CNBC, Ryan Push Tax Holiday Lies

the in the midst of all this genting abid brown on for the middle class in the
poor this great redistribution of wealth the middle class in this country to the
guys who run the corporations there is a clever little idea called a
tax holiday because the corporations what it takes
so much that is it’s a proliferation that pays your tax except for exxon mobil g_e_ etcetera who get taxes back from us for subsidies for doing things that are
incredibly profitable in the first place which is not ste so but they need a tax
colleague is there to tax so what they knew his when they make
money abroad they hold a broad and they hold on hostage later went to repatriate this money to
the united states and went to create jobs with it in the united states unless
is at you it in rio arguments and our uh… ransom note ears even though it actually thirty five
percent for corporations we ought to pay that we want to pay about five percent five percent five percent that’s what they want a pet reached thirty five percent by the way amount of cobra taxes paid in this
country last thirty years as a percentage of the taxes paid overall nosedive a satellite since missile
attacks he is in the third payroll tax the fact that although it’s
very skyrocket up as a percentage of taxes that the
country pace why the corporations are shifting all
the taxes under us and away from them so of course they want five percent
who’s going to help the while c_n_b_c_ is going to help them because they were
represented the worst of the cap was in this country and of course for i’m going
to help them busier protocol squawk box in joe type turn into whatever his name is and he
gave names ready this early in the right to complain is that right about this guy was
housework indisputably right the new york times but he doesn’t like
what he’s saying because he’s the he dares to challenge the might of the
corporations and paul reiser isn’t all you’re absolutely right and then after was going to be the real
facts what’s what but i really thought about repatriation
orkut also issued before good idea he worked for perform the tests are
going to have it every day we have a reasonable repatriation every seven
years and lets him in every single day but we have in this and this is a kind
of you want to talk to them and uh… here’s the new york times i can’t
pronounce this guy’s last name but he says uh… the last time we did
this the holiday it benefited the sixty percent of the benefits of being a
money-back wanted just fifteen of the largest u_s_ united states multinational
companies many of which laid off domestic workers
close domestic plans and shift it even more their profits and resources abroad
in hopes of cashing in on the next repatriation holiday so that was what
the attitude of this gap in new york prompted they let this guy right the
front page figure front page paste and rate in the middle in the body if
this is not the op ed pages but in the body of the of the peace says that the
reason they moved things offshore with the cash in on the
sector picket not that it’s a thirty five percent tax rate effort here not
good if we lord of the twenty five percent that there’d be no reason to do
any of those things and that’s what you’re gonna get
irritated anything till twenty problems that jim clear in eastern thing every day she added a link that
evidently in our current why would affect another frontal system is in that way
but not the intended for the in order that what the shareholders got that that
that happens we’re locking up so much cash overseas are car u_s_ tax system is so internationally on
compact so use like new york times point out facts what those facts without the eleven
corporations repatriation that they’re considering well i guess it
would lower to five point two five percent that would be the tax that’s alright solution to every day
which do everyday everyday decor british olympic five percent tax of course american middle class to pay
all the taxes corporation should right scot-free so what are the facts
here that some of the things that appointed him first of all by the way
the repatriation would cost us billion dollars over ten years somebody’s gotta pay that money at some
point and if it’s not then was that if you so
they had questioned eighty billion dollars because squawk box doesn’t like it they want to take their bikes they say although creates jobs might
asik create jobs let me give you the facts back in two thousand four when they
repatriated the money here’s what they did with it uh… wiser repatriate thirty seven billion dollars uh… into does about it at six so the next two years they laid off ten thousand people but i’d rather what a great job has a lot of money to repatriate anyway often does artwork repatriated fifteen point nine billion
laid off seven thousand hewlett packard repatriated fourteen happily laid off
fourteen thousand five hundred people honeywell two point seven billion
repatriated two thousand laid off nine hundred million repatriated thirty
thousand laid off colgate palmolive repatriated eight
hundred million dollars four thousand people layoff how that dell they also don’t know you know if it were
a great plant here and and and and and that’s the one chinese herbal because
there is going to win winston-salem north delhi crater plant how much at the repatriated four billion
us how much they spent a plant a hundred million dollars a hundred million of four billion ok
fine great at losing is on the created jobs right when they asked our representatives hey would you spend that money anyway if
that money didn’t come from the repatriation they like of course we
would those plans already in place we’re gonna build up point no matter
what you just give us free money to do well at least iran s about it all like paul ryan and squawk box


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