arctic freezer 34 esport unboxing + HOW to place it + TEST + GIVEWAY

arctic freezer 34 esport unboxing + HOW to place it + TEST + GIVEWAY

hello and welcome everyone adel with you here in a new
video today we’re gonna be unboxing and reviewing this arctic cooler 34 eSports
so and that’s gonna be a giveaway in the end of the video so stay with us to know
how to participate big thanks to Arctic for sending for
sending us this freezer 34 eSports we’re gonna be unboxing it right now and
then see we’re gonna see how to place it in the motherboard and then at last
we’re gonna do some reviews over of it and the tester of comparing it to the
Intel stock cooler let’s startunboxing we have this thank
you for choosing Arctic we have this QR code for the manual nothing and now we
have this cooler this is the cooler we’ll I get back for
it this is for the intel socket we have these two metal brakets for the
second fan so as I said before this is the Arctic 30 for each post but there is
a duo edition and you can add another fan with these two metal brakets thermal paste screw for each type of CPUs this one
the long ones are for the Intel and the other screws I don’t know
anyway there’s everything in the manual and these two metals goes in the arctic
cooler you’ll see that after in the mounting here we have the Arctic there
it is that fan is very beautiful as you can see the mash is very
beautiful here too it’s very well made and this is how to cooler looks from and
this is how it looks from the downside and Arctic will commence applying
thermal paste and each one of the heat pipes you will see that later and where
we have the cables for the fan and if you want to add a second fan you will
connect the first one right here and then this one will go to the motherboard
so let’s see how you can place this cooler to your motherboard so this is
all we’re going to need to do the installation let’s begin so first thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna take
off the fan to do that all you need to do is to push from this side and the
other side at the same time like this it i’s a bit hard okay and the second one – now we took off the fan
now we’re going to install these metal brackets now as you can see
here we have this little thing here which includes this one with like that
and the same thing from the other side we take one screw our job is done now we’ll put back the
fan so this is the front face so this is how the air will flow and that’s how I
want it so now we’re gonna install the back plate remember that the architects
site will be on your face so it’s facing the outside and you place it well this
hole that will be placed here push it a little bit now for the installations will us
destroyers along with these now I start to put it here like this like this we put our hands in the back so that the
back plate doesn’t fall off now once that’s done we have our cooler
you can either install it like this like this or in each dimension you want so I
want the airflow to go from here to this side so I’ll put it like that but first
I’ll have to add some thermal paste remove this one put in here so here we have this little first line thank you all for watching and see you
soon so don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe to my youtube channel to have
a chance to win this arctic cooler and comments done when they’re when you have
done all these three steps and please leave your email so I can contact you
and the winner will be contacted by email thank you all for watching and see
you soon


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