Alif Laila (अलिफ़ लैला) || New Episode 04 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Alif Laila (अलिफ़ लैला) || New Episode 04 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

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I will kill him. Open sesame. Open bim bim. It has opened. Let’s go. It has opened. I am sorry. I am sorry. I beg of you. Let me go. I won’t take away anything from here. Let me go. -Will you steal my wealth?
-No. Forgive me. Anybody trying to steal my treasure will meet this outcome. He will meet this outcome. Where’s my brother? He should be here by now. What happened, Alibaba? You look tensed. Brother Kasim hasn’t returned yet. I’m getting negative thoughts. I feel restless.
Wonder where he is . Don’t worry. He will be on his way. Today I’ve cooked his favourite dishes. He has got short term memory. I hope he hasn’t lost his path… I must go and look for him. You don’t worry. I will find him and come back quickly. Okay. Almighty! Protect both of them! I’ve searched brother everywhere. Except this cave. Open sesame. Why didn’t the blind animal come out? Brother. Brother, where are you? Brother. Brother?! Brother! Brother. Brother. Brother. Brother. Your brother is dead. Chief was right. One of his accomplices
will definitely come. And he’s here to die. Brother. Because of me. Brother lost his life because of me. Don’t think like that, Alibaba. Control your emotions. You’re not responsible
for your brother’s death. He has spent his life in poverty. He always had big dreams. He wanted to live a comfortable life. But now I will cremate
him like a royal king the city of Baghdad will remember forever. Don’t misunderstand me. But if we cremate brother
Kasim in this condition the news will spread across the city. Even the dacoit Jindal will come to know. As you said his men will be in search of you. It will be easier for them to find you. Does that mean I should
not cremate my brother? Should I leave him like this? I wish I could join my brother’s body parts and cremate him as a whole body.I’m very strong at heart.Not just this stole,
I can even stitch a human body. Perhaps I can help you in this. I will just be back. I heard you have the
guts to stitch anything. How about human body? Are you asking me or challenging me? How can I challenge you for something which I haven’t witnessed. It’s my fingers talent that nobody can find the stitches on the body. That’s my confidence. What if I give you a bag full
of gold coins for this talent of yours? Will you do my job then? I will do anything for
a bag full of gold coins. Tell me who do you want me to stitch? You will have to come
to my house for that. Yes, so let’s go. But I’ve a condition. Come in.Where’s this lady taking me?How’s this possible? It means somebody else also know the magical words of this cave. Who he can be? Who is he? He’s the tailor Mstafa. He’s here to help us. Tell me what you want me to stitch. My God! It’s actually a dead body. It will be better if you
keep your mouth shut after this. These Gold coins will
never let me open my mouth. Go, find him. But how do we find him in such a big city? Chief, we don’t know how he look like. Idiots. He has a dead body cut into three pieces. What more evidence you want? Find out in the entire city. Whose body is cremated in three pieces? Go. Let’s go. Your job is done, madam. Brother. I got a backache. Let me rest for a while. You don’t have time to rest. Let’s go. It’s getting late. Don’t take the pain, madam. I will go on my own. No, you won’t go alone. You will go exactly how you had come. Remember, uncle. You will keep your mouth shut. Thank you.Strange!How come it is so crowded today?Was brother Kasim that famous?Excuse me. Has anybody died in past 24 hours? Do you know about the dead body cut into three pieces? How do you like my arrangements, sir? Take a look. People are mourning so much. Crying and all. If you say, our women can
bang their head on the stone and cry. We serve our masters completely. Waiting for your next order. I don’t want anything. Just leave me alone. Sure. Excuse me. Have you gone mad? Alibaba, it’s very late now. Everybody has left. We should also go home now. I want to spend some
more time with my brother. You please go. Take care. Eat, faisal. Eat to your heart’s content. We couldn’t find that man yet. I don’t think we can find him. You’re right. Anyways, chief will not spare us. Then why die hungry? I’ve done a great job today. That’s called talent. Not only clothes,
I can even stitch a human body. Wonderful job. Talent. Can you stitch human body? Show me your talent. No, I just keep blabbering anything. Listen. I’m aware that you
know about the dead body. Listen to me carefully. You will get this if you
tell me about that dead body. And if you wouldn’t tell me then you will get this. I will tell you everything. But I’ve a condition. If you had heard me, you’d be alive today. I had brought enough treasures that would suffice in our entire life. Stop.Smell of Kebab.I’m sure this is Fateh Ali’s shop.Take right from Fateh Ali’s shop.Alright.Is there a kebab shop on my left? Yes. So take me to the right. Let’s go. Keep walking. Keep walking. How much more? Some more time. I’m trying to think. Stop.Hammering the iron on my right.It means it’s blacksmith’s shop.Is there a blacksmith shop on my right? Yes, do you want to shape yourself? So, take me the left. Okay. Let’s go. Easy, man. Stop. Now, exactly 48 steps in this lane. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 42… 43… 44… 45… 46… 47… 48… Stop. Can you see a house on my left? Yes… This is that house. I’m sure something is fishy. Mustafa came with these two? And why did they put a
mark outside Alibaba’s house? I need to be alert. Who are you? Sir, has anybody died
in your family as well? I mean if yes,
you can buy the necessary things for the cremation from me. I mean, the black cloth. A sheet. Hire people for mourning and all that. I’ll be ready to serve you. Order me. Hey, stop your nonsense. Tell me, the guy sitting there has anybody died in his family? Yes, he died just yesterday. Hey, stop your nonsense. Tell me, the guy sitting there has anybody died in his family? Yes, he died just yesterday. He is cremated just some time ago. Was the dead body cut into pieces? Sir, was he someone very close? Just asking because
you’re enquiring so much. I just want to know what the matter is. Keep your mouth shut. Chief. We found that man. Yes, chief. We’ve also seen his house.


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