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100 thoughts on “Alice Johnson On Alabama Inmate Execution | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  • An innocent black man executed in Alabama, who is surprised? The actual confessed murderer is still living on death row. We criticise the human rights violations of other countries and yet lead the world in executing our own citizens.

  • Criminals blonde in jail not the White House oh yeah orange a criminal in the White House yeah I guess criminals belong in the White House when you sell drugs and innocent people died you should be accountable for it it is a violent crime

  • Alabama is disgusting in this racist regard .So tired of the south and all is racist ,bigoted ,hatred of all those who are not white. Abolish the death penalty. Pro life but for the death penalty .What is that about. This man if he is truly innocent is next to Jesus right now.

  • Ronnie Robinson says:

    George stinney is all the proof anyone need, 14 years of age executed by the socalled system of American justice, any group that would do that, why would this group change, answer they don't. Proven later this 14 year old completely innocent, and they new this when they assassinated in the 1st place. A Day of Reckoning is coming.

  • right – not only is the death penalty abhorrent but with the current "justice" system it's proof we live in a barbaric society.

  • incidentally, Biden and Obama made things worse because they did NOTHING to reform the system when they had a chance. And now, Clyburn endorsed Biden!!!

  • This is exactly what is happening to United States! As far as being a fair and equal government we are headed towards discrimination and Hate?. Trump, his Republican cult followers and his enabling Republican politicians are the cause…
    I hope the United States makes it through this mess of the last 3 years,

  • VOTE!!! States been KILLING innocent black men monthly & yearly. STOP complaining !!! VOTE lower ballot!!! SUPPORT Biden or Bernie Sanders for president

  • How come no one cares about the hundreds of innocent black people that are murdered in their own neighborhoods? But lets get out raged about this jerk that was present when five honorable police officers were murdered. GTFOH

  • An eye for an eye was “justice” a thousand years ago. You’d think we’d have progressed to a higher standard by now.

  • Our Supreme Court has anti American Traitor Republican Kleptocracy TrumPutinTard troll Politicians in our Court (5) … These Parasite anti American Judges have to go soon … 👍🏻⚰🇺🇸

  • Jorge de la Selva says:

    This is politics folks. Joe Biden supports prisons and has been responsible for legislation that hurts black folks.
    Please research Bernie.
    Me personally, it's Bernie, Trump, or stay home.
    May this man rest in peace.

  • Surprise,surprise.Really? No! The American justice system overall is an aberration.95% of all cases are settled with plea bargains,which are nothing more than the government extorting people; We'll give you 325 years for something if we go to trial, or sign here now for 25 years and we're done.Of coarse only people with money can afford a decent lawyer( If your lucky that lawyer doesn't have any political aspirations at that time,or else he'll trade you off for something totally unrelated to your case),and the poor who can't are ALWAYS screwed,like this gentleman.

  • This world doesn't have any use for cop killers or their accomplices. May God have mercy on his pitiful soul.

  • Wandering Wizard says:

    The fact that this guy's buddy confessed to being the sole shooter doesn't mean that there is a miscarriage of justice here. The guy could have been just trying to cover for his buddy. This video doesn't go into the actual evidence of the case. Recognize that it's the wrong thing to do here to assume that this is a miscarriage of justice just on the strength of this single video, which seems to be what most in the comments section are doing.

  • george washington says:

    WATCH: Joe Biden's History Of Lies Is Too Risky For Democrats

  • Lucius Kiirus says:

    Alabama got it right. It matters not who pulled the trigger, all involved should get the death penalty. If an innocent person dies in the commission of a crime, all criminals are equally guilty. Bring back the electric chair and hanging. The death penalty should be violent and scary.

  • Reginald Thorne says:

    Shooter or not, he gotta go! Bye Bye Jail Birdie!
    He was took part in the death of three police officers.
    He was executed for his behaviour, period. Cry me a river.
    They should have used a tree shredder!

  • Tanner Shortnacy says:

    Ofcourse the shooter is claiming it was a spur if the moment shooting a planned execution of cops is a certain death sentence claiming you just lost it and started shooting it's possible he could get it dropped to life. Not likely but much more likely than claiming you planned it. Anyone who snaps gets a lighter sentence than someone who planned it.

  • "His role"? He had no role in the shooting deaths. Another individual confessed to have done it on his own. The way you report this is not factual. Why aren't you believing the word of a man who has confessed to everything? And Ruhle, just by inserting the words "his role" implies to the viewers that there was culpability on his part. What is wrong with you, msnbc? What is wrong with you, U.S? Your backwardness continues to astound me on a daily basis.

