Can a Baby-Wipe Lid Really Keep Your Chips Fresh? | Hack or Wack | Lifehacker

Can a Baby-Wipe Lid Really Keep Your Chips Fresh? | Hack or Wack | Lifehacker

– Grab a knife. (dramatic scary music) (Abu laughing) (upbeat pop music) – So today’s Hack or
Wack was sent to us by fellow video producer, Tahsin Hyder. And she came across this Tik Toker who might just be giving
us a run for our money. – Hmmm. – Okay let’s take a look. – If you wanna make eating chips easier, all you gotta do is grab a
lid from a white container. Stick it on the bag of chips. Grab a knife. Cut a hole in the bag of chips. And have a lot of fun. Now you can seal your bag. All done. (Joel and Abu laugh loudly) – Is she authorized to use the knife? – We got everything we need. – Okay, yes, you actually
kind of went overboard and you got a number of baby wipes. – Well, I wanted to see
the different size valves. Are we calling these valves? – I guess. That seems
like an appropriate– – Cause I think that depends
on your size of chip. So this one, you can only
eat tiny little cheese puffs. This one, you can eat a big tortilla chip. There’s only one way to test this, and it’s exactly as Granny instructed. Okay, which valve did you want? – I’m want start with
this small one here first. – Okay, I’ll do the big one.
– And then we’ll see. Just rip it off? – She just peels it
right off the container. (valve ripping open) Oh! It works. (ripping loudly) – [Abu] Oh okay. – There is like an adhesive. I think it’s mildly sticky. Bag of chips. Baby wipe valve. (crunching bags) – [Abu] And look at that. A little opening. – Take a knife, and let’s just go. (bag popping) – [Joel] Oh! (rustling bag) – [Abu] All right, so
I’m forming a gap here. There we go. My opening is good. – [Joel] Once you got
like the initial puncture, it does kind of just peel right off. – [Abu] And then you just
grab a chip from in there. (crunching chips) – [Abu] Mmm. Good choice. – But the real test is, let’s see if we can close
it and open it up again. (crunching bags) – [Joel] Okay, so when I closed it, I crushed a lot of chips. – That is something I was thinking, you lose all the air that was in there. So now every time you go to close it, you’re smashing down on
some chips instead of air. – But I think this is a
pretty reasonable seal. – It’s still holding strong. – Yeah, I don’t see any gaps. I don’t see any leaks. – I’m quite impressed. I did not think there would be enough glue for this to actually hold. – So mine is actually coming up a bit. So I think that’s gonna
affect the freshness. – Right. Cause I think the idea is to use this as a replacement
for just clips, like– – A chip clip. – Yeah, if you’re worried
about retaining freshness, I don’t know if yours is
gonna work super well, cause you didn’t bring
enough glue with you. – But overall, using the
valve from a baby wipe package to keep your chips fresh, is this a hack or is this wack? – I think Granny’s on to something. I think it’s a hack. (slapping sound) – You just have like
an empty pack of wipes that you’re not using anymore. You might as well reuse the valve. – I see. I’m actually on
the fence for this one. – [Abu] Oh really? – I feel like, I think this is a solution for a problem that
doesn’t exist, because– – It is that. – closing a bag of chips so easy. (Abu laughing) So I think we have our
very first split vote. Abu says hack.
– It’s a split vote. (slapping noise)
I still think it’s a hack. – I say wack.
(slapping noise) I say wack. – I just like the novelty of it. This is like so cute. You know, imagine your friends came over, and you’re like, “All right
everybody, get your chips.” And they all have to open this valve. – But then they can’t all
reach multiple hands in. This is for one person. The only way this could work is if you’re sitting on your couch, and you put this on your lap, and you’re like, “Ah good. Just me.” And I feel like when you get
down to just a couple crumbs, it’d be–cause you can’t just turn it in. – That is some–
– How are you– (bag moving and crunching) – That’s definitely a factor.
– What are you gonna do? – I think I’m in agreement with you. Wack. (slapping noise) – You heard it hear first people. A swing vote. Wack. (Joel crunching a chip) (echoing computer sound)


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