Coronavirus Spread Threatens To Overwhelm US Hospital Capacity | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


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  • Joseph Consoli says:

    America needs to take severe steps NOW! We have to go into lock-down until there's some kind of break-through. I'm tired of talking to people in my travels who say "Ah, c'mon….they're going over the top what this virus…" When it gets much worse and hits closer to home to the majority, then we'll see the chaos begin. They'll be serious economic consequences, true, but what is more important than the lives of citizens?! I'm trying to forget what I know is the true answer to that 🙁

  • Gee it's really to bad that the republicans have done their best to destroy the closest thing to affordable health care America ever had.

  • I'm old enough to remember when the major media outlets were a good source of information during emergency situations. Now they are just fear mongering and politicizing emergencies. Even worse they seem gleeful that the deaths of our fellow Americans might bring down a president. Thank God for certain Internet sites where we can at least learn ways to prepare for this current crisis – and all future ones.

  • Richard Alexander says:

    Thousands of hoax Covid-45 flu cases, no tests, the markets crashing, and we have a Adderall crazed moron at the helm of the tRumptanic…what could go wrong?

  • Every year thousands die from seasonal flu…the left says nothing. But then you realise this is an effort to undermine whites to GET TRUMP. ANd it aint gonna happen. Nope. Its so bad for demcorats they are snorting about internals in the DNC that say California might go for TRump. BW AHA HA HA AH.

  • This was one of the advisers to the former Vice President. The last administration was a thousand times better at handling a crisis

  • Christian Winter says:

    '….surge capacity in hospitals and prep now…'

    ROFL, you had 7 weeks!!!! One other thing, that lady has no idea what an exponential function is. US case numbers double every 2-3 days.

  • People that aren't old go to the doctor for a cough and a fever? Most that get it won't even know, won't change anything they do and, will be fine. We will spread it. It will be around just like the flu and thats how people will treat it..better just protect the old..

  • this comment just wrote after a minute watch
    there a misconception….not a hospital… need a hospital with special infrastructure/ setup…..

  • And this is why we need a national healthcare system run by the federal government . Take the profit out if healthcare

  • We're not afraid of the line or catching the virus. We fear going to prison because we can't pay the 100k dollar hospital bill.

  • trolltider är här says:

    Good luck fighting Coronavirus without M4A 😂😂😂🤧🤮⚰ ooops 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I can’t help but think about a lyric, from n old Willie Nelson song. “ it’s just a little old fashioned karma coming down “.

  • Ask yourself this. Viruses have been around forever. Why hasn't one administration ever put in place a solid lasting system to counter future viruses? Answer. Population control. Can't have everyone living to 90 and getting free money. Cheers from Toronto

  • SolSere Jeremy says:

    #flattenthecurve Listen to the advice of this Italian doctor how to handle/treat Covid-19 and how to prevent further spread.
    Testing is the key!

  • This is scary. It really shows how fragile the markets really are. A microscopic virus has brought the entire global market system to its knees.

  • Shawn Zuercher says:

    Trump does not want to increase the number of cases cross your fingers America and wish it away it’s just as good as current health care

  • HeartDoc Andrew says:

    While #WonderfullyHungry, I am reminded of the need to #MakeAmericaSuperHealthy (#MASH) in order to end the on-going and ever-worsening U.S. healthcare crisis which necessitates stopping newly emergent virus outbreaks via super-increased *intrinsic* "herd immunity" against novel viruses such as #COVID19

  • Hurry up America. Look what happened to China and Europe. The doctors and nurses were overwhelmed. All your doing is talking about it and not getting the help for our doctors and clinics. Action speaks louder than words !!!!! 😠😠😷🤓😷🤓😷😷😷

  • Investing for Tomorrow says:

    What's the difference between the Boy Scouts and the Republican Party? Answer: The Boy Scouts have adult leadership.

