[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [3/4]

[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [3/4]

If you don’t get off, I’m going for another round 20 baht, please Kidding. It was free. By the way, how did you become a motorcycle taxi? At first, I planned to earn my living by delivering cat food only But it was not enough. When my uncle said he was quitting this job as a motorcycle taxi, I took his place You know what? I get more money being a motorcycle taxi than delivering cat food So you are rich now? I wish I was rich too I just earn enough to live on I barely have much left after paying my father’s medical bill each month How is he? Just like before The other day, he just made porridge with pork ribs and white radish that you like. He was talking about you as he ate then the tears came along He missed me so much that he cried? No, he burned his tongue with the porridge. I almost fell for that. But really, he talked about you I just added that porridge bit to make it funny He asked if we were still talking Did we end on bad terms? He hasn’t seen you for a long time I will make time to meet your father I’m also thinking of his porridge with pork ribs I should get going. I let you go back to work I shouldn’t bother you for so long. Okay. After my mom being harsh to him that day, he disappeared He’s probably given up on me already That’s okay. I’m all free again I can walk home again instead of risking my life on that shabby bicycle that could get hit by a car anytime Walking home by myself is safer and worry free But again, he should have said goodbye and said something Perhaps, he was really offended by my mother’s words that day and didn’t want to see me again Come on. I should stop writing about him now. Do you miss him? No, I don’t. Stop babbling already. Just going home? I wanted to wait at the gate, but I was late. Sorry Did you wait for me? I didn’t. Not at all. Okay. You didn’t need to raise your voice. I just want to tell you that I can’t walk you home today. Why? I have to take care my father He just fell in the bathroom this morning. What? Is he okay? Dad, I got your medicines. Dad. Dad, wake up and take your pills Dad Dad Dad Dad! Keep your voice down Why yelling?! Don’t make me kick you Come on. Don’t tease me like that again I don’t. I’m hungry. You hungry? Do you want me to go buy something for you? If I have to wait for you to come back again, I would be starving to death Sawasdee ka. This is Sundae. Would you like me to cook something for you? You can cook? Just easy dishes. Where is the kitchen? Over there on the right. Hey, she’s pretty. Your girlfriend? Nah. Then, I have a shot at her Hey. Don’t make me punch you I’m your dad. Just sit here. I’ll help her. Stay here. He has my flirtatious blood in him. What are you making? It’s almost 8 o’clock Even you can run fast, you won’t get there in time. Sundae!


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