3D Touch – Fix it Like This or Bring it back

3D Touch – Fix it Like This or Bring it back

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
I want to talk a little bit about 3d touch now we know that it’s sort of went
away with the iPhone 11 Pro the iPhone 11 pro max and the iPhone 11 where Apple
actually physically removed the pressure-sensitive layer under the
display so that 3d touch is no longer pressure sensitive and they’ve replaced
it with the word haptic touch and what that means is you just long press on an
icon and you get a little menu from that and so it’s sort of like a right-click
on a computer but with their previous phones if you’re not familiar with it or
maybe you haven’t used one of the older phones it actually has a
pressure-sensitive layer under it so you would just push down and push a little
bit harder in order to get that menu to pop up and it’s a lot faster than the
press and hold so if I show you this side by side you’ll see I can do it at
the exact same time and it’s just much faster on the iPhone 8 plus for example
that actually has the 3d touch built in but Apple actually changed the way it
behaves with iOS 13 so that it was less noticeable on the newer devices and what
that means is when you used to press a little bit on an icon it would sort of
fan out and then if you let go it would come back and you can see this a little
bit if you go into the menus for 3d touch on an iPhone 8 plus or something
else below that that has 3d touch or even a XS or a XS Max or an iPhone X
so if we go into settings and then we’ll go to our touch settings now in the 3d
touch menu used to be able to see this if you pushed a little bit and then it
would pop out a little bit and then go back but now you can’t really do it you
can just do it ever so slightly but they’ve basically removed 3d touch
altogether now also 3d touch is more convenient when you’re typing so if
you’re on a website for example and you want to type another web address or you
want to move the cursor all you need to do is push a little pressure in the
middle of the keyboard and you can move your cursor around on a non 3d touch
device it doesn’t work like that so if we go to Apple the same thing here and
we want to move our cursor around if I put my finger down in the middle of the
keyboard it doesn’t do anything but if I put my finger down on space and hold it
then I can move the cursor around so it’s not that difficult but it’s
something that’s chain and it was a feature that a lot of
people really liked that they removed and so the reason I want to talk about
this is because there has been a recent development in the world of Android
where Google did the March pixel update and brought a very similar 3d touch like
feature to the phone using just software so they use their AI or their learning
algorithms to actually understand how your finger spreads out as it presses
the display so if you 3d press or just press quickly on on say Twitter here it
just pops up very quickly and to show you a comparison for speed now they did
have a long press before but now it’s about the same speed so I think Apple
can actually improve this over time with the same sort of learning and it feels
the exact same as 3d touch so if you’re familiar with that it would be great to
have them do something like that if we could have the ability to have them use
maybe their neural engine to understand how your finger fans out as it pushes on
the display harder so it would be great to have something like that back and
then have that brought over to an iPad as well where the glass is so big that
you can’t really press on it the same way and those pressure-sensitive layers
don’t work well so it would be great to see them bring it back based on
something like we had with the pixel software but instead do it on the Apple
side where it’s nice and safe and secure and works like 3d touch now I don’t know
if they could bring the keyboard feature back but I would love to see them bring
everything else back since it’s so helpful
now some apps still allow you to do the pressure-sensitive 3d touch moves but
for the most part it’s gone all throughout the OS it’s more of just a
press and hold and that’s fairly unfortunate but hopefully they can fix
this and bring it back but I would love to hear what you have to say about it
with iPhone 12 I don’t know that they’ll bring it back but they could do it with
an OLED display or they could do it on an LCD display they have the option to
do that and with the iPhone 9 or se 2 they most certainly could do it if it’s
like an iPhone 8 because it’ll be an LCD and so if we have that sort of set up
that’s the same there’s no reason they couldn’t bring it back with iOS 14 or
iPhone 12 and I think a lot of people would really appreciate that and whether
it’s a supply issue a manufacturing issue or something
they have planned in the future to get rid of it I think it would be great to
bring it back and I think it’s a great feature that I missed quite a lot so I
wanted to hear what you had to say about this and if you’re still watching at
this point I really appreciate it but I wanted to get your feedback as far as
follow-ups now I talked about this on Monday where I do sort of news reviews
over the past weekend and the week but I thought maybe we could talk about issues
like this on Friday but let me know what you think about it in the comments below
it kind of breaks up talking about iOS updates and things like that but let me
know your thoughts in the comments below if you’d like to get your hands on this
wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do if you
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100 thoughts on “3D Touch – Fix it Like This or Bring it back”

