[Eng Sub] เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series | EP.3 [4/4]

[Eng Sub] เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series | EP.3 [4/4]

Is there anything going on between you guys? Green is listening. Just say yes. Otherwise, my plan will screw He’s just a friend from Music Club. What a relief! Let’s continue your cheerleading practice. That order belongs to Sarawat I will make you a new one. That’s okay. I can drink this one. What is wrong with you? Do you have to ask? What did you tell Green yesterday? You told me to be flirtatious in front of Green But… I know. You were in front of your fans. But couldn’t you just help say yes and deal with your fans later? Does it mean everyone else can know that I’m hitting on you? Forget it. All you care about is your popularity. I get it You don’t get it. Don’t get what? I will make you get it. This girl is pretty. Pretty what? Pretty amazing! We’re looking for info for our report, not looking at girls. We are not looking at girls. We are finding some info on Instagram. Guys, look! Nice coffee cup. I think so too. It makes me want to drink coffee. My freakin’ ass!! I didn’t tell you to look at the cup. Look at the account name. Look at the account name Do you think it belongs to Sarawat? He’s not the type who is on Instagram. Shit! It is really his. His friends keep commenting on his post ‘Sarawat broke his own rule and created an IG account just to hit on someone.’ Is that person you, Tine? Not me. He’s blushing He humiliated me in front of his fans yesterday Really? That’s weird. What’s weird? He cares so much about his fans and popularity. Are you sure? If he really cares about that, why would he let a senior post a video of him and you together? He could have told him to delete it if he didn’t want. I agree. Do you think he has some other reasons why he said that to his fans? Whatever Let’s do the report. I’m hungry. How cute! This shop belongs to Jae Tun, a former student from the Faculty of Architecture No one is taking our orders. Regular customers don’t need to order. Jae Tun will serve you whatever she feels like it. Eat if you like. Throw away if you don’t People usually throw away her food. Why did you take us here then? You have no idea The highlight of this restaurant is here Jae Tun hires hot girls from her Faculty to help run the shop She has this concept ‘gross food, good girls This is strawberry milk with ketchup. This is green tea with red lemon soda. Thank you. The last one here is ice-cream with spicy mango sauce Do you want more ketchup? Yes, please. Look at each menu Can we go to a new restaurant? It’s called creativity. Creativity? Look. Sarawat just posted something [1 or 2?] What is it? I don’t know. If you want to know, ask him in person. What the heck is he doing here? P’Dim told him to promote the music event around the University Don’t mind him. Let’s eat before this place is packed with his fans Is this even edible? You said it’s creativity. Go on They look normal but edible. Someone ordered these for you They look normal because they’re not on our menu. Who ordered for me? I can’t say Don’t ask any more questions I don’t want to slip ut. It’s okay to slip out. Slip out please. Who is it? I think I know who Tine! We haven’t met for hours. Did you miss me? Stop it, Green. Why did you order a cake for me? I don’t like cakes Cake? What cake? The cake you ordered for me. You didn’t order this? Then who did? Who ordered a cake for my beloved Tine? Sarawat Did you order that cake for Tine? Yes. I wanted to. Why? You said you were just friends yesterday. Friends won’t do things like this. And what did you mean when you said you created an IG account just to flirt with someone? Did you mean Tine? Can you make it clear here? Tell us. 1 or 2? What? Just choose. Choose what? Just choose 1. 2. means I’m hitting on you But Tine chose 1. That means Sarawat isn’t hitting on Tine? 1. means you are hit on…by me Both 1 and 2 mean I like you. Got it? What? Directed by Weerachit Thongjila I will redecorate my room. Great! Your room is totally a haunted house Wat, wake up! Why didn’t you wear any clothes? I didn’t? I guess you saw everything. Is he your boyfriend? There is an Open House tomorrow. Take Phukong with you so he can observe the Faculty he likes You’ve changed a lot. That makes me scare. If I really like someone, will I change too? It is not that scary. You will know when you find the right one.


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