Dow hits bear market after WHO declares coronavirus a ‘pandemic’


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  • lester palocsay says:

    Seems the donaly has to mince out a second job so to measure out finishing school for the baron, perhaps filling pixie sticks, kind of a sweet deal.

  • Bio-weaponized, MSM manipulated, GLOBAL economic virus … "climate change".
    The "climate" is at the 1% high altitude w/360 surround viewing pleasure; the change is in the 99% peanut gallery "view" – count of your neighbor's armpit pores' volcanic odious eruptions.

  • SketchBOOKninja says:

    LoL this news guy is just jibber jabbering ! LoL HES just repeating things he seen in the journal! LoL he doesn’t know what it means and all he’s pointing out is the color red . LoL 😂

  • Caridad Bernardino says:


  • Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana says:

    It took two countries to be quarantined, and went into almost every country to be a pandemic. The economy can't rebuild without any people. Then the anarchy starts.

  • The absolute greatest threat to the survival of our nation and restoration of our republic is the antiamerican foreign democratic nwo terrorist party now operating in congress and across this nation. They hate this nation and freedoms theme. They don't own this nation, we the people do. They are attempting to overthrow our nation folks. We the people rule not the democratic nwo terrorist party. Enough.

  • It would be funny if the moment it's declared a Bear market they release actual bears onto the trading floor and we get to see true panic.

  • The dems are the greatest threat to the survival of the great free nation on earth. They hate this nation. They have killed more american babies via planned parenthood than any flu or guns. Hello.

  • This stupid virus stuff happens before each election. Research it. You will see what I mean. I am a hard working tax paying citizen citizen saving for my own retirement and these rats are playing games some how tied to there own pocket books. Shameful. People sicken me. Our whole existence is based on how we can screw one another over for a dollar. REGULAR flu has killed more people than this BS. AMAZING. People need drama.

  • Lady pilliwick says:

    These guys are stupid…
    The more it goes down the more stable the market gets… it's doing exactly what the 1929 stockmarket did
    Neat thing is the sell off of assets to cover margins. Gold/silver dropping.
    The market should level off around 9000…..
    Fed should drop trillions into it. With no effect

  • Mateo Davidson says:

    WHO for days and days "this is not nearly a pandemic" …..March 11th? "It's a pandemic"! Also WHO & SJW's, "don't call it Wudan Virus, very racist". Next we will be told Swedish Meatballs, Portuguese Soup, Chinese Noodles & French Bread are racist, too! This world is a friggin joke!

  • As an investment advisor, I had a branch manager who reminded us to remember our fiduciary responsibility as we advised our clients during rising markets, "to remember that trees do not grow to the moon." As external conditions change, depending on there impact, markets will rise, plateau, or fall. Bull and bear markets are the boundaries of it's range depending on the direction of the volatility.
    It is the same way we as retail shoppers respond when the prices of goods we purchase go down to deep lows, stay level, or when they go up to new highs… which triggers us to buy, to hold, or even to sell some or all of what items we own. Panic buying and selling is a response of fear about scarcity. It is the same way grocery shelves empty when a bad storm is coming that can threaten products being delivered to the store. If any of us have not been able to buy toilet tissue or hand sanitizer in the past 7 to 10 days, then you know first-hand what panic buying looks like… The financial markets have the same patterns.

  • Maybe if Trump played golf less he might have acted sooner, but it's OK because his loyal sycophant supporters are working hard at conspiracy theories that blame his incompetence on others so they don't have to admit that it all fell apart under Donnie Darko's watch. Donnie has been bullet proof thanks to the GOPs control of the Senate, Justice Department and Supreme Court but that may be coming to an end as body bags continue to stack up. You f'ckers love conspiracy theories so here is one and remember it because unlike the dumba$$ ones you all come up with this one is very much a possibility. Trump and the GOP will eventually embrace this pandemic and will in fact consider declaring a national emergency at which time the up coming presidential election will be cancelled. The way you will know this is in motion is when Trump goes from his current attitude that this virus is no worse than a seasonal flu and starts acting like it's the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. He'll go from his current attitude of there is nothing to see here to the loudest chicken little you have ever seen.

  • Election year, all this has been set up from the beginning to blame trump, sadly that’s the only way democrats can win. By causing mass fear and hysteria…

  • Why do you trust on this market for your money are you stupid you yourself are hurting yourself by thinking you believe in this market is going to make you money as hardest times as we're suffering now you think really is true come on people they're going to make it sound like it's true but it's not but you're stupid to bet your money right now you should hold on to your money but you're so stupid that's how you lose

  • Trump was the one that said U.S was not affected by the Coronavirus and look at the problem now. He has low energy. And where is the Wall he promised. Stock market crashing on his watch. Alot of bad things on his watch. Biden will beat Trump!!!!!

