[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [2/4]

[Eng Sub] หอนี้ชะนีแจ่ม Girl Next Room ตอน วินนี้ดีต่อใจ Motorbike Baby | EP.2 [2/4]

P’Tan. Why do you go home late? Hop on. I’ll give you a lift What’s with you? If you don’t want to ride my bicycle’s pillion, I’ll just walk my bicycle along with you. Come on. If you are fed up with me, you can give me your number. Aren’t you tired of following me around everyday? Not everyday, I skip Saturday and Sunday. How could I be tired? I want to do this myself Here, your hanky. Hey, wait. Wait for me Aren’t you going to give me your number? Please just go Fine. If you don’t give me your number I’ll just walk you home like this until I get your number Let’s see who gives up first. Just tell him a fake phone number. You will leave me alone if I give you my number, right? If you are thinking of giving me a fake number you are wrong. I knew it. You indeed think of doing that. How could you do that? I would know when I call that number. Never mind If you really don’t want to give it to me I’ll just walk you home like this everyday This is how I want to win over you. Sundae! All right. Just go. My mother could come out at any minute Here you are again. Aren’t you tired of doing this? All right, then. See you tomorrow Sundae, If you don’t come inside now, I will call Mom 1 Hurry up. My mom might come out. 2 3 What are you talking over there for so long? Sawasdee krab. What’s the rush? Bring him in. Why didn’t you listen to me? I asked you to leave a long time ago. Here. Do you want it? No, thank you. What’s your name? I’m Tankhun. I heard you walk my daughter home everyday. Do you like her? Yes. Don’t falter. If you like her, just say you like her Yes, I like her. Drink with me. I don’t think it’s a good idea I’m still in school. It’s not appropriate to drink. You are taking the university admission test, right? Yes. Which university are you going for? I’m not sure yet You don’t dare to drink liquor You don’t even know where you want to study Do you think I can be confident in you? Do you think I’m okay to let my daughter go out with you with ‘a boy’ like you. Sorry, you are no longer a boy. You are a 12th grader, right? Let me rephrase. The person who acts like ‘a boy’ like you. You should focus on studying and finding what you really want instead of chasing after a girl It makes you look like you have no future Sorry, I’m being too harsh. I’m drunk. It’s getting dark. You should head home. I’m not walking you out Your family must be waiting for you. I’m sorry, P’Tan. Why are you still standing there? It’s dark. I’ll drive you home Hurry up. Come on You don’t want to hold on to my waist now? Sundae, are you sleeping? No. How did you become a motorcycle taxi? I just want to tell you that I can’t walk you home today. Why? Dad! Dad! Dad!


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