  • I really miss 3D Touch!. But it’s sad we can’t have it back because 11 pro series doesn’t have a pressure sensitive screen. Hope Apple fixes this feature with iOS 14

  • I don’t use it a lot I mean it’s not in my favorites so I don’t care at all if it is fixed or it has returned

  • Arshaan Siddique says:

    They should give complete support for iOS devices that supports 3D Touch. We need feature what we Paid for.

  • Yes they need to bring it back!! It was crazy to do away with it… I also miss the highlighted bubble that you could see what you were highlighting, if you want to copy and paste something…

  • Dishant Malhotra says:

    Sure the feeling of 3d touch was great on my iPhone 8 but i am happy it's gone i will take a bigger battery any day a Lil bit of thick phone is always on the good side to hold, someone like me who uses super bulky Spigen cases i think i can live with a thick phone if they introduced 3d touch again with the same size of batteries inside.

  • Wickedly Gravitational says:

    “They’ve basically removed 3D Touch all together.” Will you stop saying that? Again, it made people avoid updating to iOS 13 after watching your videos. Not true. Just because that satisfying light press and back out is gone doesn’t mean it’s gone. SMFH.

  • Wickedly Gravitational says:

    It’s a layer to the display. It can be added or removed just as easily on an LCD or OLED panel, the “iPhone 9” having an LCD display doesn’t make it any more reasonable for the layer to return.

  • I miss having peak and pop throughout every app. I can still do it on a couple of apps, but for the most part, they killed it!! I miss 3D Touch so bad!!

  • Ali Ahmad Khan says:

    After updating the whatsapp to get the darkmode…..the 3D touch preview is not there..when we 3D touch a file…pdf or jpg file…what can be the reason?

  • Johnny Wranning says:

    Well….u DONT remove what is already there
    You can add stuff,but you dont remove what people are used to.
    I dont use 3D touch,and i dont understand why is 1 nanosecond longer if thats what it takes to perform something??
    For thoose of you who use 3D touch,well,hope apple brings it back for you in their future devices
    Btw,it will still look like the X but with 12 cameras on the back🙄💨👈

  • Yeah i miss that 3d touch feature where you can easily move the cursor around. Now its a bit difficult to select a word from a text. I really hope apple bring back this features.

  • I am a bit confuse. I thought, synaptic software can already sense whether your finger press the touchpad lightly or firmly by calculating the area of your finger tip (at least since 10 years ago). Since touchpad and touchscreen display basically use the same capacitive sensor(if not better), naturally it is doable to sense a firmer touch on any smartphone screen

  • Glenn Bonavente says:

    It does not matter for me! I do not see it useful every time I use my iphone 11. In some cases only. So not really a great feature

  • 11 pro is my first iphone so i dont miss it😅 it works fine how it is but i understand that people got used to 3d touch and suddenly it was gone with an update.

  • Andres Herrera says:

    I honestly never really cared for 3D Touch and don’t use Haptic Touch much either. But ever since I got my 11 I’ve been using Haptic Touch sparingly and since I never used 3D Touch all that often it doesn’t feel very slow to me. That Android trick is genius though, I think Apple could definitely implement it but I also feel like they won’t just because they already overhauled 3D Touch so aggressively. Haptic Touch does however make rearranging apps require an extra step, but that’s only relevant for me now since I’m still adding apps to the phone. Anyway, I watch a lot of your videos and I really like the format! Straight to the point not too flashy but still made with care. Keep giving us great content man

  • Honestly I miss 3D Touch . I’ve been using my iPhone 8 Plus for a while now and have used Haptic Touch . It just doesn’t feel right tbh !

