[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [4/4]

[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [4/4]

P’Tan, don’t just pop out. You scared me to death You don’t need to help me. I’m good Let me stay. I don’t want to fight with my dad in there. You and your father are funny. You talk like he is your friend Well, he’s old and sick. He likes to joke around Did you know he used to fall and have a stroke once? His mouth was palsied and needed physical therapy. I must watch him closely at the moment. It was that serious? Yes. He’s quite old. He should know his limitations. But he is strong He doesn’t look like a sick man. That’s how he is He is extra vigorous when a young girl visits him. He’s an old naughty man. Don’t call him that. Do you smell something? Are you making a charcoal omelet? What are you making, dear? That could make me die of cancer instead. It’s charred I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I do it again I just left it for a sec. I don’t think it’s just a sec, probably many minutes It’s so charred. Well, just wait inside. Leave it to me But… Tan, go with her I’ll show off my cooking My omelet is topnotch Let’s go, Sundae Leave it to this old man yes, young man. You are one sly kid. Here you are. Sorry to keep you wait. But you’ll gonna love it. Here, my love porridge. I’m sure this porridge tastes far better than the charcoal omelet. Dad. Kidding. Don’t mind me. How much do you want? Stop. Stop The doc said I shouldn’t eat too much. Just a bit. Thank you. That’s enough for you. Leave some for your brother. This is not much. Let’s dig in. No. No, thanks. It tastes yum. You don’t want it? Well, I don’t eat anything that is not cooked with heat. Really? Like what? Like these century eggs and those dipping sauces, fish sauce and all fermented stuff Why can’t you eat them? They are not clean. I also don’t drink ice chips They are dirty You got a point. That’s okay. You can have just the porridge. It has been cooked Yes. I’m home. Super hungry. Thai, wash your hands first They are filthy Who is this pretty lady? My girlfriend. What? Your manner. Sawasdee krab. Wash your hands and come join us. Go. Make sure you clean them completely. Okay. He’s a dirty kid. Just like his big brother We are all like you Let’s eat. Hello. Okay, I’ll deliver it to you shortly. Okay. I’ll be right back. I have to deliver some cat food to the house nearby. It won’t take long Dad, do not tell any funny stories of me to her Got it, Sir. I’ll be right back Hey, Sundae Would you like to hear some interesting stories about Tankhun? Do you actually have that to share? Yes. He is such a macho hyperactive man, you know? When I was immobile and needed physical therapy Tan got a part-time job as a cat food delivery man He wakes up early to deliver cat food then he goes to school and after school he goes to deliver more cat food in the evening He is not home on the weekend He is a vendor at the market. He’s such a mad man Don’t you find it interesting? But honestly, I want him to quit. But he doesn’t want to quit. Keep this to yourself. I’m super rich, you know? Really. I have a lot of assets. I don’t tell my boys because I don’t want them to fight over my money. If you become my daughter, I will give everything to you Trust me. Really? Really. You don’t believe it? An old man doesn’t lie. Anyway, can you lend me 200 now? I want to have a key of my safe box made. I have a lot of cash in there don’t know now what is true and what is not. Why don’t you wait inside? There are a lot of mosquitoes here You are actually a good man What? I always do the dishes If this makes me a good man. I can do the dishes at your home too. It’s up to you What do you mean? You said it’s up to me and smiled. What does it mean? No. Nothing. It’s nothing. Are you going to tell me or not? Get this. Is this how you want to play? Don’t. Come here. No, my face is messy – Tell me now
– No. It’s nothing. Trust me. – Why did you smile like that?
– Let’s get this done I like P’Tan’s family Whenever I go there, my cheeks hurt from smiling too much They tease each other harsher than my family. But they seem closer than us They are so close that I can’t help feeling jealous. If I had a father, I would want him to be like P’Tan’s father. Gosh. It’s late. Usually, you are never late Did you have a sweet dream and wake up late after meeting me last night? I don’t have time for this. I’m in a rush Wait. It’s almost 8 o’clock Even you can run fast, you won’t get there in time The lecturer in this class deducts your points each minute that you are late. Are you going? All right, then. Wait. Give me a lift. Ready. Hold me tightly. Hurry up. Clumsy girl, come here. Sundae! Did you get here by motorcycle? I can pick you up from your dorm The traffic in the morning is very bad. Motorcycles are faster Are you ready to go home, little deer? Why does he call you a little deer? He seems to know you well This song is for you. Do you like that kind of guy? Why are you so dense? I don’t mind if you call me names But I don’t let you talk to her like that. He went MIA for years. Why does he want to get back in my life now?


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