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  • GaryVee IS THE BEST! I actually created my own channel called (About Money) to show even MORE methods to make money – come check it out and i will always follow back!

  • H Gary, Wow this was awesome, That BUT I just kicked me in the ass, I have too dam many, I am going to write them down figure out what they really mean and change as many as I can control into JUST DO. I have been laying off my computer non-work time. Well, this one BUT I need to watch Gary and stay motivated will go back on the JUST DO list. Thank you for all you do to help so many people, you sure help me and I appreciate it 🙂 Stay safe ✨

  • Interrupty as always but I really liked the questions you asked Gary, especially the one about staying humble about his actual role on Netflix and how he's still talking about it 16 years later. Marc took it well but you could see him less energetic than when talking about his work before that. Marc seems like a cool guy. Like, he speaks like he has maybe a couple mill in the bank, when he talked about selling his equity every 6 months, about securing his family's sustenance, when after googling his name it says he's worth 400 million hahahahaha. still 3.3 billion less than Reed, but it's not a bad number hahahahahaahahahha. Not sure if it's true but even still he sounds humble and self-aware

  • Thank you Gary for another great episode! You asked so many thought provoking questions. watching this episode is learning from the guru in the field. I hope many people watch this video. Nice job! 🙂

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  • Timestamps:
    2:00 | Intro of Marc
    3:30 | Not taking “No” as an answer
    8:10 | Why Gary thinks weed dealers are good entrepreneurs
    12:00 | Gary’s advice and Marc’s life are the same
    14:00 | Marc’s Career path
    27:00 | I suck at selling, I’m great at talking about the things I care about
    30:00 | Timing and seeing patterns to be a better executive
    31:00 | People like the past because it is safe
    33:30 | Gary’s dream of what heaven looks like
    39:00 | A great question from Gary
    42:00 | Putting on a Curry jersey to feel more confident
    44:00 | Marc’s Netflix Share Strategy

  • Anthony Murrietta says:

    Oh my God thank you! 13:30 to 13:55 is what i have been trying to articulate, it's what I've done multiple times in my career thus far. Thank you for helping me make the connection I was trying to discover.

  • Hi Gary, I'm reading Crushing it! right now and something got me confused. I'm trying to be more authentic in my life and work, which you talk about in the book, about not faking it. A few pages after your section on authenticity, you feature a story of Alex "Nemo" Hanse, who talks about starting his clothing brand by putting a shirt on one person, taking a picture, then putting the same shirt on another person, taking a picture and so on, to "make it seem like everyone has a shirt."

    I have a hard time reconciling these parts of the book. Is faking stuff okay or not? ? Is it okay for me to create fake clients and the illusion of demand or not?

  • Tom Bell The Mad Scientist Marketer says:

    "Candy Arbitrage" I LOVE It! For me, it was magazine rentals when I was 10. I found my uncles collection of porno magazines, and had the thought "Hey, none of my friends can BUY these magazines, so I'm going to RENT them instead." It got to the point that the mags were so worn out, we had to hire hobos to go into the liquor store to get more…

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  • You can tell Gary is finding it so hard not to talk – you can see his face squirming, desperately wanting to unleash all the million billion thoughts running through his mind lol. The new style is making for a great episode though – Hearing a guest freely explore the depths of heir story makes good content

  • He said 2003 I was 6 when they say that year I'm like what you mean by that I lived that. There weird 😂 I know I was a kid but I was a kid in 2003 you kids today die

  • Marc was such a great interview, here he is with Scott Kitun –

  • 32:56 Is the perfect balance of being both really funny but an amazing piece of information. That compounded with the fact that Gary is sharing something he truly believes in made me both be laughing and have that taken back moment when you really realize something

  • Ha ha, at around 28:35 when Gary says "I have them", it reminds me of Darth Vader at the end of Star Wars before the Death Star blows up, when he says "I have you now". Didn't work out well for Darth but Gary has come along pretty well.