  • My suggestion: try to release your finger earlier, as soon as the icon (link, etc.) starts to flinch. Do not wait until the context menu pops up under your finger. I got used to it and can assure that if you release your finger earlier, the context menu will pop up no less than twice as fast as if you hold your finger until the context menu appears.

  • I think you’re right. You know one ☝🏻 of the reasons that I recently bought iPhone 📱 Xs and not the 11 Pro is because of the features that I used too. This phone 📱 has the last features of it’s kind.

  • Richard Crossley says:

    Love you follow up and information videos! Often helps me understand the new features better (especially as Google give you like zero explanation about anything on an update!)

  • By far, my 11 Pro is the BEST phone I've ever owned. 3D Touch was nice, but a pain in the ass because my fingers are big sausage links. 3D Touch never really worked well for me. It is still sort of the same with the iteration we have now, but it's a minor miss for me.

  • They removed it to save money I bet. It makes it faster to build them and if it saves then like 10 bucks a phone then that is a over a billion saved. They got to make that money back off that lower price regular iPhone 11. Just a though.

  • If you spent $1500 on a new phone (Xs, Xs max ) you got to use the technology for one year, why not have two separate features in the os like they did when xs and xr were the current models?

  • Harwinder Singh RupaL says:

    Moving to software based 3D touch from hardware is a good thing actually. You can fix software 3D touch with updates on older phones as well but you can't fix hardware on older phones. imagine if iOS 15 gets some software based 3D touch features, at that time iPhone Xr will also get those benefits after 3-4 years.

  • David Montgomery says:

    I have had my iPhone 8 Plus for just over 2 years and I still love it. 3D Touch is amazing and I use it a lot!

  • 3D Touch was the feature that made the iphone a better product than the competition. I hope this comes back. So useful.

  • Gary Gregorio says:

    Look, 3D Touch made the iPhone feel futuristic besides the fact that it just works. I have the xs max and miss 3D Touch so much. Hope apple brings it back on the iPhone 12 and for those iPhones that has the pressure sensitive sensor under the screen.

  • 8+ here. I noticed it got a LOT more sensitive & snappy after one of the the recent updates (maybe 13.3.1?) making it nearly the same way it was pre-iOS 13.

  • M Jearl Vinot says:

    I acctually didn’t use 3D Touch much on my iPhone 8 Plus but I find myself using it more on my iPhone 11. What I do use a lot is the hold the space bar to move curse feature. Overal I don’t mind haptic touch. Also, yes, please give us more tech news too. Thanks!

  • I have a I phone 7 and I have a problem when I want to delete my ail I have to hit the trash can twice in order to delete a particular message. I use to hit it once and it would be gone. Is it the update software giving me this problem. It get annoying.

  • i have sent feedback on the apple feedback site so many times to bring back 3d touch. it is an amazing feature and i really want it back

  • I had to buy a new phone a couple of months. My phone of choice was the 8+ largely bc of the home button AND 3D touch. I hope they can bring it back to the newer phones somehow.

  • Vladimir Kochkovski says:

    I honestly didn’t like 3D Touch because I don’t like applying pressure on a delicate glass screen. I much prefer the Haptic Touch now.

  • Would be sweet if Apple look at google and make that…But we talk about APple..so Will never happen or it happen many years later. And they call it some crap name and calls it revolutionary..:)

  • JP Twenty Four says:

    Titles a bit misleading on this video. I though it would give us a way to “fix it or bring it back”. It seems like its more “[How apple could] Fix it or bring it back”.

  • This isn’t new. It was achieved by jailbreak tweaks years ago. You simulate 3D Touch on iPhone 6. I’m still holding on to my Xs max

  • Cornish Carrot Cruncher says:

    Sick of Apple cheap skating its customers, no 3D Touch, cheap modems and no high wattage charger, Siri sucks too, these phones are so overpriced, will not be buying any more Apple products until they get their shit together and offer more bang for my bucks

  • Coming from iPhone 8 Plus to my 11 pro max, I don’t really miss 3D Touch, especially now iOS 13 allows me to move the cursor with just my finger, and previously most used 3D Touch feature was switching between apps, now the new gesture don’t even require 3D Touch to do so, so I’m good without 3D Touch 🥳

  • Practically most non-techie people don’t know what it is and don’t seem to care for it. So, they saw it would be a good idea to remove it in favor of a better battery.

