Citi CEO tells Trump coronavirus is ‘not a financial crisis’


100 thoughts on “Citi CEO tells Trump coronavirus is ‘not a financial crisis’”

  • The most important part of all of this round table conversation, “This is not a financial crisis”.
    So people stop freaking out. The stock market is being effected by Oil. Putin and the Saudi’s are fighting in the sand box again. Putin knows how to effect the US economy. Not because we need their oil but because people HERE invest in Foreign Oil and Companies and are now seeing the cost.
    This is all a lesson that you keep your necessities close to home. You need to build your OWN industries and produce your own stuff.
    For years we have been cheating the poor people of China with ridiculously, extremely low wages while we yell 15$ minimum. We live too high on the backs on the Chinese people. Not the Chineses Communist Government… the people of China. Now we know it is better to NOT put all our eggs in one basket. I hope this wake up call make people realize that you can not rely on others for your own needs. Bring the manufacturing businesses home!

  • Trump is the best president US ever had and will be reelected, of course. I'am not north-american, but will vote symbolic for the Great Lion of the West!!!!

  • The Democrats and the Bank doesn’t want to give Americans anything but they have no problem giving our money to other countries how about that the Democrats went screaming because President Trump did not ask for enough money then they gave that extra money away F you Democrats

  • We have to vote every DAM DEMOCRAT OUT OF OFFICE THEY STEAL OUR MONEY this Bank of America guy wants to give u a loan Americans not tax cuts on your pay roll taxes don’t go to Bank of America 😜😜😜😜

  • Emery Coppola Jr. says:

    So let's get this straight; we are in the VERY VERY beginning of this pandemic, and he's focused on TODAY's economy? Like saying "Everything is fine" while your standing on the beach with a monster Category 5 Hurricane with 160 mile per hour winds approaching…

  • TRUMP BETTER NOT GIVE OUR MONEY TO THE BANKS AGAIN, OR HE WILL LOSE ALL SUPPORT BY THE VOTERS! GIVE IT TO THE WORKING PEOPLE!!!! These rich bankers and corporation executives sold out Americans to China and charge us 29.99% interest on money they get for 1%. They are leeches and traitors and should not receive one dime!

  • Lmfao evan fox news admits it spreads disinformation no wonder it has all these low iq followers and hosts that push conspiracy theories

  • Dudley Vaillancourt says:

    No American company should be allowed to move all of what they do to a foreign land.. Should have to keep at least 50% of biz in America..

  • Companies are buying back their own stock hoping the average Joe's keeps selling it to them at rock bottom prices, its all about making the rich richer and the average to poor even poorer.

  • To be fair, we should say that this is not SOLELY a financial crisis. We might look back at this as the happy fun time of pandemic when we still had money to fight it!

  • Private Private says:

    DO NOTHING DONTHECON do your job! This is the #1 responsibility of our Government!!!!! Zero credibility, not prepared for covid19 and not protecting our elections. We are watching you ( the tRump administration ). We need more covid19 test, health care workers and public need supplies. Our Congress, President and VP should all be tested for covid19. It’s a shame a bank ceo has to tell potus covid19 is not a financial problem. tRump is incompetent!

  • So if there is no problem – Why? (Reuters) – The White House has ordered federal health officials to treat top-level coronavirus meetings as classified

  • MountainOf Everest says:

    Citi forgot whose money bailed them and every other large bank out in 2008. Perhaps Trump's chief of staff should phone the board members of Citi and ask them who was backing them if they get in trouble if that's the attitude.

  • o man america doesn't still really understand whats coming… ye are in for the fight of your lifes !!! my advice get ur best technical people and ur best artificial intelligence technology and try and control this virus.. because this is bad really bad.. from europe !!!

  • President Trump has done a fantastic job protecting America from the Wuhan virus. Remember when the Wuhan virus was first spreading the Democrats were obsessed with the sham impeachment proceedings.

  • I wouldn’t believe this Citi Bank Corporate Criminal!

