Why China is Important for Ethiopian Airlines | Access Africa | CNBC International

I was speaking to the Ethiopian Prime Minister and he explained to me the growing importance of China and how they’re becoming more involved in the Ethiopian economy You have several routes that connect Ethiopia to China – What else is in the plan? Yeah China is very important for us as an airline Yes China is very […]

Acorn TV | Murdoch Mysteries Season 13 | Official Trailer

Detective Murdoch. He’s a detective. We have a killer on the loose and we’re not the only ones looking for him. The world’s changing Murdoch, unions, suffragettes. Look at us, pair of trouble makers. Meek women do not make history. How about dead ones? (laughing) I didn’t kill him. Whatever the situation is it could be getting worse. […]


People cross limits for their relationships. I had one such relationship for which I crossed borders. Father always fed you this, didn’t he? You stupid little piece of Stop yelling. Ronnie. When it’s about me, I keep calm. If it’s about brother, I will cause harm. Hey Ronnie, let’s go. Where? – With me. Brother, it’s just routine […]

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