  • Face it. Honesty is not one of tRumps strengths. "stay calm and it will go away" " it will be a miracle" "the virus is a democratic hoax" Yes, these are tRump quotes…

  • Casinos, movie theatres, sports stadiums, golf courses, weddings, church congregations, restaurants, mass traveling (flights, trains, buses, etc), colleges, parties, shopping malls, cashless society, libraries, sale of newspapers/books, no communion, ….etc. It's marshall law!

  • US Centers for Disease Cobtrol Estimate that…

    from October 1, 2019, through February 29, 2020, there have been:
    34,000,000 – 49,000,000
    flu illnesses

    16,000,000 – 23,000,000
    flu medical visits

    350,000 – 620,000
    flu hospitalizations

    20,000 – 52,000
    flu deaths

    Today in California there are 177 COVID19 cases with 4 deaths.

    Why would everybody be panicked? Got a Democrat run media? Got an election cycle underway? Got used?

  • They are taking a long time … Because they are looking far from where the cure is ….. (The cure is in the saliba of such an animal that contracted it …) But believe me … I will be judged as crazy …

  • Some perspective about the danger of Coronavirus…
    The most dangerous place to be in America is inside the womb – 862,000
    abortions/yr. – almost 3,000 babies killed every day!!! (Stats from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control)
    Death from heart disease: 647,457
    Cancer: 599,108
    Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
    Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
    Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383
    Alzheimer’s disease: 121,404
    Diabetes: 83,564
    Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672
    Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,633
    Intentional self-harm (suicide): 47,173

  • Why is everybody getting their panties in a bunch over a flu virus? A mild one at that. coronavirus is the new scare hoax of the day. God knows the media needs thier ratings.


    If you DON'T know anyone in your circle, family, friends or coworkers with the coronavirus please hit the thumbs up 👍.

    If you actually know someone that was tested positive for the coronavirus please leave a comment 📃 with their name so we can see if there's any REAL news report of them with the coronavirus.

    👍 Thumbs up VS 📃 Comments

  • tRump's really has a bad vibe…. flooding, hurricane, earthquakes,legal matters,Racism etc…what will be next, a meteorite?

  • ATTENTION:  People in the land of the living…the
    “Resistance & Fear Mongers & Lovers of Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam,
    & Liberalism” yes, the democratic, left, socialist, sect, party, those
    workers of iniquity & evildoers, & the “Resistance & Fear Mongers”
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    Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down
    to.  One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN

  • It's better to know the truth and to be aware than to face it unprepared. I think that each state should start setting up specific sites or drive thru for those that believe they could have Coronavirus could go to that site and get tested and determined what action should be taken by the medical professionals and also we should be keeping all elderly in exclusion from those in ER and have other entrances or places to send them away from possible exposure. Be smart wash your hands, don't touch your face, and no shaking hands!

  • The CDC's website shows a dramatic drop in the number of tests being done over the past week. Trump is trying to suppress the numbers. Last week he said, "I like the numbers where they are."

  • We need to control the spread as much possible. Slow the spread. Otherwise our hospitals will be overwhelmed and unable to do common treatments. Take a look at Italy and see the US in ten days. Quarantine is the short term answer. testing only shows where you need to quarantine.

    This is what you can conclude:
    There will be some other external factors that will influence the fatality rate
    Excluding these, countries that are prepared will see a fatality rate of ~0.5% (South Korea) to 0.9% (rest of China).
    Countries that are overwhelmed will have a fatality rate between ~3%-5%
    Put in another way: Countries that act fast can reduce the number of deaths by ten. And that’s just counting the fatality rate. Acting fast also drastically reduces the cases, making this even more of a no-brainer.

  • Trump's speech about this flu is like the story of the laying ,
    boy and the wolf
    He has used his time sayings that everybody wants to get him,
    He accused everybody of that, in no uncertain terms ,everything is a hoax everyone's laying
    There was no danger he said, so,it was a cry to call wolf,
    BUT. there was no wolf, everything to him is a game '' I'm winning'' he said,
    lying is easy for him, BUT ,NOW WE HAVE A WOLF. And is hard to believe this guy is
    Giving the news ,because by him telling us there's a real problem as a real president should
    It creates panic attacks and it does not help me calm down, IT HAS GIVEN ME A HEART ATTACK .

