Apple Startup Chime IS BACK!!!

Apple Startup Chime IS BACK!!!

Back 15, 20 years, when Apple PowerMacs were
the best you can have for serious work in audio/video production, always when I came
to my office one thing for sure made my day. This 🙂 Wait, actually, this………. That
magical Apple startup sound, that boaaaa startup chime. That was the most characteristic and
iconic sign of every Mac. I have no idea why Apple decided to kill it in new Mac computers.
I very missed that. So if you are owner of some newer Mac, MacBook Pro or for example
this new 2019 Mac Pro and you remember those good old days, I’m sure you miss that Apple
startup chime sound too. But now, I have amazing news for you. You can get it back and I’ll
show you how, right now! Hi, I’m Teresa from and
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So yes, even on the latest 2019 Apple Mac Pro you can have the iconic startup chime
sound too and it’s super easy to achieve that. And I will show you right now how to
do it. All you have to do is to execute single and short command in Terminal. Don’t be
afraid of Terminal, it’s really super easy and anybody can make it, believe me. Let’s
have a look. Open Terminal App, it’s located in Applications
under Utilities folder. Easiest way is to simply hit CMD + SPACE on your keyboard and
type first few letters from “terminal” and hit enter. Now type this command, or even
easier just copy and paste it – I included this command in this video description down
below. Now just hit Enter to execute the command. Nothing will happend at first look. But when
I now reboot this 2019 Mac Pro, look, or better listen to what will happend. Wohoooo, it’s
back!!! I love it so much. Now I can feel the same amazing feeling while starting my
2019 Mac Pro as in those good old days of my PowerMac G3, G4 and G5s era..
Of course if you would want to revert back the default behaviour, so to disable to Apple
startup chime sound, I prepared for you again the command in this video description, just
execute it and your Mac Pro will not chime at startup anymore. But who would like to
get rid of it 🙂 BTW If you would need help with Apple Mac,
Linux, Windows computer, server for virtualization, ZFS file server, video editing, fine tuning
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videos. So, that’s all for today, thank you for watching and see you next time my
Macintosh friends.


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