro .

  • Abbas Raza Nasir says:

    Mac has and will always look amazing if aint broke don't fix it,So dont throw in your hate for looks of it just to introduce your sponser to us there are other ways to do it this one was cheap

  • I must say, although some other major YouTube's might have more subscription, but Mr.Mobile does have the finest writing.

  • ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo says:

    You're "home" because you accepted the compromise Apple demanded. Keyboard is still not good and not nearly as good as competitors like the XPS or even the 2015 Macbook pro. Still no ports that people use etc etc.

  • Theodor Nikiforou says:

    You kept using the previous MacBook pro for 4 years even though it was a disaster according to your words. I don't know what to say. You are stonewalled into Apple it seems

  • I will never buy this. Lack of ports make this useless. No matter how good the keyboard is or the trackpad is or the screen is. Its still useless. I refuse to carry dongles everywhere I go. You should too.

  • That disclaimer you have on the end of every video, places you worlds above most other tech Youtubers. I really appreciate your honesty as well as your insight

  • No way I give a company 3 straight years of disappointment. Apple gets more passes than the gate at Disney. That said, Adobe needs to up their game. So many prefer Final Cut over it now.

  • Yo Mr Mobile – Would you ever consider checking out the new Linux Laptops that are in the market. There are Mainstream OEMs who provide options as well as smaller companies like System76

  • This video is basically the summary on how much of a safety cushion the Apples closed ecosystem is. 3 years of cock-ups and bad design and you still go and buy the new one. Windows manufacturer? One big flop and you are out. That is the power of Apple no one will ever manage again – today with such open market it would be super hard to conceive such closed (but usefull and working no denying that) ecosystem.

  • It does look like an improvement but I've had nothing but trouble with my 2015 model (even though I far prefer macOS to Windows), and I detest macOS Catalina, so I can't say I'm keen to buy another MacBook. I've made the switch to Linux instead.

  • I love how you narrate your videos. Works flawlessly with your transitions. Kudos yet again! We need more Mr Mobile in our lives!

  • Christian Roth says:

    Wait, MacBooks don't have a touch screen and you can't turn it to a tablet? Seriously? … I am amazed by that fact, obviously I've never been into Apple and you just gave me another reason never to look into it. They are strangely far behind with new technologies, sometimes. I mean, my 250 USD Chromebook is a 2 in 1 (yeah, I know that you can't compare those devices when it comes to what they can do) Anyway, I am happy, that you enjoy your Apple experience, again. _cR

  • I've had mine since a couple weeks after launch and absolutely love it. It's the best MBP they've made in 5 years for sure.

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