[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [1/4]

[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [1/4]

This is my first night in a new place alone Am I going to be okay? Don’t you see a pedestrian here? My name is Mile, Faculty of Engineering. How did you get hold of this helmet? You must be P’Tankhun. Tankhun who? I don’t know that name. I have to go now. Wow, a secret message I’m sure Mile has a crush on you How about your phone number? Why do you want my number? When a man asks for a woman’s number isn’t it clear that he wants to hit on her? Here’s my rent. Room 412. Are you a new tenant? Yes. Feel free to let me know if you need anything I think you need to redo this question Get off me. No. You didn’t seem to say that to me last night. Last night? It’s not what you think. This guy just enjoys teasing me. I’m not teasing. I’m serious about you. A high school boy and his tutor? This is too good. I must write this on Joylada right now. (Chat Story App) No, we are not!!!! We are not what? I do love you. Give me a kiss. Give me a break, man. Seriously. Can’t you pay attention to your math questions like when you flirt girls? Look. For the exponent of a number There are base and exponent numbers. Get it? What are you guys talking about? I hear numbers. Krathing, if you know good numbers, tell me too. KRATHING, A NUISANCE, PAIN IN A NECK, SHARP-TONGUED, GOOD LOOKING Come on, Mom.
Go get lotto numbers somewhere else Why? I’m not going. I’ll stick around. You must study harder. I pay a lot to have Krathing as your tutor. – Listen.
– Yes? Push him as hard as you can He failed his math class twice And I need to warn you – He’s incredibly stupid.
– Is he? You are incredibly stupid Leave him to me, P’Jam. I will give my all to teach him Wonderful. Sky, listen Take this example – ‘a’ raised by the exponent of ‘b’ means….
– ‘a’ multiply with ‘b’ ‘a’ multiply with ‘b’ your dad! His dad already died. He died? I’m sorry Your floor is cleaner than my bed. I don’t like it when my room is messy Here, I noted down quite a lot of lecture here Check if there’s any part missing – Thank you so much.
– Don’t mention it. How comes it’s in my bag. That’s Mile’s name tag. Why do you have it? I don’t know I just got it from my bag What should I do? You seem reserved but you know how to get men No. I really don’t know about this I never want to take it from him Well, if that’s the case You better hand it back to him quickly. If he doesn’t have this tomorrow morning, he might be punished But it’s too late. I’ll give this back to him tomorrow morning No, it can’t be waited What if some unforeseen events happen? Like…. Let’s say you can’t find Mile or the seniors call us to gather ahead of the schedule Mile will be in trouble because of you. What should I do? I can give this back to him right now but… the campus is closed where should I return this to him? Here. – Now you know where.
– Yes. Gosh, can I ask you two to return it to him for me? I don’t have to go in there myself Come on. You have come all the way to here Don’t waste time and shilly-shally. Just get in there. Get out of your bubble My bubble?!My bubble?! I don’t want to get out of it by going to a club There must be many drunk men in there. When they are drunk, they lose themselves and get handsy with women There’s not even one good thing in there. And when people dance, they sweat, right? And they rub themselves against others Don’t you find it gross? What if someone starts a fight? They may have a gun or a knife to hurt others. Aren’t you afraid of getting caught in the crossfire? No, we are not afraid. We want it Especially, someone being handsy with us What? What’s wrong with you two? Listen, you have his name tag You must return it to him yourself. you can just go home once you’re done By the way, I’m not 18 yet. Am I allowed in there? I’m over 18 years old. Yeah, I wanted to ask you too Why did you enroll in the university a year late? Well… I don’t think they check our IDs. Most of the customers look pretty young. Yes, it’s a pub. We should be okay Let’s go! Hey. Wait up Hurry. We could miss it. How could he smoke in a crowded place like this? Sorry No worries. Are you here on your own? Would you like to hang out with me? Please excuse me. Why don’t you wait for me? Look, I told you Mile had a lot of fans, right? Thank you. Cherry, give the name tag to him for me I’m leaving. I don’t like this place. Hey, Cherry Give this… Hello, Sundae. The lady with a dear print in the pink T-shirt Would you like to request a song? Where is she going? Sundae, where are you heading? Do you want a lift? Let’s get out of here. Why did you leave early? Didn’t you like the songs I sang? No. I don’t like to be in a crowded place. It’s not comfortable. So, why did you go there? Yeah, almost forgot Your name tag. I went there to give it to you I didn’t know how it got in my bag. I’m sorry. I don’t want you to get scolded by the seniors Are you worried about me? Hey, just kidding. So, how did my name tag get in your bag? I really don’t know. Wait. Don’t tell me that… No, I didn’t intend to take it from you. I really have no idea how it got here I really don’t. I swear Come on. Relax. You don’t like me that much? No, I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea I won’t. I put the name tag in your bag on purpose What? You should know by now I just want a reason to meet you Please pull over. Hey, I made you really upset, right? No. My dorm is not far from here. I can walk. You must think I’m a stalker or something now No, I’m just hungry. I want to grab something to eat first Okay, I pull over. Thank you. Aren’t you tired of following me around everyday? Aren’t you tired of following me around everyday? If you don’t come inside now, I will call Mom What are you talking over there for so long?


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