  • Cannot wait for the Clintons, Bush, Obama and other executions for treason coming up…..already got my popcorn!

  • I'm watching the president live on Fox News at 4:48 pm Fri. meeting with the doctors at CDC and then turned to MSNBC and all they have is another talking head!!!
    Back to Fox where I'm getting important information from the people who know and reporters are doing a Q&A with the CDC experts!!!!
    MSNBC is worthless!!!!

  • Saynoto Socialists says:

    The law is very clear on this subject in all states , if you’re helping someone commit a felony , you’re just as guilty as the one who pulled the trigger , so I don’t feel sorry for this thug , he got what the law says he’s got coming to him

  • 3 cops died and you believe the drug addicted Criminals? Goodbye dirtbags! 3 white cops killed by black racists!

  • I hear MSNBC did the math for Bernie Sanders plan, the people who said you take 500 million dollars and give 327 million people a million dollars! LOL!

  • Can someone please direct me to the clip with Brian Williams and the major math error? I've seen several other outlets cover it but I can't find the original. Thanks!

  • I'm puzzled, why u didn't mention this guy too The President if u went thr for those ladies ? Um' sure ur sad , u may hv been able to help him but it must hv slipped ur mind 🤔 ?

  • And Jesus wept. The law is just a f_ed up two for one deal to put more blacks into the system. Feel the greed and fear.

  • Ya gota ask why so much of/ that “is” the US/ southern US is like this.. why so simple minded../ lacking in depth or thought/ understanding of life?

  • IF he killed a cop in NYC he would have been out on the streets the next day! If you don`t want to do the time don`t commit the crime.

  • Be a Trumpocrat! He believes in justice reform. Marxism is the existential threat to America and the elites in both parties.

  • White folks dont care about no black man getting executed they pretend like they care amber a white police officer killed a black man in his house got 5 years only way this will stop they have to feel our pain

  • The governor and all members of the Supreme Court should be prosecuted for first degree murder … and yes, in THAT case I'll support the death penalty.

  • JoAnna S. Diamonds and Pearls says:

    The actual shooter is still breathing SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THAT
    PICTURE !!
    Why people surprised anyway Alabama been murdering black men for eons !!

  • As an innocent victim of gun violence which destroyed my life . I can see NO reason this man should have been convicted of such charges , let alone to be sentenced to death . I'm a white guy , an I do see this as an act of racism , black profiling or what ever label you want to put on it . This man to lose his life is just plain wrong and a total and complete failure of truth & a miscarriage of justice . I cannot believe in this day an age we still erroneously execute the innocent while the guilty go free . When he is executed it will be a sad and terrible day for us all , not just those directly involved either ! Just a thought !!

  • Cop killers should get amnesty and a retirement benefit like the congress gets. Just like illegal undocumented citizens.

  • Key's to the city says:

    This is what I said and obviously you didn't like it bcoz it really wasn't kind to white folks , I see you deleted some other stuff I wrote .

  • I am so disappointed in this woman for not trying to help Nathan by telling trump about him,and just maybe he might still be alive🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😟😟

  • Key's to the city says:

    To whomever posted this !!!!!!!!!! If you didn't like that you keep on deleting you definitely won't like this . What these two knuckleheads are accused of doing are peanuts compared to what you all did . Accoording to the FBI you all are the real vicious cop "killers !!!!"

    "The FBI reports that of the 511 law enforcement officers killed during felony incidents from 2004 to 2013, white citizens killed the majority of them. Of the citizens stopped by law enforcement officers in New York City and Chicago, white citizens were more likely to be found with guns and drugs. Given the white supremacist penchant for violence, guns and drug trafficking, the findings may be an indication that their network is just as destructive and far-reaching as that of foreign terrorist groups."

    Nine White Cops Killed in 11 Days By White Men: Where was the Media Coverage?

    Although police unions and conservative politicians blame Black Lives Matter and Beyoncé, in 71 percent of fatal shootings of police so far in 2016, the shooter was a white man.

  • Key's to the city says:

    The hits just keeps on coming , so why would you delet it !!!!!???? Nothing will change , I think the more you find out about you all and stop hiding behind the lies trying to make it seem like black folks are these vicious killers when in fact you all are just as bad or worse . Now you can delet everything here but it doesn't change these facts , NOW YOU KNOW !!!!!!

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