BTS (방탄소년단) 7-second Interview

BTS (방탄소년단) 7-second Interview

Hello, I am RM in charge of being 27 years old I’m Jin in charge of being handsome I’m SUGA I’m your hope, j-hope Everybody knows, right? My name Hello, I’m twenty-… six years old now, and I’m Jimin Tada! Hello I’m Kim Taehyung I’m Jung Kook [BTS 7-Second Interview] [Q. Which concept photo was your best look?] Probably the swan or black swan [Success!] There was a scene I dipped my face in water Half of my… face… It was sort of you can’t see my face but when I had wings like this and you know… [B-l-i-n-k] I think I look best in scenes like playing games with the members and… [What] I think I liked the winged jacket the most It was something new [Huh?] What?
[Huh?] That was short [Q. What’s your favorite track and lyrics from this album?] I really like the lyrics in “ON” I like the song and the verse… It’s fun when you hear it [Composed] I like this song called “UGH!” The lyrics are all great Now I didn’t sing it but I like “Zero O’Clock” the most and I think I’ll listen to it for a while Yikes
[Whoa!] I really like Zero O’Clock That part The minute and second hands… Q. What’s the highlight of the “ON” choreography? (Mirror wiping dance) (Shy) This is the highlight That’s the highlight I’ll show you the highlight It’s V’s part, by the way This You know what I mean The “Mirror wiping dance” Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s this part, the title of “ON” I mean the highlight [Q. What’s the most hip new word you learned recently?] I’m not that hip Hip! Hip word ‘Sup? [Q. What food must you have in your fridge?] Milk! Soda! Eggs! Wait! Kimchi! Cold soda? There’s got to be sparkling water What else (Hmm) Kimchi? [Q. When did you think you looked the coolest in “ON”?] Even when I’m in the back line…
[Q. When did you think you looked the coolest in “ON”?] I don’t try to look handsome Try to look handsome? I just try to express myself so It doesn’t really matter with me [Q. Out of the hair colors you had, which do like the best?] Well… that’s a tough one My hair’s this color now so I really like this What color is this? Bluish… Navyish… [What food can you eat for a whole month?] Do I have to eat just this for a month? (Serious) I don’t know I had tteokmanuguk recently and it was really good Tteokmanduguk! [Q. What’s your favorite solo track from this album?] I think this is a very subjective call I choose a song I’m not in, which is Jimin’s “Filter” Love you [What is your favorite month?] I think, me… April is nice and warm, I think April…April… [Given up] [Q. What’s the first thing that came to your mind after hearing the title track?] Before the melody was finished I thought something’s missing But after the melody was done I really liked it [Q. Who was the slowest to learn the “ON” choreography?] Actually everyone got it down really well I think I was a little slow, this time Namjoon and Jin did such a good job [Q. Show us your charm for 7 seconds] Wow so cute Wow so sweet Hello [Radiating charm] You’ve been watching me being charming this whole time Tada It’d be hilarious if that’s it Not bad? Guys, my very being is charming What more have I to give? I can just be still Show off my charm, you say Stoic is my charm [Q. What do you want to hear the most from ARMY for this comeback?] “Bangtan’s back”, like that Like in the movie “Sunflower” “You’re back” “This comeback as always, they are working hard and looking handsome and doing great”, like that Bangtan… has really grown even more? They really worked hard for this They really brought lots of things for their fans That’s what I’d like to hear “I’m so happy” or maybe “You are inside my heart” “That’s BTS!” “BTS you can count on!” “They keep getting better” “Worldwide class”, those kinds of things “I’m glad I became a fan of BTS” That’s what I’d like to hear “SUGA’s gotten much better” I worked hard on my dancing so I think you won’t be disappointed Everyone, once again there’s a new album for all of you
[Q. What do you want to say to ARMY?] It’s thanks to you that we can come to a beautiful place like this and do this shoot Dressed like this, I feel kind of like I’m looking at myself in my 70s I want to show lots of things share lots of things be together for lots of things I hope all of us together will have some joyous times and we’ll show only the best of us with great performances, amazing shows Thank you for always waiting for us This album is going to be full of joy Please look forward to it We worked so hard on it and I’m sure you’ll love it Let’s always be together I hope we’ll be happy together I love you So that’s how it goes off Just want to say… You know, they say… So that’s how this is gonna be? So it just keeps going, 7 seconds? Even when I’m just thinking? Amazing You know, barefoot like that You look like someone sick Is it turned off? 7 seconds is longer than I thought There’s all kinds of time Right on the dot I’m in trouble What do I say…


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