  • Thanks you so much Gary VEEEEEE you’re the best because of you’re free advice and knowledge I started my own podcast on YouTube and it amazing ⭐️🍿⭐️

  • Perhaps the most irritating interview I have ever watched. Gary would not let Marc answer hardly any questions. Gary would ask a question and when Marc would answer, Gary would interrupt his answer. They are both very smart, but Gary is extremely rude.

  • Hey Gary, Please Interrupt people more. A lot of other people in the comments are saying the opposite, but If we really want the value of the person you bring on than we will go check out their stuff. Otherwise, on this show the value is how you work off of another person, and where you bring the conversation.

  • Marc's stories and answers are impossible to follow for all the interruptions. It's not a matter of Gary "knowing where this is going and knows the audience, etc," it's that Gary can't help but interrupt every other sentence. Really a missed opportunity here, as I would have loved to hear more of what Marc had to say.

    Not hating, I'm a big Gary fan and have been listening since India was on the show. This is just getting out of hand.

  • Dude, Marc is a super down to earth, genuine seeming guy. I'd work in the lowest level at Netflix if he's the boss over the #5 at Apple or Microsoft.

  • Gary, I see you are very serious about getting into the TV business. Lately you are inviting guys from the industry and are hosting the party… Love it!

  • Conversing With Tyler says:

    Your the man!! You really motivate and give people including myself drive to hustle. Because of you i started my own channel and also a podcast. Thank you for your inspiration

  • Honestly there not bothered by Gary Interrupting. His guest know that Gary ask questions as soon as they pop up in his head therefore driving the conversation deeper & bringing the audience more value.

  • Amazing advice as always Gary, you're such a true inspiration! I followed your instagram marketing advice by using Igrocket com to boost my insta and wow I have nearly doubled my leads!

  • Wild Camping and more says:

    at 3:30 I was already thinking about how I was not going to accept a 'no' from a financial wellness head of marketing role when I smiled and said to myself 'fuck yeah' and decided to run a campaign to show up as me in their MDs feed, in fact every MDs feed in a ten mile reach. 33 to go!

  • Let the man finish please. Gary you are great. But let your guests blossom more by leaving silences so that they don't need to be afraid that the slightest micro silence will be filled by a "huh" "I get it" "I apologize for interruppting" "you know whats so funny" or a question or some sort of leading. "I wanna bring value to my audience" and there you go off filling it up with some of your stories. Man please….

  • Yeah @garyvee you really don't need to overfeed your guests so much. Interviewing is about leading a discussion: not owning it and OverLording it. Learn to shut-up sometimes? #truthcontagion

  • Elite Clinical Research says:

    Gary who you think your parents are going to pass down wine library to when it’s time. The fact you own 0 of it on paper is just semantics bc your going to get it later.

  • Love this interview!! But notice every person he talks about is a man, Gary please create more of a dialogue around female leaders as well, often your meetings at vayner are mostly young men, what's up with that! You know they are out there!

  • YOU NEED TO MAKE A SECOND PART OF THIS !!! Thank You SO Much to Gary, Marc & the Team for providing us with this amazing piece of content.

  • Verstomd on Instagram says:

    Small thing to notice but I love how Gary's sharpie clip is broken just like all of mine are. It's the same fidgety, agitated type of energy, don't stop interrupting Gary, watched you for years and still appreciate everything I gain from these, the other shit I can google, I like when you interject with other insights from alternative angles to gain perspective on different views and different topics rather than continuing with someone else's story, although at some points there are times I'd like to still hear the end, but it's your show and as you say "It's free, dick" Even though the audience is always key, but you get me

  • Excited About Learning says:

    I got Marc's book today, and I'm already on page 111. It's a great book. It has a lot of insights, and the style that Marc has is really interesting to read. Definitely get it if you're considering getting it.

  • TimJulianBerenzen says:

    Hey tough man, I am sure you could provide more value to your audience if you wouldn´t interrupt the interview´s flow ALL THE TIME. You are so full of yourself – and therefore quite a bad listener.

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