Android Developer Story: IGG finds success in India with Google Play

Android Developer Story: IGG finds success in India with Google Play

Mobile gaming is the largest and fastest-growing segment of the global games market. Emerging markets are driving most of this growth, especially on Android, so it’s crucial that game developers understand these markets. My name is Richard Chua, and I’m General Manager of IGG Singapore. IGG started in 2006 as a PC and browser games publisher. And now specialise in global real-time strategy and tower defense games. Lords Mobile has more than 280 million players worldwide. We’re so interested in emerging markets, because of the huge, untapped population and growth potential. India is also a culturally diverse and multilingual country with very low credit card penetration. It was tricky to find the right price to be both affordable and economically viable. Our interactions with the Google Play team helped us to build a marketing roadmap with key moments that resonate well with local users. For example, we launched a special bundle during Diwali and saw 244% more orders and a 169% increase in organic downloads. These offers helped us to convert non-paying users to spend in the game. We also partnered with Google Play Gift Cards to work with mobile wallets for special packages that brought us very high-quality users with ARPU 50 times more than our organic users. We are really excited about Play’s continued investments, such as the recent launch of UPI as a form of payment. We learned that gamers in India watch game videos and livestreams a lot, We worked with one of the top YouTubers in India, and the video had a total of over 10 million views. We have found a place in the hearts of gamers in India. And we’ll continue to ride this wave.


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