[Eng Sub] เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series | EP.3 [2/4]

[Eng Sub] เพราะเราคู่กัน 2gether The Series | EP.3 [2/4]

On one condition. What is it? Go to my place. Go get the guitar at my place. Okay. Come in. Come in Are you sure this is not a haunted house? It is a ghost right there. Shit! Don’t say that! I was just kidding. You have me here. It’s nothing to be afraid of Right! You’re the one who likes to tease me the most Is that the guitar? I’ll grab it and go. Give it here. What? It needs to be tuned first. It does? Or do you want to do it yourself? Of course, you can’t. What song will you record and send to P’Dim? Don’t know yet. How about Close by Scrubb? I love this song. You listen to Scrubb’s songs? Yeah. Why? Scrubb is my favorite band. My brother put their music on all the time when I was a kid. You only listen to Scrubb or what? No. I listen to other bands too but they just aren’t like Scrubb How? If you listen to Scrubb’s songs when you are happy, you will be even happier. If you listen when you are in love, you will be more deeply in love. What if I feel sad? Will I be more miserable listening to their songs? No. If you listen to their songs when you are sad, you will feel better. It’s like someone is comforting you. What about you? What bands do you like? Me? I bet you don’t know them. Don’t underestimate me. I know every band in Thailand Just say the name Desktop Error. Are you talking about a band or a computer? Harmonica Sunrise. The Connect. Moving and Cut. Name Thai bands. These are all Thai bands You should listen to other bands too. Sorry. I will But for now, play Close for me. What are these? The chords of the song you want me to play Does it look easy? Are you done tuning? Tuning? All I did was talking to you. I haven’t even started. Can I borrow that one to record then? Thanks. Will it be done by tonight? Hold on. Can it see my face? Your face, not mine. Yeah? I will start now Don’t tell me. Tell the camera. Hi guys. I am Tine, Mr.Chic I am just the cutest thing! I am going to play basic chords. Let’s start with C Wrong. Don’t interrupt me. I am recording here. But it was wrong P’Dim won’t let you pass It didn’t sound wrong to me. I’m playing C chord. See? Here. Your ring finger has to be here What you just did was F major 7. Now play it. This is C chord. Remember it. Thanks. So this is C chord, guys. I am recording here. Why are you tuning now? Why didn’t you do it earlier? Do you want it or not? Wait until I finish. Be quiet. Thank you Tune it now. Where is my drink? Hold on. I only have two hands. Wait! How did you know I like this drink? Of course I know. I am a member of #TeamSarawatsWives… You joined that group too? Do you want to be my wife? I joined in just to get your info You done tuning? Done. Wait. I will use this one to record. Sit down. I’ve waited for hours. A bit more waiting won’t kill me. Hey! You said you didn’t want to play this song ♪ It was too close to say anything. ♫ ♪ It was too close to see anyone else. ♫ ♪ It was so close that I almost lost my breath. ♫ ♪ And we are here today because of that closeness. ♫ ♪ Maybe you just met me by chance. ♫ ♪ Maybe we were in the same place by chance. ♫ ♪ Because you had never experienced that feeling. ♫ ♪ And I had never experienced it either. ♫ ♪ If we had not started our first conversation that day, ♫ ♪ we wouldn’t have known the feeling today. ♫ ♪ Because neither of us knew what it was like. ♫ ♪ So we had no reason to stop. ♫ Why are you smiling? That was…nice. I am done recording You can go. Thanks for the snacks. Once I got new strings, I’ll return your guitar Wait. Let’s suppose that I’m flirting with you. What should I say when I take you home like this? Goodnight, I think. Why do you ask? Nothing. Just asking. Don’t worry. You will never have to take me home in front of Green Bye now. See you later Get home safe. Goodnight, Tine Sarawat, you took Tine home? What did you say? Tine, come here. What did I do wrong now? So wrong. Look. After your club president posted this video, everyone went crazy. People were wondering why you were with Sarawat in his room He doesn’t even allow his own friends inside #TeamSarawatsWives must have set the price for my head by now Calm down. Look on the bright side, at least Green stops bothering you Did he come to see you this morning? You are right. Sarawat is very helpful. We have a reason to celebrate. How about this evening? This evening? I am not available. It’s the first day of cheerleading rehearsal I don’t really want to go. Don’t lie to us We know you want to hit on cute cheerleaders, right? Nah! I only do this for our Faculty. You guys know that Ready! Ready! 3 4! I should have gone with them Don’t lower your arms. Keep them up. [#TeamSarawatsWives] Faculty cheerleaders are Faculty representatives If you are not up for it, you can go home. Break for 15 minutes. Sarawat, what brings you to the Faculty of Laws? I came to see Tine We practice too hard. I needed an excuse to slack off. What practice? Football. Football? You are a football player? Someone like you can be a cheerleader. Tine, can I talk to you for a second? We are borrowing him just for a while, Sarawat. Tine. You know Sarawat? Kind of. We are in the same club. Can you ask him a few questions for us? A group of seniors wants to know something about you. What? What do you like between Rock and Jazz music? Jazz. Movie or drama? Drama. Especially soap operas Music or painting? Painting. That’s it! You lie. I know you will choose music for sure I answered what I hate. I asked what you ‘like.’ They want to know you so they can serve you right You’re such a jerk. Can you choose between me and soap operas then? I choose you. What? You hate me more than soap opera? For that question, I answered what I like Bye now. Football practice is waiting. Tine, did you get the answer? What’s wrong? Didn’t you get enough sleep? This case is super heavy. And just a moment ago, a house lizard cried when I walked by A bad thing must be happening to me. You’re overthinking it. Green gets off your back already, doesn’t he? That’s right but I still feel weird. I am sure a bad thing is going to happen. People in guitar class, I have good news for you Many people in our club moved out so we recruited new members. That’s it. Do you think it’s Green? Not Green. Hi guys. My name is Earn. I’m from the Faculty of Architecture I have performed in a band a few times Hi guys. I am Pear from the Faculty of Medicine. I am a beginner. It would be so kind if you guys could teach me Maybe it wasn’t a house lizard this morning. It was cupid. Nonsense. But we have three more members. Where is your friend? I am here So the rumor saying Sarawat likes Tine is true? Help me. Green has been following me for hours.


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