  • Alfred Degiorgio says:

    Since gaining office, Trump’s approval rating has never been above 50%, as identified by all poll ratings. The Democrats were the biggest group expressing disapproval but were joined by many independents and most genuine conservatives, the Never-Trumpers. If this nation-wide “alliance” voted against Trump he would be defeated. D.P. nominee Joe Biden has a good chance of getting the vote of most of Trump’s detractors; he’s our last hope of saving our fragile democracy!

  • Which one of you guys wants to come to work for me for a week, for NO PROFIT? It'll be fun. You'll love it. And I won't pay you a thing.

  • To The Humanity Of Our Beautiful World, That Was Created Just For Our Species. It’s Such a Shame That We As A Civilization Have Nearly Destroyed This Planet That Was Created For All Of Us To Exist On Is Almost Totally Destroyed By Us. “THE ELITES “ Throughout History Have Used Us for Their Benefit, Not Ours. They Have Directed Us to Do Many Things That We Should Not Have Done To Each Other & Our Beautiful Planet. Their Main Power In This Control Of Us Has Been $$$ M O N E Y $$$, Which Has And Always Will Be “ THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL “. It Has Been Many Years For Us To Suffer Anymore .Just Look @ Our Known History Up To Date & You Can Figure Out This All By Your Lonesome. If You Haven’t Got It Take that Woolen Veil Out From Your Eyes & Open Up That Consciousness That Has Been Blocked From Your Mind To Think On Its Own Power & No One Else’s . If You Haven’t Figured It Out & Know this By Now The Whole planet Has Been Infected By The Corona-Virus & Many More Diseases.This Has Come About Through Our Water,Air,Food & Many Other Ways. Yes Many Of Us Are Going To Die Over This & Please Don’t Be Afraid,Because What We Know Now Will Not Be What We Want When We Come Back Again. Remember People Our SOUL Never Dies Just This Body That We Were Given To Use To Experience The Knowledge While We Have Been On This Earth Planet. So Die Proud & Know That When You Return That The New Body Is Going To Only Want to Have & Live The Way We Were Intended By Us & No One Else. On Our Departure Remember When You Wake Up You Will Have The Perfect World To Return To For All Of Us To Enjoy. Just Think No Wars,Hunger, ECT, Just Peace & Love On Earth. Before Your Transition You Must Forgive & Forget All EVIL That You Have Done & What Others Have Done To You . This Will Put You @ The Top Of The List For Your New Body & Return To Our Planet. Everyone Has GOD & LOVE Inside Us All . This Was Given To Us To Use In Our Lifetimes. Just Think That There Will Never Be Any EVIL Again To Control Us. People That Have The Virus & Other Medical Issues , Just Know That GOD Is Always With You In Your Heart, Body, & Mind. We Are HUMANS & Can Overcome Anything That Is DARK & Remember To Always Keep The Light On !!! I Love Everyone & Everything That Has Been Created , This Is The Only Way That Humanity Is Going To Survive , Until We Cross Paths Again , GOD Bless Everyone & Everything. Just Wait What Is There When We Return Again.

  • this sounds like there is going to be fewer americans on the planet, good, but the wrong ones are leaving, not so good: trump is not likely to get sick, would certainly get best care, might not even pay for it. you see how topsy-turvey usa is.

  • Should we invest in funeral homes now? Isn't there some way that Dotard Trump could wish this virus away? Will the rich get priority for hospital beds? Will only Trump supporters get access to hospital beds?

  • Charlie Charlie says:

    Thank God we have Donald J. Trump as President during these trying times.
    Vice President Pence is doing a fine job also.

