34 Gold Medal games – And why we have gold medal games.

34 Gold Medal games – And why we have gold medal games.

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the fastest-growing boardgame community in the world kia ora koutou and welcome to this quick
video on why we’re doing gold medal Awards for games for the longest time
people have been saying to me things like oh that was a really cool recap but
what did you think of the game did you like it and because the way our review
format works I try to give the pros and cons of each game which sometimes makes
it hard to tell if I actually like the game or not and I didn’t want to give a
scoring system because once you start giving game scores all the nuance from a
review goes out the window oh you gave that an 8 but you gave this one a 9
how dare you how dare you good sir and frankly those conversations are really
boring like really boring so instead of having a boring conversation about why I
scored a game a 7 or an 8 and holy hell if you give a game like a 5 out of 10
which is average or slightly below average some people act like you’ve just
called it the worst thing ever made so it’s just not worth the hassle but I did
like the idea of giving my blessing to games I’ve really really liked so the
idea behind the gold medal award is just to acknowledge that to acknowledge that
there are some games and I absolutely 100% stand behind and endorse so as this
video is going on I will bring up the games that have retroactively won a
gold medal from three-minute board games we’ve reviewed something like 140 games
on the channel and we’re going to give it out to about 30 which considering
that I reviewed in the first two years primarily games from my collection that
I already really loved that gives you an idea that it’s going to be relatively
uncommon going forward there are a lot of games I really like that I’m not
giving the gold medal to either because they just fall short or because of other
things I’ll discuss later in the video and the requirements for this are
twofold first of all yeah I’ve got to like the game that’s requirement number
one I have to have played in a bunch and once I’m done reviewing it be sitting
there going oh man I really really want to get this to the table again and I
think a good benchmark for that is when I’m setting up the game to take photos
of it if I’m sitting there thinking I wish I was playing this instead of
taking photos of it that’s aside it’s a game I really like and I really want to
be playing again and I had that with gaia project
as I was sitting it up I’m like I want to be playing I don’t want to be taking
photos most people were here to play this with and obviously I don’t get that
for every single game I do the second requirement is that the publisher must
be in good standing with three-minute board games now that sounds kind of
pretentious and I did put my pretentious voice on for it but the reason behind
that is I don’t want to put my name and our brand alongside people I don’t like
or don’t respect or who don’t like and don’t respect me a really good example
of this is a game called unbroken now I’m apparently getting a copy of
unbroken at some point and even if I did review it which I probably wont and even
if I did really like it I can’t give this game a gold medal simply because
the publisher has been an absolutely terrible human being in every way you
can possibly conceive when you’re a board game publisher and you appear on
the People’s Court and you lose on the People’s Court yeah probably not someone
I’m going to endorse and if you think that sounds like some form of favoritism
or bias it pretty much is but I’m upfront about it and I think you
cannot divorce a game from its publisher and any attempt to do so just feels like
a way to excuse pretty crappy behavior so anyway that’s my rationale behind why
I gave out these gold medals and if any publisher wants to use these on a game
box I’m sure we can arrange something and no before anyone asks I’m not going
to be charging them for that privilege yeah none of these games should really
shock anyone they’re all games I’ve talked about at length and many of them
have appeared in my top 100 and if you enjoyed this video like it click the
notification button check out our website and listen to our podcast


30 thoughts on “34 Gold Medal games – And why we have gold medal games.”

  • 3 Minute Board Games says:

    So each of these games are ones I stand by with, based on the criteria outlined in the video. You will notice some games I like aren't on the list. This is either because we haven't covered them, or for other reasons. Due to drama avoidance, i won't go into huge details over why a certain game didn't make it.

    But I will give some example. Architects and Paladins are both on the list, Viscounts & Raiders are not. I think Viscounts and raiders are both good games, but I don't rate them as highly as Paladins or Architects. So that's an example of it being about the game not being as "wow, must play again" enough for me.

    Everdell is not on there due to a lot of comments and messages I have received from people about the owner of the publisher. I've still reviewed the game, and do like it, but based on that feedback, i didn't feel comfortable giving the award to everdell, or black orchestra, both of which are games i have reviewed and and very much enjoyed. So that's an example of "not sure i want to endorse said company"

    I hope that makes things a bit clearer for anyone watching this.

  • unicornshampoo says:

    If you know you like a game. Why would you need to watch a review? That seems like purposely seeking outrage if someone doesn't agree with you.

