2020 New Crystal UHD TV Samsung TU8000 – Full Review – Indonesia (with English subtitle)

2020 New Crystal UHD TV Samsung TU8000 – Full Review – Indonesia (with English subtitle)

Hello my friend.. Welcome back to Anto Gibran YouTube Channel Channel for review all about Electronic Products in Indonesia OK My friend`s… in this video i want to invite all of you to review the new UHD TV Samsung for this year that is TU8000 we`ll talk about the difference from last year watch this video till end and please don`t skip so you not miss understanding about this new product….hahahaha OK..for the first, we talk about the full specification samsung TU8000 for the first, TU8000 have 3 variant size starting from 50 inch until 65 inch with all screen using VA Panel or usually we know as soft panel for improvement this year, samsung starting with Crystal Processor 4K which claimed, able to produce more accurate picture quality better than last year while the HDR Support for this type, it`s same as last year only support for HLG & HDR 10+ it`s mean not supported for HDR Dolby Vision so if you looking for TV with HDR Dolby Vision Support i`am not recommed for this type maybe you can buy another type and then we talk about sound specification this TV using Down Firing Speaker Design it`s mean the speaker is facing down my friend with sound output 2.0 channel speaker with 20W RMS and supported with Dolby Digital Plus Technology, bluetooth audio and also the new technology from samsung “Multi Room Link” just for reminder my friend UHD TV samsung this year is just same like last year that is not support for DTS Codec audio so if you still think that the DTS codec format is important for you when you plug in the movie with DTS Codec to this TV it will appear information “The audio data is not support for this TV” OK… now we move to smart function & specification this TV in this year samsung still using TIZEN for their smart TV platform you can find many default application and you can also add through download in samsung store and then samsung also still introduce their AI Platform technology called as Bixby this make TV Samsung can understand what you say with your voice comand but unfortunately Bixby can`t understand Bahasa (Indonesian Languange) hmmmm.. so sad 🙁 for me OK.. i believe many of you curious about the price from this type so i put the price and also the dimension about this product starting from 65 inch price about IDR 12 ~ 13M (834 ~904 USD) and for 55 inch the price is about IDR 9 ~ 10M (626 ~ 695 USD) and for the last.. 50 inch price is about IDR 7 ~ 8M (486 ~ 556 USD) now.. we talk about the design this TV TU8000 design is called as Boundless Design because the bezel is very thin and i`am very like this concept design the right, left, and also top bezel is really thin my friend this make TV more look more luxurious the widest bezel is only for bottom bezel my friends and for the stand this TV the design is same just like last year but more higher better than last year and previous years and while for back cover TV the design is similar with last year it`s only different on the striped motif and i found something unique on this design at the bottom part, there is 4 line striped.. but i`am not sure what benefit from this design maybe is only for variation so over all for the design back cover very similar with last year UHD TV we move to input connectivity for the input connectivity is also same like last year UHD TV there is 3 HDMI, 2 usb port and the other input connectivity the differential is for HMDI 2, for this year already support for e-ARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) the good news is for UHD TV this year already get smart remote/one remote Samsung which you can find some interesting button just like netflix, prime video, also for open web browser volume button and button for change the channel home button, back, play pause button and also the other button the inconvenient is happen when i want change the channel to double digit i must press the “123” button” and choose the number on the screen for the default applications more or less is same like last year my friends and then for your infomation this TV is already Digital TV and then i also found the “Gallery” application, that you can use, if you already sign in to samsung account is rather complicated and you also can found the other application such as apple TV, Netflix, YouTube is already default on this TV but there is something new guys… in this UHD TV 2020 we can use “Ambient Mode” feature fyi, ambient mode for last year, only available on QLED line up with this feature you can change the display with images just like painting and other but you must connect to internet if you want use this feature and then you must download the theme first or images do you want after that, don`t forget to adjust the color, contrast, sharpness, and also saturation because when the first, ambient mode image is always on standard mode and the picture getting dark one more you must noted guysss.. when i open the web browser it`s inconvenience to using this remote because i must press the button left and right to control the cursor on the screen moreover when i want to typing some website i must press again and again, to typing the website address maybe its more convenience if you use keyboard and mouse when you open web browser on this TV in the quick setting menu you can set up some menu. starting from e-manual, picture mode, sound mode, sound output, and also Game mode while, the full menu or setting the display color is little bit different from last year if last year the background menu is grey but for this year the background color is more dark/black and then let`s talk about the picture mode this TV picture mode option this TV is same with last year there 4 option, starting from dynamic till movie for retail mode option, it`s only available on “display” TV on the store for purchase with new stock (for customer) , the retail mode option is not available and then in this menu, you also can found expert setting so you can setting more detail such as contrast, sharpness,color, brightness and other just like last year UHD TV let`s move to sound menu for sound setting, you can choose 2 option for sound ouput optical audio out, and bluetooth and on sound mode setting, you can choose between 2 option adaptive sound and amplify an then in expert setting, i found some improvement for sound output on this TV this TV is support for HMDI e-ARC and this feature is not available on UHD TV last year with this feature you can deliver the sound from TV to other device audio with premium quality but the audio devices is must support for e-ARC too while, for the other menu is same just like UHD TV last year so the conclusion is, for the sound menu this TV getting upgrade with e-ARC support we move to other`s menu on General menu you can find ‘Voice Assistant” menu or usually we called with Bixby but to use this Bixby feature, you must have samsung account first so if you don`t have it yet, you must create the samsung account first after that, you must through some setting such as voice command recognition your voice must recognize by bixby so you must through step by step if you want use Bixby and remember Bixby only understand 8 language (bahasa is not including) you can check in here.. after the step is done now you can use Bixby to control this TV such as volume control or looking for some information from internet and i will make the Tutorial Video about Bixby on my next video and in this menu you also find ‘Device Manager” setting and there is some interesting you can found “Game Mode Setting” this is upgrade for this year and then you can find Air Play setting too but for Airplay is exactly same just like last year it`s not support for HomeKit yet if you want to know about Air Play and how to connected you can watch tutorial video AirPlay 2 on this channel for Accessibility menu you can set the voice guide setting so the TV will sounding voice when you setting the menu, volume, channel or something else for example when you set the volume on , 10, TV will sounding the voice “VOLUME TEN” if you want to use this feature, you must setting menu language this TV on English first you also can found support menu on this part this menu you can use if you want software update this TV device care menu, open e-manual, remote management and also about this TV in “about this TV” menu i think i will find life time chek but i was wrong.. in this menu only about software & hardware information and for the last menu is just term and privacy menu, just like other`s TV and for the last information, in this TV is already available “connection guide” menu so if you confused about how to connected this TV with other device you can read in this menu starting from connected with HDMI,PC, smart phone and other actually you can choose the easy way.. with watch tutorial about smart tv in this YouTube channel… hahahahahaha OK guysss…., that`s all about review the new UHD TV Samsung TU 8000 don`t forget to turn on the notification button from this channel because in the next video.. i will compare Samsung UHD TV 2019 vs UHD TV 2020 Thanks for watching and salam Ngoprek_Ngoprek


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