  • Under Dubya: Bull market to bear market
    Under Obama: Bear market to bull market
    Under Trump: Bull market to bear market
    Whomp whomp.

  • When the country that makes all your stuff is hit with a lil virus and shuts down, your country gets hit with collateral damage.

  • Elect a Republican and disaster occurs. 2008 all over again. The Democrat will have to come in and clean up the mess.

  • How does this affect the poor? I seriously hope the market bottoms out worse than the1940's Stockmarket crash. I Really Dont Care!

  • wenette hamilton says:

    It is the crown prince ou Saudi waging oil wars so he can be top dog. Add that to fear whipped up by the media. Then panic and dems think they can blame Trump and get back power

  • Get over it people! Every few years we have this same thing happening and people panic. Many die every year from the normal virus. We will find a cure and we will forget about it! Remember the Swine Flu or Bird Flu ect! It's not anyones fault here in the US. People travel and bring it back with them! Take care of yourself and if you feel sick. See your doctor. Don''t start a panic as you can see by this video what a panic will do! I am 70 and prime to catch this. If I do, I will see my doctor. Follow his instructions and accept the outcome. Don't get caught up in the politics of this. Politics didn't cause this! Research is being done by many. Some are just using this as a sort of Impeachment as they failed on that! Things will be back to the Norm soon.

  • Pandemic? According to Trump, it's all a HOAX! Don't believe the press, don't believe the scientist. Only he can decide, the GREATEST mind of ALL time! MAGA!

  • boomersooner413 says:

    Quick reminder.

    The stock market went UP when the Swine Flu was killing 12,000 Americans.

    Because we actually had a man who could calm the whole world as President.
    Barack Obama.

    Now we have a clown telling the CDC to keep the public uninformed.

  • 2 Thessalonians 2 (KJV)
    ¹⁰ And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.
    ¹¹ And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:
    ¹² That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  • Stocks and 401Ks are not worth anything until the day you cash them in. Buy low, sell high. Hold on tight, the market will come back. It always does. Economies are man made, let it shake out. It'll be fine, don't let it throw you.

  • This is the time for the West to show why we are people with ideas, and stamina to see us through like so many times in the pass. We'll come out of this in better shape for the future. In the mean time stay safe and out of the hospitals.

  • Propaganda..The special interest involved are not happy that the economy is humming along. it doesn't fit into their 👹 agenda, so they use the virus to create a scare tactic.
    The VA Hospital doesnt think that its an epidemic.!!
    Liars Liars 👺…we dont believe the swamp any more…☣
    MAGA2020 KAG2020

  • No Trump taking responsibility for this? He was screaming from the top of buildings when the DOW was a bull market. Taking full responsibility of it all. Where is he now?

  • Will Putin’s handle on fox loosen just enough for the us and it’s citizens can get better leadership into the Oval Office


  • GLOBAL RESET AS PLANNED conspiracy theorists been waiting a decade for this just like home schoolers and preppers aren’t so funny now huh?!!!

  • Here's something else to add to my recent comment on this article. Do you think that maybe the so called "Sanctuary Cities" may have had something to do with this virus? Letting people poop on the streets and to throw used needles for the drugs they take. May have been an addition to the cause of this virus. In my opinion only! Viruses of the past were much more dangerous that the Corona. Sars and Ebols virus killed more people. But you didn't see the people blaming the President for this. I believe peopl were more mature and much smarter back then. We knew better than to let the media brainwash us just for ratings. So my suggestion on how to handle this virus is to go set don and relax. Have a Corona beer and think of positive ways to handle the virus. Destroying America with hate certainly won't help! God Bless America, our President and the people of our country!

  • Folks people get these viruses every year from here to Tim buck to the only defence is that democrat's have nothing left but to try and kamikaze the economy in an election year I'm telling you.

  • Morose Tidings says:

    HEY TRUMPTARDS! Look at how easily the country suffers under the WEAK rule of trump. "Make America great again." All you idiots succeeded in doing is showing your weakness.

  • Remember folks, the stock markets reflect Trump's job performance. He's constantly told us this. This upcoming recession and depression is all on Trump.

  • President Camacho 46th POTUS 2020 says:

    maybe another massive tax cut for the ultra rich will fix this?

    hilarious!, trump is running the country like one of his casino's,..

  • This will be far worse than what occurred in China, because they eventually moved to contain the virus, while most of the world including the US have no will to shut down their money machine until it's a "last resort", while nobody will define that that means, exactly. It means it's completely beyond control and many corporations are going to fail, rather than bounce back or be "saved".

  • Rump is stealing our tax dollars and he is going to bankrupt our treasury. WHY are we subsidizing "wall street". Aren't those the rich people? Slavery is alive and well, it's called minimum wage.

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