[Eng Sub] Turn Left Turn Right สมองเลี้ยวซ้าย หัวใจเลี้ยวขวา | EP.6 [4/4]

[Eng Sub] Turn Left Turn Right สมองเลี้ยวซ้าย หัวใจเลี้ยวขวา | EP.6 [4/4]

How is it? Do you like it? It’s beautiful. But please give me a heads-up next time I didn’t have time to prepare when we came here all of a sudden It wouldn’t be a surprise otherwise. Surprise. Surprise. Baby, it feels so good to be alone with you like this Baby, are you OK? I’m sorry, baby. Sorry for what? I don’t know what wrong I’ve done to you I just want to say sorry. Baby, today I am very happy. But I know that someday this feeling may pass. And I don’t want that to happen. I just want to stop time right here Baby. I love you so much Aye, let me ask you something. Are you acting like this because you feel entitled to treat me this way? Do you think I should cave and you can have everything your way? You can disappear and I have to come find you. You can move to another country and I have to follow Am I enabling you to think that I’m your slave? Gun! If you could remember, you’d know that I never asked you. I never asked you to do any of this You think I don’t know that you already have someone else? Have you made up your mind about whether I’m no.1 or 2? So I’d know my place and not overstep Gun. This is between us. Don’t bring anyone else in. How did we get here? Where? To the point where neither of us is happy? Fine, this is it, then. Life is too short, OK? It’s so short. If neither of us is happy, we should end it here. It is a waste of time, for you and for me. Thank you for following me all the way here. But from this point on, there’s nothing left between us. Aye, don’t be like that. Aye. I’m doing the best I can for you. Is it not enough? It’s not enough This is not enough. I need more But I’m giving it my all. If this is all you can do, it ends here. This is it. The end When we start a relationship, we both decide. But when we end it, I can make that decision alone. Aye, wait! Let go Do you have 10 minutes to talk? OK. What happened to your face? Does it hurt? No, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Do you want to see the doctor? I may do that later, for other reasons too What are you…? Funny you should ask me that. Can I ask you the same question? What am I to you? What is it? I… And Cher. Me and Cher. Are you dating both of us at the same time? I shouldn’t have said yes to Cher Seriously, do you have a heart? Do you carelessly do this to everyone? Fooling around. Who do you actually love? Who is it? Fine. We don’t have to be anything. But can you do this with me? I haven’t got my period since that day How to check pregnancy. How is it? You can’t tell me not to stress out It’s OK, Earn. We will get through this together. From this day, can I be your only one? Don’t toy with others’ feelings. I asked you that question. Do you have an answer for me? Nim, have you seen Aye? It’s time for you to go home. Let me go! Get out! Aye! You take so many pictures you may run out of space on your phone I want to collect as many memories of you as possible This is my girlfriend. We’re about to get married. Let me have her back. Hello, Gun. Tai. I want that beer again Excuse me, do you have a beer called Second Chance? Let me look for it. P’Tor! It’s me, Pat. Open the door!


46 thoughts on “[Eng Sub] Turn Left Turn Right สมองเลี้ยวซ้าย หัวใจเลี้ยวขวา | EP.6 [4/4]”

  • Tai and Earn's story is making me frustrated. Idk why maybe because there is no english sub yet(?) I am happy Tai gave Earn a hug after learning she is pregnant but I wanna punch him as well. Ugh! I hope they end up together!

  • Yahhhh Tai just end up with the boy instead. you don’t deserve any girl if you yourself still being not sure of your own heart.

  • Although three stories all are tragedies until now, great to see the dirty and hidden things start to expose.
    This science friction story has left some questions till now,
    1. Who is P'Tor, the bar owner, a god, a devil or a witch? When we have discussed a lots on Aye, Gun, Pat and Tai, he stay behind. He like a good guy as he gave advises to Pat and Tai, but he was the one given this chance to them to do these things. What he was doing also manipulating how three guys' lives.
    And also, one of his new ability was discovered in this ep, he has the ability to control what NPC do, remember the shopkeeper selling webbing dresses, she nearly killed Pat with a soft ruler.
    2. What was happening before the three guys drank the first magic water? It should be unhappy too, so they decide to drink it for the first time.

    This story may be written as a open end story, either the three guys drink the magic water again or the bar owner drink it.

  • Firstly we really thanks again to GMMTV for giving NanonPuimek as a couple role,but how can you do this to us 😭😭 It’s too much !!!!

  • Phanu Yaikhun says:

    ก็มุงไปเต้นกับผู้หญิงคนอื่นแล้วยิ่มแย้มต่อหน้าแฟน ล้อไม่บอกว่าเป็นไรกันกับอายตอนอยู่กับเพื่อน

  • Irishcolleen Rosaceña says:

    In this episode this proves that Nanon is a dick in this series while Singto is being used but keeps on trying to get back with that woman and the other guy is greedy and selfish.

  • Jacob Delgado says:

    Wait did he killed my baby Gap😭😭😭💯 I'm starting to love him na kasi😭😭😭💯😠🙏🏿😱🖤

  • Temiloluwa Olaojo says:

    What if it's just a dream sequence showing them what would happen if they took a second chance, I cant be the only one thinking this. This series has me on the edge. Thank you gmmtv

  • I really wanted to give gun a hug!!!!! Earn!!! leave him he dosnt deserve you! Omg next episode is gonna be really intense!!!

  • Samuel Zayton says:

    Gun presumably has already known that Aye is utilising him for her work, but he did not point it out hoping that it would change.

  • Am I terrible because I was yelling at the TV screaming “YESSSSS!!!! YESSSSS Earn, RUIN HIS LIFE!?!!!!!” Lmao XD

  • j'aime bien le personnage de Nanon , j'y crois pas trop a son test de grossese. ces deux là que je les prenaient pour des gentilles filles savent sortir leur griffres, j'y crois pas trop a son test de grossesse. la façon dont Pat s'enllise dans ses mensonges est vraiment pathétique .

  • Roselle Haygood says:

    Now I know why THE GIFTED 2 is not yet released. Because the one of the most important character of THE GIFTED 2 (Nanon) is at this series. It's a good series but hopefully it'll be over soon, so that Nanon can act in THE GIFTED 2, and so that THE GIFTED 2 can release its first episode.

  • I think Gun kind of connected the dots between the guy and Aye when she whispered something to him (her real boyfriend) when he appeared at her friends restaurant

  • Tai and Aye should be the couple here because not only that their names rhyme, they are also both manipulative and selfish people.

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