Get ready to have your brain busted! These
super hard riddles are the ultimate challenge for your IQ! You’ll have to get through
seven riddles, 7 ultra tricky riddles. If you can’t solve them just sit back, regroup
and wait for the answer after each one. Your brain will appreciate this amazing workout
and your mind will definitely feel a bit younger and sharper after we’re done! Think
fast, think outside the box, and let’s go!! Mr. Smith’s house was robbed. He was found
by the police on Monday morning, tied to a chair. Here’s what the victim said: “A criminal
broke into my apartment last night, tied me up and stole my wife’s jewelry. My wife
is away on business right now…I’ve just been sitting here waiting for help.” Policeman:
“Well, what happened next?” “Early in the morning, I heard the mailman putting the
newspaper through the door. I started screaming, begging him to call the police. Apparently
he heard me and called you guys! Thank goodness!” Policeman: “You… and your wife, are under
arrest for false statements. After all, she obviously, tied you to a chair.” What
tipped off the policeman? You have 12 seconds for this first tricky riddle. Your time starts
now! Answer: the newspaper slot is located at the
bottom of the door, and the newspapers didn’t get on the nightstand by themselves. Martin has his own business. His office is in the
basement. It was ok for now, but he dreamed of having a more fancy office, you know,
high up, big windows, fancy leather couches… One day Martin came to work and found that
his safe was empty. He immediately called a detective. The detective interviewed the
cleaning lady who was there that morning. Cleaning lady: I came in early today, but I
was in a big rush, so many offices to clean today. I only managed to wash the windows.
I didn’t see any evidence of a break-in. The detective knew that she was lying. How? You’ve got 12 seconds…Your time starts now Answer: She said she washed the windows, but how could she??The office is in the basement John, Karl, Cynthia and Stan went to a bar.
Suddenly John felt sick and lost consciousness. He woke up in a room with a lamp, a TV
and a clock. There was only 1 door and it led into a dark corridor. His friends were there
too…no one remembered how they ended up there. After some time, the TV turned on, not normal TV,
some sort of prerecorded message. They learned that they had been abducted, and they’re
in a maze. There is no light in the maze. One thing’s for sure…They need to find
a way out of it. They found a box of candles and matches in the room. They walked through
the labyrinth for 5 hours… using the candles, no luck. They came back tired and decided
to sleep a bit. Then Stan said he would go and look for a way out, by himself.
He took 1 candle, lit it and went out into the maze. John woke up 3 hours later…
Stan was just coming back. Stan: “I wandered around for 3 hours and found nothing!”
Then John shouted to everyone: “Grab him!” Why did John freak out and grab Stan? Quick!
What’s the answer! You’ve only got 12 seconds and your time starts now! Answer: Stan went out with one candle, walked
for 3 hours and returned. The candle couldn’t possibly be the same length as when he went
out. Stan must be part of the whole kidnapping plan somehow. The police got a call about a bank robbery.
When they arrived the bank’s manager said that there had been several girls dressed
in black masks and gloves. He knew they were female from their long hair and eyelashes.
The policeman found scratches on his cheek and asked where he got them from. The manager
said that one of the robbers scratched him with her nails. The policemen immediately
realized that the manager was lying. How did he know? Did you hear the vital clue? your 12 seconds starts now Answer: the girls were wearing gloves, so they
couldn’t have scratched the manager. He’s hiding something! Police found Rosa unconscious in a hotel
room. They interviewed all her friends. They were models from all over the country who
had come to Chicago for a contest. Next to her they found an electronic alarm clock
pulled out of the outlet. A detective asked her friends what they were doing at night.
Alessandra: “I played poker with my friends in a restaurant on the ground floor. All
my friends and the bartender can vouch for me… I didn’t leave the restaurant.”Gee: “Isabella
told me that she was walking along the corridor at about 4am. She noticed that the door of Rosa’s room was open. At first she could only hear the ticking of the alarm clock. Then suddenly
the clock fell silent…and there was a crash! She hid and noticed Alessandra slipping out
Rosa’s room and running towards the stairs!” Isabella confirmed Gee’s testimony. Detective:
“I think you and Isabella are in on this together…you committed this crime!” How
did the detective know? Time to solve the crime…do you have what it takes? Your 12 seconds
starts now! Answer: Gee’s story was good, but an electric
alarm clock doesn’t tick, so the whole story is a lie. One day, the police were called to Mr. Smith’s
house. They arrived 10 minutes after the call and approached the house, They had to cover
their faces with their hands, it was so windy that day! Mr. Smith was found unconscious
at a desk in his office. It was Smith’s neighbor who called the police. The policeman
opened the door and the papers from the table scattered on the floor. Smith’s neighbor
also entered the room. Policeman: “Did you call us?” Neighbor: “Yes. Smith and I
agreed to watch the match together. I rang the doorbell — he didn’t open. Still,
the door was unlocked, it’s a safe neighborhood. I went in his house and decided to look
for him in his office. Policeman: “Did you touch anything here?” Neighbor: “I didn’t
touch anything and didn’t leave the office, as you instructed. I think someone climbed
through the open window …” The policeman looked out the window: There was a flowerbed,
just under the window…and there were traces of men’s shoes in the dirt. The policeman
was sure that the neighbor was lying. How did he know? Can you solve the crime? Well, you only have 12 seconds! Answer: There was a strong wind that day,
so if the neighbor entered the office through the door, like the police, the draft would
have blown the papers right off the table. And since they only flew off when the policeman
came in, he guessed that it was the neighbor who had entered the office through the window. Matt forgot some important documents at home.
He returned for them at 9:00am. When he entered the house, he heard glass breaking. He saw
someone in a mask running out of the back door to a parked red car. Luckily, the robber
didn’t have time to steal anything. Matt immediately called the police and reported
this mysterious red car. But he could only remember part of the plate number…31w.
The police arrived at the scene 5 minutes later and immediately went to look for the
red car. After 10 minutes, the policeman saw a similar red car parked near a cafe.
The policeman entered the cafe. There was only one customer. The policeman asked him:
“Is this your car? What were you doing about 15-20 minutes ago? ” The customer
replied: “Yeah, this is my car, but I’ve been sitting here for over an hour.” The
detective looked at his watch. It was 9:15am. He immediately arrested the guy. Why? Last chance to prove yourself! Your 12 seconds starts now Answer: The cafe opens at 9, so he couldn’t
have been sitting there for an hour.



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