    Citibank Fined $100 Million for Manipulating Key Global Interest Rate

  • Jared Kushner is being brought in to help trump talk about the coronavirus situation. We can all sleep good tonight now that his son in law is on point guard!

  • Corona virus is "not a financial crisis." It is a human crisis. trump is not a functional human, so, what's the point?

  • Hmmm where have I seen that guy before 🤔🤔🤔 oh yeah I use to work for him, thank god I left that crap company bc it sure looks like he won’t be letting his employees work from home. Pretty sure he sent a company wide email shortly after saying BAU. Ppl don’t know how serious this is until it directly affects them or someone they love. God bless us all ❤️

  • These boys are there begging for a bailout telling the public that everything is going well at the same time. This IS a financial crisis triggered by the virus but not caused by it. These boys bought back billions in their own stock since the last time they were bailed out 10 years ago and now here they are here again.


  • It's nice to see Trump checking on the banks to make sure they are safe from the corona virus you know because the economy is going up and I still have yet to see a dime.

  • hahaha it didn't take long for this lie to be exposed by the great fuckin' liar himself…is your head spinning yet? did you see the address tonight? god you people are so easily led…

  • William McKenna says:

    Trump voters just want more welfare. What else can he give his voters for free? He is like Oprah handing out free cars.

  • Why has Chump classified all corona virus meetings? He will lose in 2020. Dems will take Congress and the electoral college aka voter welfare aka voter affirmative action will end.

  • Yeah the banks are In good condition and they feel they’re financially well off because the scare right now it’s not about loans. However those that are losing in the markets and we’re not talking about the big time investors but the every day person who Relies on the market for their retirement and retirees this panic from fear mongering has greatly affected the market when it shouldn’t. I was always taught that the markets are emotional.

  • ThistleDewOutdoors says:

    Guy at work had corona virus back in early December….. Coincidence that we all got sick ? possibly,, but it was a mild flu like sickness & nobody missed any work for more than a day or 2 at the most…… Why is it a problem now ?

  • Casey McCombie says:

    Gotta laugh at the nepotism like family of the rich, where they scratch each other's back. Bank of America chairman really selling all is great, just like the President. Then, Chief Executive of Citigroup compelled to chime in……."The markets going through a period of trying to get price discovery" You cannot be serious. Is this the best sales pitch they have? What nonsense.

  • When the CEOS are confirming there is no financial crisis WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?? These industry men very much respect Pres. Trump and have confidence in his plans. This gives me more confidence! I love the Fox news coverage!

  • Folks people get these viruses every year from here to China to Tim buck to. The only differences is that democrat's have nothing left but to try and kamikaze the economy.

  • Barbara Edwards says:

    Organization of the virus is geometrical which never occurs in nature, yes its man made, yes a bio weapon stollen from a canadian lab by two chinese nationals who were summarily fired and the returned to the wuhan lab, also of note is two lab employees of UNC Chapel Hill NC who worked on creating bioweapon x aka covid 19 they too were fired for theft n refurned to guess where? Wuhan bio weapon lab, frankly China stole a biological weapon and let it loose or foolishly let it escape protocol. Chinas goverment shpuldx be held fully accountable for each nations expenses and deaths! So stop the lies anyone taking simple microbiology or patho would know no virus is as complete and made geometric like this weapon!

  • So the stable genius doesn’t think travelers from France, Germany,
    Belgium, and Norway won’t fly to London in order to circumvent his ban
    or simply take a train over to London from France?

    He says he’s going to stop the flow of goods and then minutes later says
    “oops” didn’t mean that.

    Weeks ago he said “we have 15 cases and soon we will be at zero

  • Chester cleveland jr says:

    YOU REAP what you SOW L. Graham , Moscow Mitch & the G.O.P. you had a chance WEEKS a GO this virus didn't even exist to get rid of this guy now because of you people my FAMILY & millions of FAMILIES are in JEOPARDY this is YOUR PEOPLES fault 6 / 20 i hope trump & the WHOLE G.O.P. are BLUE WAVED OUT HERE !!!!!

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