🔴Huawei Mate XS 5G introduce  | تقنية هواوي مايت أكس أس القابلة للطي @Naja Tech

🔴Huawei Mate XS 5G introduce | تقنية هواوي مايت أكس أس القابلة للطي @Naja Tech

meet the unprecedented a foldable
full-view display discovered the unprecedented the art of flexibility
spread your wings with Hawaiian may Texas Falken wing design adopting the
unique Falken wing with an innovative hinge Hawaiian may Texas presents
groundbreaking technology with a remarkable visual sensation folded as a
sleek smartphone it fits perfectly in your pocket and father
you can always be ready for tasks on the go flip it open you can explore more in
the double side the mercy of screen with comfort and ease see more at once the
stunning Hawaii full display offers immense details and vivid colors
everywhere you look while the remarkable eight-inch Juan
screen allows you to see more at once we need to scroll back and forth the
breathtaking scenery thrilling wide chunks and comprehensive infographics
are all before your eyes ready in the flash the
power button of Hawaii may Texas is thoughtfully designed to integrate
fingerprint recognition so you can touch gently on the sign to wake up and unlock
your phone securely in a split second moonlight asking master the intelligent
multi window to function divides the 8 ‘ wide screen into two independent task
interfaces so you can make notes while checking your messages and review your
photo album for the right picture to post while editing your social media
updates you can even open one app and to split windows to easily manage different
tasks at the same time with Hawaii at multiplier of 3 also there is an
ingenuously designed dock to incorporate your favorite apps and a shortcut menu
so you can activate a floating window for a quick action never waste time in
switching apps powered by the queue in 995 G chipset hua mate X’s achieves
cutting edge speed and performance in this 5g era the CPU architecture of
three-level energy efficiency brings groundbreaking performance with less
consumption the dual core plus tiny core and PU creates a solid foundation for
the explosive development of future I capabilities supporting both NSA and so
5g architectures for hua mate X’s keeps you in sync of the 5g evolution with the
dual SIM card design why’d compatibility of most 5g you can
always stay connected introducing her wall is innovative cooling system thanks
to flexible bail on a graphite that rises to the dual challenges the found
ability and balance dissipation your Hawaiian may Texas can always stay cool
stream or download ultra HD videos with high-speed play all your graphic
intensive 3d games and dive into the thrills of the 5g world without breaking
a sweat capture every brilliance integrating the
backend front camera the 40 MP super sensing the quad camera system allows
you to capture the beauty of the world as the catch your eyes far or close dark
or bright grand or small now every worthy image stays not only in your mind
but also in her phone Lanier shooting with dual screen allows you and the
photographer to check and share creative ideas and real time to show your beauty
just how you want the 40 MP super sensing camera absorbs efficient light
and details to capture the beautiful stories and people in the dark with the
16 MP eltra wide-angle lens the Magnificent Mountain
the grandeur palettes are all unfolded in a great perspective thanks to the
better power management of q in 995 g chipset and 4500 M all five large
capacity battery Hawaiian may Texas offers outstanding long battery life and
will stand by you for a thrilling game night or demanding presentation day just
like a trustworthy friend with the 55w Hawaii supercharge six even the large
battery of 4,500 Emma can be charged to 85% in just 30 minutes seven just lay
back to enjoy a good cup of coffee then you will be ready for a hectic day
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