  • Lyriga Geforge says:

    Oh well Bernie has made really good points on how to do this all – but does it show up at main stream media? Nope. So I'll paste this link here

  • US should offer free examination just like how South Korea is doing. We pay tax for this kinds of crisis and it cost $4000 to get examined? Rather travel to South Korea and get free examination and it still would be much much cheaper than this,

  • I heard today of a hospital that bought 100 extra ventilators. The only problem: there is nobody you can hire to operate the ventilators.

  • The U.S. could be using the automated technology developed by South Korea's Seegene biotech company using a supercomputer and automated testing They're willing to help us. And we could be testing a million Americans a week. But the FDA needs to approve it.

  • If the same 37 million people who contracted the flu last year in the US had contracted the Coronavirus instead of the flu, 1,360,490.00 would have died in the US!  That is: ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE WHO WOULD HAVE DIED!  


                                                 The Coronavirus is a HUGE crisis!

    There are people posting here who are suggesting that this crisis really isn't that big of a deal.  Does anyone really think that Italy quarantined its entire country and the US shut down international travel to most of Europe for what some people describe as not a big deal?


    Donald Trump and the Trump administration is putting MONEY and Republican POLITICS ahead of the lives of Americans.  Trump would rather let Americans die than let the Coronavirus affect the economy because his re-election is tied to the economy!  Trump is choosing politics over the health and welfare of all Americans. 


    Here is a recent tweet from Donald Trump that states that 37,000 Americans died last year from the common flu. 


    Donald J. Trump


    So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!

    10:47 AM – Mar 9, 2020


    People would like us to believe that the Coronavirus isn’t much worse than the flu and that a few people die and life goes on.  The mortality rate for the Coronavirus is dramatically higher than that of the common flu and therefore the number of people who could die is exponentially greater!

    Let’s do the math using actual, real-world numbers!


    The ten-year average mortality rate for the common flu is .1%. 

    The current Worldwide mortality rate for the Coronavirus is 3.677%

    The current mortality rate for Coronavirus in Italy is 6.64%!


    The current worldwide mortality rate for the Coronavirus is 36.77 times as great as the mortality rate for the common flu.  There is a vaccine for the common flu but no vaccine for the Coronavirus!


    The current worldwide mortality rate for the Coronavirus in Italy is 66.4 times as great as the mortality rate for the common flu.  There is a vaccine for the common flu but no vaccine for the Coronavirus!


    A mortality rate of .1% for the  37 thousand people who contracted the common flu last year means that approximately 37 million people contracted the flu in the US last year.


    If those same 37 million people had contracted the Coronavirus instead of the flu at the worldwide mortality rate of 3.677% for the Coronavirus, 1,360,490.00 would have died in the US!




    It has been calculated by experts on the Coronavirus that the spread of the Coronavirus in the US is ten to fourteen days behind the spread of the virus in Italy and that the spread of the Coronavirus in the US is on track to be as bad as the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy.  Italy’s spread of the Coronavirus exploded and when it did the mortality rate exploded with it. Italy’s mortality rate was in line with the world average until the surge they experienced. With the sudden surge in the spread of the Coronavirus in Italy, their mortality rate shot upwards and is now at 6.64%!


    If those same 37 million people who contracted the flu last year in the US had contracted the Coronavirus instead of the flu at Italy’s mortality rate of 6.64%,  2,456,800 people would have died! 




    That is why Italy quarantined its entire country and the US shut down international travel to most of Europe!




    I have to wonder how much the Trump Trolls earn to lie to the American people?  I also wonder if there are any Trump Trolls who work in the West Wing?

  • Diarrhea Latte says:

    Well we survived Obama's inept handling of H1N1 resulting in 60 million Americans being infected. Also, for what it's worth: we would not be in this situation right now if Rachel hadn't decided to fill her backyard pool with pee and diarrhea and then invite Bernie over to swim in it and eat poop sandwiches and poop ice cream and drink pee. That is where this outbreak started.

  • The US gov serves as the best argument against a single payer system. Can you imagine letting those congenital defects run a healthcare system?

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