  • 3 Minute Board Games says:

    I should probably address the elephant in the room, Spirit island. I still love the game, but over the last few years I have reached out to the publisher on multiple occasions and never been responded to. I've tried, often to link up with them and they've made it clear they aren't interested. Nothing harsh has been said, but 3 minute board games is not on their radar. Not trying to create drama, but there is no relationship between greater than games and 3 minute board games, whatsoever.

  • Does this mean games from Designers/Publishers you don't like will also be removed from your top 100 in the future?

  • I’m more surprised not to see Conquest of Paradise, given it’s non-colonial approach to Oceania and that there’s nothing wrong with GMT as far as I know.

  • 01 7 Wonders

    02 Anachrony

    03 Architechs of the West Kingdom

    04 Argent the Consortium

    05 Azul

    06 Between Two Cities

    07 Bloc by Bloc (2nd Ed)

    08 The Captain is Dead

    09 Crisis

    10 Empires of the Void

    11 Gloomhaven

    12 Lords of Hellas

    13 Horrified

    14 Star Wars: Imperial Assault

    15 Leaving Earth

    16 Energy Empire

    17 Nemesis

    18 Obsession: Pride, Intrigue and Prejudice in Victorian England

    19 Paladins of the West Kingdom

    20 Power Grid

    21 Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

    22 Rurik: Dawn of Kiev

    23 Santorini

    24 Scythe

    25 Space Corp 2025-2300AD

    26 Star Wars: Rebellion

    27 Suburbia

    28 Terraforming Mars

    29 Thunderbirds

    30 Twilight Struggle

    31 This War of Mine: the Board Game

    32 Villagers

    33 War of the Ring (2nd Ed)

    34 Yoko Hama
    35: Gaia Project

  • Whatsabandicoot says:

    Thought I'd repost this up here – Spheres of Influence, as well as a possible expansion, will be getting a reprint via Kickstarter sometime this month.

    There are some tweaks to the maps and ability cards, refreshed art, and a double sided board (whole world / EU only map). You can follow these tweaks and updates here: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2331801/note-developer-expansion-eu-distribution/page/6

    Better news for us Europeans – there is a distributor lined up for retail here if it the KS campaign is successful 🎉

  • Manny Calavera says:

    Wow, I just found out about the Golden Bell Studios / Marc Goldner drama – I really hope they don't get to publish another game. What a disgrace.

  • Leeroy Jenkins says:

    Unbroken… well i know what youre talking about… 🙈 still waiting for my game… and your reviews are funtastic 🤘🏻😜👍🏻

  • What ‽ No Viticulture… This systems is rigged 😂 just kidding!!!!

    I love when reviewers put everything out there. "I like this game because this is who I am as a person and this game gels with me for that reason".
    Doesn't mean what I like is wrong.

    Thanks for all you hard work.

  • boardgamerants says:

    I find the personal approach you take with your channel inspiring. The no-nonsense stance is something I believe anyone who wants to last in YT world must take to "survive". You do it spectacularly, and I love it. Thank you for the wonderful contributions you make to this hobby I so adore. I appreciate it very much.

  • Martin Brochhaus says:

    Oh fuck. There are tons of gold medal games that I don't have in my collection yet. Taking notes for my December boardgame buying spree 😬

  • I like how you set this endorsement and speccially how upfront and honest you are showing yourself about it. There is no necessary drama about why and what.
    I have been following your channel for the past 6months or so and I am looking forward to see more content.
    Cheers to you

  • James Jacob Thomson says:

    I really respect the decision not to support certain publishers, but I wonder if it's necessary to name names? It just seems to me like stoking the fire.

    Otherwise, thanks for the great list.

  • Rafael Fernandes says:

    I understand your reasoning perfectly, but I also understand the disconnect that some people are experiencing. I think that calling it a "gold medal" and having a somewhat esoteric (but totally valid) criteria of "good relation with the channel" leads some people to think that it's a petty thing, and not just the cold analysis of the game itself. If it was just called a recommendation I think you would experience less questioning, but I get where you're coming from. That said, I'm really enjoing the feature on the channel and wholeheartedly support the effort, it's a great way to better understand your unique point of view. Thanks for all the work.

  • I take it you liked Villagers more than Oaxaca? Or was it the publisher/availability of the latter is just too small?

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