  • Brian Robinson says:

    I loved the 3D touch mouse feature in the keyboard. I do use the new feature of holding on the spacebar but if you want to scroll downward in a email or message it doesn’t give you much movement to scroll down.

  • kevin clayton says:

    Lmfao so let me get this right apple are now taking features away from there customers.and wont add new tech..untill its proven🤣🤣samsung really are making them look shit..I ise to love iPhone.but then I switched to a note8 and never looked back..and now the ultra is out 2ith all its features.i wont be going back for at least 2 years.lets hope they can sort there features out by then.but to tell the truth ios was the only good thing about iPhones.and now android 10 with one ui 0.2 is just as good..

  • My jailbroken SE has 3d touch and I'm surprised how well it works (the tweak is called Force3dappshortcuts). It recognises a wider press so no reason apple can't fix this. Its on iOS 10 so presumably some code was already there.

  • Muhammad Adeel Arshad says:

    I just bought brand new iphone xs max today
    because of 3d touch. Playing call of duty and pubg is far more fun because of 3d touch.
    I skip iphone 11 pro max no 3d touch no usb type c no 5g 😉

  • I like both 3D and Haptic Touch. Just as long as I can quick check or need something quickly. 🤷‍♂️ Apple better not remove the touches at all, though!!!

  • Scott Donigian says:

    Currently have an iPhone 11. Speed is good enough for me. 3D Touch/Haptic Touch, I just press on the app & voila it opens. I also group my apps up to nine per bubble so most of the time I have to tap twice to get in. I have hundreds of apps so the biggest convenience is being able to group them & give the bubble a generic name.

  • i don't have to miss out on the 3d touch feature because, guess what, i bought myself a shiny new iphone xs =) great feature and bring back the headphone jack!

  • danielgartin6993 says:

    I can't physically use 3D Touch because I have neurological damage, my hands ache and go numb a lot and I still wet the bed, I can do that long press on my Android phone as well actually

  • I had the option to purchase an iPhone XS or an iPhone 11/11 Pro.
    And I skipped iPhone 11s and got the iPhone XS only because of the 3D Touch. This is how much I like it.

    I do not want to move on from 3D Touch. It is so satisfying to use it !

    I wish Apple would not have removed it from the iPhones or at least not in the Pro/Max higher end versions.
    I really wish Apple brings it back some way or the other !!

  • SeanyTechMagic says:

    Apple removed the pressure sensitive layer to make room for bigger batteries. Would you rather have 3D Touch and a smaller batterie, 3D Touch and the same batterie but, a thicker phone, or do you like it how it is now? I like it how it is now.

  • I'm still using my iPhone 6s , I got a replacement like a year ago so it's almost new , I'm running iOS 13 and 3D Touch doesn't feels like iOS 12 , luckily they didn't removed the pressure in the keyboard , but the thing that I miss the most is peek and pop , haptic touch does it in a weird way that just feels unconfortable , next year I will get an iPhone X/Xs so I will be able to still use "3D Touch" , but anyways , it would be nice if Apple bring it back to the upcoming models.

  • The best magic of 3D Touch keyboard gesture is that if you remove your pressure, but keep your finger on the glass, press again would actually allow you to toggle text selection, which I haven’t figured out how to do with a non-3D Touch display.

  • Mystery Mashine says:

    Yes!! Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been talking about this for ages now… although I was never entirely certain if my idea would be possible or not. It’s so cool to see that it is actually possible!

  • If iPhone 9 wouldn’t have 3D Touch, it would be the first “4.7 iPhone without 3D Touch since the iPhone 6, which was released in 2014.

  • Dear sir
    Please describe more deeply about the iPhone 11 screen resolution and make the comparison
    I would love to see more from u
    Actually people with low budget really want to afford an iPhone
    So we want to make sure is it good to use
    For me i don't know which on is better in 2020 right now between XS and 11
    Like for XS
    Dislike for 11
    Comment down below guy

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