फिर लौट आई ” नागिन ” || Fir Laut Aaye Naagin New Episode 74 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

फिर लौट आई ” नागिन ” || Fir Laut Aaye Naagin New Episode 74 Full HD || TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Mr. Albert.
I’ll get this deal done. But I have a condition. The deal will happen not for
1 crore, but 1.10 crores. – Tell me.
– Okay. The deal is done. But I want these rings today, in fact, right now. Give me your address. I’ll be there. Okay, I’ll message the address
to you right away. Come there, with the rings. Okay. Okay. Oh, Mayank! If I get the rings, I’ll get the gem too. And once I have the gem, I’ll get 50 crores. Then I’ll take the money
and go far away from here. Far away. Albert has messaged the address. He has called me to the old temple where there is
construction work going on. Sir. – What’s in that box?
– You’re the son of a servant. You’re a servant too, understand? Don’t try to make inquiries.
Go away. Oh, dear!
What was I thinking? I’m not going to the market. I’m going to crack a deal
of 1.10 crores. How can I go alone? It could be risky. What is this guy doing here
anyway? I’ll take him. Two are better than one.
He’ll be of help. Hey, listen. Come here. I’ll tell you what. Take me to the old temple where there is construction work
going on. Come on. But sir, Mr. Thakur… He has gone to Delhi with
your father for some work. And listen, this is his job too. Don’t ask questions.
Get the car. Come on. Yes, sir, I’m coming. ‘Your enemy is Ragini.
Stay cautious of her.’ Who could that caller be? You know, Shivani, I’ve been
thinking who that caller could be. Who is it that knows
everything about Ragini? He was trying to alert you. I find all this strange, as if
something bad is going to happen. You know, Priya, I too have been
worried about this for so long. And you know that caller sounded familiar. After talking to him, I felt like I’ve spoken
to him before. What? Shivani, try and recollect. We have to find that caller. ‘You know what, Nandini? I…’ Raj. It was Raj’s voice. That worry, that concern can come
only from Raj. But why would Raj do this? He could have come to you
and told you everything clearly. He can’t, because Ragini is
Mayank and Neelam’s niece. Perhaps, Raj found it wrong to accuse her directly. It’s possible. But what’s confusing is, what does Raj know about Ragini that he’s warning you directly? What could Ragini’s next move be? Whatever her move may be, she won’t be successful now. It’s time to teach her a lesson. Let’s go, Priya. Here you are, sir.
We’ve reached your destination. But who do you have to meet here? I’ve told you several times to mind your own business. Don’t ask questions. Stay here. I’ll be back. Is anyone here? Look at this. The driver’s son Raj
did have a point. The place seems weird. The dogs are barking too. Is anyone here? It’s such an isolated place. Is anyone here? Is anyone here? Mister, let’s talk decently. Why are you using a knife? Look, I know karate too. I’m warning you. Hey, you! Hey! You’re much more stupid than I had anticipated, Mayank. You brought your
brother-in-law’s rings here without even thinking it through. You’re the best brother-in-law. Look, you don’t know my brother-in-law. If he finds out,
it won’t be good for you. If I did not know him, how would
I have known about the rings? Look, we can talk it out. Why do you need a knife for it! I warned you! I know karate! I won’t spare you! Hey! He bit my hand! He took brother-in-law’s rings. How will I impress
brother-in-law now? – He’ll be depressed!
– Sir! Sir, what happened?
How did you get hurt? Forget this wound, dear.
Go after him! He ran away with
brother-in-law’s rings. Get him, dear! My blessings are with you.
Don’t be scared. He went in his car. My car is far away. What do I do now? There is no one around. Sir isn’t here either. Who put this blanket on me? It has current running in it. Whoever put this blanket on me, my poison will kill them! What’s this? Why am I unable
to take my serpent form? Who is it! Who is it! Leave me! Who is it! Who tied me up!
Leave me! Shivani? Priya? This blanket has a spell,
Ragini. You can’t come out of it
or use your powers on it. Shivani, what kind of a joke is this? Are you testing me? You’re the one who made a joke of our friendship and trust. And I hope you know
the punishment for betrayal in the snake realm, Ragini. Priya, what are you saying? I just don’t understand. You’re not so innocent
or naive. Whatever is going on here, you very well know
the reason for it. We know the truth about you,
Ragini. So stop doing this drama in front of me. Shivani, you’ve been mistaken. I only wish you well. Why would I pretend? Because you are not
what you pretend to be. It hurts me. Please remove this blanket. I will. I will get you out of this blanket. And if needed, I’ll get you
kicked out of the house too. Understand? But before that, you’ll have to
answer my questions. Priya, take her. This is the cave where the snake gem is hidden. What’s in the cave? Now, with the touch of these rings, the cave will open. And the gem will be mine. Stop. Your game is over. ‘Raj? Anand’s servant is here?’ You’re wondering how I got here, right? But if you think about what I’m thinking then you can’t imagine
what could happen with you. What happened? Are you confused? It happens. Now if you still want to breathe and stay alive then give those rings back. Listen, now the gun will decide
who will keep breathing and who will die. You still have time. Get out of here. Go! Mr. Vikas? It’s you? Why did you steal sir’s rings? Go ask your master, you dog! Tell me! Speak up! ‘I must trick him
and acquire the gem soon.’ ‘But Raj won’t spare me.
I’ll have to run away.’ He ran away. Shivani, what’s all this? Why are you doing this to me? I just don’t understand.
I’ve always tried to help you. Have I made a mistake? Stop your drama! Stop shedding these
crocodile tears! I know the truth about you. ‘What? What has Shivani
come to know about me?’ ‘What nonsense is she talking!’ Shivani. What are you saying?
I don’t understand. I am your well-wisher.
Then all this… Are you my well-wisher! You’ve been dreaming
to be with Raj! And you call yourself
my well-wisher! How much more will you lie? Tell me, what’s the truth
about you? Well-wisher! Shivani… What are you saying? That’s not true.
You’re mistaken. Why would I do this? Raj is yours, only yours. Lord Shiva has made your pair. Why would I interfere
between you two? – Talk to her.
– You! You’ll interfere? Between Raj and me? Who the heck are you! You’re not worthy of coming
between Raj and me. Got it? I saw everything that you were
trying to do to Raj in the storeroom
the other day. Everything. Tell the truth about you!
Speak up! Forgive me, Shivani.
I’ve made a big mistake. I didn’t want to do this,
but I still did. I wonder what was wrong with me. But believe me, since that day,
I’ve been cursing myself. I’m very embarrassed, but… Please don’t consider my mistake,
my betrayal, Shivani. Please forgive me. Shivani, don’t believe her. She is clearly lying. Priya, what are you saying? I’m not lying,
you’re trying to manipulate her. ‘You’ll pay a price for this slap,
Priya.’ ‘Let me get out of here.’ ‘Then even Shivani won’t be able
to save you from my wrath.’ Thankfully, sir’s rings are safe. What’s going on? How did the cave open on its own? And the rings… How are they in the air? What’s in the cave? Why is this cave attracting me? What’s in the cave? Why does it seem familiar to me? Why do I feel like this cave… As if I share a close association with this cave. What could all this mean?


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