100 thoughts on “All of Italy is now on lockdown due to coronavirus”

  • Avoidance Technologies says:

    "Maybe they just need to pick up a Manhattan drink and be done with it (don't forget the cherry on top)".

  • polardenmother says:


  • This is what need to be said the Democrat voter need to stop enabling the M.A.D ( media and Democrat) blaming everything on Trump2020 and not holding liberal accountable. Y'all wanna know why Nancy Pelosi and chuck Schumer held up billions of dollars for weeks in aide to fight the Coronavirus ,cause they knew matter how evil and selfish it was ya'll was gonna participate in blaming Trump2020. Let me let yall in on a little secret everything is not Trump2020 fault and we not gonna let yall blame him for everything. Maybe liberal in there small world can make they self believe that and pick at every small thing Trump2020 do instead of helping inform the people but dont ask us on the other side to help . If we let this virus beat us it all our fault especially the people in government. It in Trump2020 best interests for this coronavirus situation to be taking care of, so let help Trump2020 no matter how you feel about him fight this before someone close to you get infected. Yall slowing up the success of beating this virus by enabling M.A.D they don't care about no one only power and Nancy Pelosi and chuck Schumer prove that and the media. It will be plenty time to fight but this ain't that time. We have to come together no matter what M.A.D tell yall that the only way. If yall put pressure on the do nothing Democrat and fake news they will finally start helping to get it done instead of attack Trump2020. If don't stop enabling them they gonna only worry about Trump2020 and try to sabotage us let me say it again us cause all they care about is power.

  • I don't know much about the coronavirus but I just saved a ton of money on car insurance by switching to Geico.

  • Love how they say most of the deaths are in China at the end instead of the begging of the broadcast just to strike fear

  • wake up and smell the coffee today says: Another one in Milan. China govt propaganda promoting the wrong message and facilitating spread of disease. Wake up Italy!

  • Born in Italy , I pray for everyone's safety and hope this will slow down soon . All my love my Italian brothers and sisters.

  • I'd pray for human beings not only Italy but all around the world facing The health problems spreading too fast (Covid 19)

  • più di 9000 persone sono state infettate dal coronavirus in Italia da 09.03.2020 e tutti gli spray disinfettanti sono esauriti nelle farmacie
    per ordinare la disinfezione 99.99% possibile da QUI

  • Wow. That’s a 5% fatality rate. Statistical estimates has it that 25% of the worlds population will become infected. Those numbers would put us at a grand total of 97 million deaths from this. 🤦‍♂️

  • 轮子死妈轮子死妈 says:


  • Ali Sarsour صرصور says:

    Italy like the rest of the west waited 2 long. CNN will never let a crisis go to waste. Let me guess it is Trump's fault for Italy being locked down. The virus is racist and the virus applying as a refugee and it is a hate crime to assume the gender of the virus. People are flocking the virus in cages. If you disagree you are a Nazi so says CNN .

  • Christopher Bronson says:

    Italy has closed it borders

    Hopefully Greenland and Madagascar don't close their ports or whoever is playing won't get a full clear

  • Disiam Theillusion says:

    Yeah,italy bent over quick for mussolini too.who cares what they do.there is nonjustification for violating the constitution over any sickness,except the obsession w unchecked power the elderly seem to have

  • @Sally Forth To make sense of something we don't understand we ascribe it to a higher power or "God". Mankind has done this since the beginning of time. Explaining that which we don't understand as the actions of a "God" helps us come to terms with it give some kind of meaning or order, to give ourselves some comfort.

    So, what I am asking is this.

    Trump believes (believed) the economy was his strong point and would get him reelected.

    Something comes along and screws with the economy.

    The religious right have supported Trump.

    Can they now be persuaded that "God" (this higher power to which we ascribe the unexplainable) is sabotaging his attempts to win a second term.

    If God, in whom they believe, is against Trump, shouldn't they be too?

    If the religious right is stripped away from Trump, his political career is doomed and America (and possibly the world – near Iran war as an example) is saved.

  • Samuel L. Jackson _ says:

    Oh wow, CNN called it a Pandemic, time to panic. CNN would NEVER lie to us or EVER exaggerate the facts in an attempt to fear monger

  • Guess what demogrpahic prepared 6 weeks ago? We are all nuts though right? Guess who will be left standing now fuck faces?

  • Italian Govermant Mast go International Court of Justice And Sue Billions dollars Against china chna responsible of Trillions dollars World Ecnoic losse

  • clash4cityrocker says:

    Why do all the tRumptards/fake Americans come to a " fake news" organization and continue to bitch like the little snowflakes that they are?

  • If we followed the coronaviruses annually like we do COVID 19, they'd all be pandemics. Just interesting to point out

  • Italy is right the only way to control and get rid of this coronavirus is that the whole world will go to lockdown

  • I feel really bad for Italy god bless them and all of the other victims of this virus all over the world hopefully this doesn’t happen in the US but you never know.

  • Plot twist: more people have already died from h1n1 influenza this year, than have died from covid19. How many? Tens of thousands. How many people died of swine flu before Obama did anything about it? Over 1000? It's only a Google search away…

  • Those who live by the Saud – die by the Saud – maybe Trump's troops that he moved to Saudi Arabia can fight Russia for them…

  • More panic causing bullshit this is nothing new. I wonder why it's not racist to close your borders to protect citizens when anyone but Trump does it then they have to politicize it putting emphasis on the economy and stock market when a global pandemic is doing exactly what it's expected to ( have a retraction during any global incident no matter how big) but swept it completely under the rug when it was skyrocketing under trumps administration and it will continue to do so after this blows over which it will. Sars, avian flu, swine flu, mers ,Ebola, now coronavirus this is nothing new wake tf up

  • Francesca Roat says:

    I live in Italy. The situation is really scary and worrying. I hope other countries do the same before it's too late.

  • in italy 10% of patients are diagnosed with bilateral interstitial pneumonia. ICUs are full, doctors and nurses are on the verge of collapsing, a lot of them are infected too and afraid to go to their families. all countries take actions now before it's too late!

  • I am South Korean. People in my country are having a hard time, too. I don't know when the Corona will end, but I hope Italy gets better soon.

  • Movies truly carried hidden messages.
    Only those can see and aware of them can understand me, before this most of them called me crazy.
    Even my life path living around the world since child alone and so.. Mother passed away when I was 2 years old. are in movies (PAN, peterpan. Etc..).
    Now the last 10 years happily back in Indonesia and last 3 years back in jungle of Sumatra.

  • I hope our US cities government cities gets a good lockdown, I could enjoy a good paid/sick leave gov. vacation at this time.

  • Harlod Shekelbond says:

    If only Hillary was in her right place as President. Trump is such a weak leader, and remember, Hillary won the popular vote. Past time to overhaul the electoral college. #Notmypresident .

  • BabyBoy Daylan says:

    Soon the world will be locked down I repeat the world will be locked down except Africa. Because it had her fare share from Ebola.

  • There are free masks on the site. Sign up to share a gift card for mask purchases

    Think of it yourself. The government is a government of capital.

  • I Wonder why no one is talking about the human rights issue that was rampant when China shut down their country. Only well wishes and support. Double standard?

  • Everyone really freaking out over a disease with a death toll of only 3% if that much, more people die every day from the flu than the COVID-19

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